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September 2, 2020

HouseGirl Grace: Grace gets a new interesting roomie (18+)

HouseGirl Grace: Grace gets a new interesting roomie (18+)


It first seemed like bad news when her madam told her about the new visitor, but it turned out to be an exciting experience.

“Don’t worry, eh it’s only going to be for a few days,” Grace‚Äôs madam said as she adjusted the pillow she brought to Grace‚Äôs room

Grace was to share her room with a visitor more like sleep on a small mattress on the floor while the visitor slept on her bed like a princess. She had spent so much energy not trying to show how upset she really was.

“Ah, no worry, Madam, e dey alright,” she said feigning a smile.

Her madam smiled at her before leaving the room leaving her to stare at the bed laid out to perfection with so much hate. 

Standing there feeling stupid, Grace stormed out of the room and into the living room where Chris was watching TV, she sat down on the long couch opposite him wishing she had a smartphone like him so she could distract herself instead of watching his stupid game show that was on. 

As she turned to the TV to watch the show anyway he shimmied towards her smile

“Gracie” He started

His cherry attitude was already pissing her off

“So, when is my next lesson,” he said smiling shyly

“I don’t know” She snapped at him

“Okay…” he drawled before going to sit back down¬†

She didn’t mean to snap at him but she couldn’t help herself, her mood was in a very bad place not to mention since she started fucking the Oga she didn’t feel like tainting the feeling with sleeping with the sons.¬†

They watched TV in awkward silence with Chris no longer making remarks at the TV show. If she wasn’t so angry she would have felt bad as she was thinking about how she will make it up to him there was a soft knock on the door that almost made her groan

“I’ll get it,” Chris said standing up

Grace did not make an attempt to stop him she just nodded her eyes not leaving the television. 

“Aunty Sandra, oh my God welcome” She heard Chris shriek excitedly¬†

Soon he was walking into the living room dragging a traveling bag smiling from ear to ear, behind him was one of the most beautiful women grace have seen in a long time. 

When she was told she had to give up her room, she had imagined it would be someone ugly in her anger but standing before her was a woman that could be described as an angel. She stood in a wine-colored short dress that hugged her perfect figure like a second skin. When she took off her dark glasses she looked around before her gaze fell on grace

“Weh welcome ma” grace stammered¬†

“Thank you,” she said her voice sounding like a sexy version of her Oga

“Grace, this is my aunt, my dad’s sister,” Chris said excitedly¬†

“Aunty sandy, this is the house help mummy got,” he said to his Aunt

She just nodded her head as she looked grace up and down before turning to Chris 

“Speaking of your mummy where’s my wife,” she said smiling¬†

“MOM!!!” he called out not wanting to leave her side which made her giggle.¬†

Her made came bustling out and as soon as she saw the beautiful woman a bright smile broke her face, she hurried to her and they hugged 

“How was your flight” Grace‚Äôs madam asked¬†

“You know the usual, our airports in this country and their shitty services,” she said sighing¬†

“Ehya, you must be so tired. Grace carry her bag inside then bring us some drinks to my room” Her madam said before dragging the woman away from a frowning Chris¬†

She took the bag from him and took it inside her room, she no longer minded if the woman slept in her bed because she really was a princess. In fact, Grace wished that one day she would look as beautiful and put together as the woman, even her braids were perfectly packed on top of her hair and her nails were manicured to perfection. 

The woman stayed in Grace’s mind for the rest of the day and as she made dinner, she found herself trying to her best to impress the woman. Before dishing out the food, Grace made sure she took a bath so she would look presentable on the dining table. 

“Wow, Grace… this is really delicious,” Aunty Sandra said after swallowing a mouth full of Semo and Afang soup grace made to perfection.¬†

Grace smiled feeling shy under the woman’s intense gaze

“Thank you ma” She answered softly

They ate with Grace stealing glances at her fascinated by how meticulous she was with everything including eating. 

