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September 2, 2020

HouseGirl Grace: Grace gets a new interesting roomie II (18+)

HouseGirl Grace: Grace gets a new interesting roomie II (18+)

Panting heavily Grace tried to catch her breath after her second orgasm of the night, she did not think it was possible to come twice in such a short time without even getting completely naked. 

When she was almost down from the high of her first orgasm, Aunt Sandra straddled her and used her knee to part her legs that opened willingly, her wrapper that had loosed amidst the dry humping barely covered her body. 

Aunty Sandra went on to tease her wet pussy with her fingers through her panties, she played around the dripping folds not letting her fingers slip in no matter how hard grace squirmed. 

She pressed down on Grace’s clit before rubbing in slow circles making her lose her shit, Aunt Sandra leaned down and took grace hard nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue quickly round the hard knob.¬†

The unexpected sensation from feeling Aunt Sandra wet lips around her sensitive nipples to feeling her tongue shot an electrifying wave through her body to her throbbing clit sending her into another sharp orgasm that made her feel like she couldn’t breathe.¬†

Grace finally got enough air into her lungs her eyes staying open enough for her to focus on the beautiful older woman that still straddled her. The realization almost hit her immediately that she just came for the second time that night and had not even really touched Aunty Sandra.

Without thinking about it she reached out to touch her but stopped midway not knowing if she could, it felt like she needed permission to touch the queen or something. Aunty Sandra just laughed softly exposing beautiful white teeth that only made her face even more beautiful

“You can touch me too if you want,” She said softly her voice barely a whisper.

“Here” she added pulling grace hand to her face when she didn’t move

Grace was caught between a gasp and a smile as she thought and wondered how soft and lush the skin on aunty Sandra’s face was. So many things were running through her mind; she wanted to ask her what she used to make her skin feel so nice and she also wanted to tell her how good it felt.¬†

But Grace did nothing it was like her body was not responding to her brain, she wanted to scream out at her body to move and touch the soft beautiful woman. Her not moving must have struck something because of the next thing

“Hmmm, it’s okay if you don’t want to,” Aunty Sandra said moving away to unsaddle her gently

“No” Grace finally voiced out wanting her to stop moving away

“No?” Aunty Sandra asked looking a little concerned as she got completely off grace. She laid down on her side beside grace so she was facing grace

“No not I… I” grace stammered still finding the words difficult¬†

Without giving herself time to think about it, Grace covered the distance between them and covered her lips with hers. 

Just like the other parts of her that Grace has felt up aunty Sandra’s lips felt really nice and soft and she couldn’t stop kissing them.¬†

Grace shifted herself closer to their bodies pressing hard against each other, her hands went everywhere around her neck and face. Grace wanted to feel her skin against her skin but Aunt Sandra still had too many clothes on. 

She didn’t want words to fail her again so she pulled at aunty Sandra’s nightdress, she felt aunty Sandra smile against her lips before pulling away to take off her clothes.¬†

It felt like she was holding breath as aunty Sandra smoothly took off her nightdress exposing her flawless naked body, she was full and curved in all the right places: Her breast was full and drooped slightly from the weight of her boobs, her waist flared out to meet an even curvier hip. 

She remembered to breath when aunty Sandra pointed at her and said

“You too”

Grace quickly shuffled out her panties feeling how sopping wet she was. She watched in almost slow motion as aunty Sandra hovered over her before smoothly laying on top of her, feeling her skin rub and move against hers made grace moan low in her throat, she wanted more. Grace spread her legs slightly allowing aunty Sandra legs to be between them. 

They moved till their pussies were touching which felt so good, Grace‚Äôs hands wrapped around her and soon they were moving, she liked that aunty Sandra wasn’t completely shaven like her and as they moved the soft hair tickled her clit.¬†

They moved together their breast rubbing against each other while their pussy dripped into each other, grace hands went frantic around aunty Sandra’s back, rubbing her shoulders, back and occasionally grabbing her butt as they moved frantically against each other.¬†

The small sweet sounds that were coming out of aunty Sandra’s mouth drove Grace crazy, it turned her move and she moved faster and faster wrapping her legs around aunty Sandra’s big soft ass. Grace let her hand slip down aunty Sandra’s crack to her sopping wet opening, she pushed two fingers in moaning at how warm and slushy it felt.

That made Aunt Sandra grind harder and moan louder against her. 

Grace started pushing her fingers in and out their wet pussies slid back and forth together and the feeling was intoxicating. 

Grace could feel the knot of orgasm build deep inside her and she fucked harder and faster. Aunty Sandra was close too, she could tell. 

They were moaning and grunting in crazed lust as their orgasms hit. 

Waves of pleasure rolled through their heated pussies and they continued humping with decreasing intensity until all that was left were the involuntary twitches of their pussies as their orgasm faded away. 


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