As they turned in for the night grace watched as she took down her braids, repacked them and them in a hair net before proceeding to start applying some cream to her face, she brought down the small mattress and place it on the floor beside the bed but far enough that she could still see her. 

“Oh Grace, you don’t have to sleep on the floor, you can come join me on the bed” she said shuffling to the edge to make room for grace

“Ah no aunty no worry about am” Grace replied, even though she wanted to scream hell yes

“oh don’t be silly, I would sleep better knowing I’m not inconveniencing you. So come on up” She said before tapping the space beside her

“Okay ma” Grace said trying not to sound too excited¬†

Grace quickly returned the mattress and came to lay beside her, she wanted to be as close as she could but she laid towards the edge wondering how the woman could smell so good going to bed. 

“Grace you can move closer, don’t worry I don’t bite” Aunty Sandra said

“Except if you want me to” she added before giggling.

Grace shuffled closer and inhaled deeply; she smelt like candy and fruits.

“So, Grace tell me a little about you,” She asked

“Hmm, um I.. my name na… um” Grace stammered not knowing what to say

Aunty Sandy laughed a beautiful sound

“it’s okay, I go blank too when I’m asked about myself,” she said¬†

Grace looked away shyly and almost gasped when she felt aunty Sandy’s soft fingers on her chin pulling her face up to face her. Grace was still shocked that she was moving unto her. Why is she moving onto her? Does she ooze out sex from her pores?¬†¬†

She loves the attention but where is it coming from. Almost everyone in the house eyes her in a certain way. She loves sex and loves to have loads of it. This sex thing is one of the reasons why she had to leave her first madam, won’t it get her in trouble here again?

But right now, she is enjoying the attention of being on the bed with Aunty Sandy.

“Don’t look away, I want to look at your pretty face?” She said¬†

“I no fine like you,” Grace said shyly¬†

“Well thank you” she answered smiling¬†

“What would you like to do, you have any plans for school?” She asked grace¬†

“Fashion, I learn am small for Abuja” Grace answered excitedly¬†

“But madam say she go put me for school but before I been come here I already learn how to sew” Grace continued.

As she talked Aunty Sandy was softly drawing invisible circles and lines around shoulders and down her arm making goosebumps break out all over grace body

“So when she send me go University, I wan read fashion so I fit become big fashion designer” She added

“Wow, that’s really intuitive,” Aunty Sandy said¬†

When grace looked blank she added

“I meant that’s good”¬†

Grace smiled while she continued to rub circles up to her neck when she got to a sensitive spot, Grace instinctively closed her eyes and moaned. 

Realizing what she did her hand flew to her mouth and she opened her eyes to see her smiling at her 

“it’s alright dear, I want to hear you” aunty Sandra said¬†

With that, she leaned in and placed her soft lips on the sensitive spot making her purr beautifully, she moved higher and lightly sucked on the skin below her neck making her moan louder making made Aunty Sandra smile against her skin. 

Grace was fascinated by how good those little touches felt and imagined what it would feel like if she touched her in other sweet spots when she sucked her ear into her mouth grace lost her shit, moaning and mewling besides her. 

Her body felt heated and tingly and she wanted more, so much more. So when aunty Sandra whispered 

“Can I touch you here” as her hands trailed downward slowly to settle on the swell of grace boobs she nodded so fast it felt her head would snap.¬†

Aunty Sandra slides her hand under Grace’s t-shirt and glided up her surprisingly smooth skin till her hands were cupping the underside of grace boobs, she squeezed gently making grace moan softly before she ran her thumb over her hard nipple earning a small whimper from grace. 

Her body was on fire, the small sweet touches were torture and she didn’t want it to stop.¬†

Aunty Sandra rolled her hard sensitive nipples between her thumb and finger slowly before attaching her lips to her neck and sucked hard. 

As Grace was moaning and moving, Aunty Sandy smoothly straddled her, her hands not leaving her boobs. 

“Let’s see how good your lips taste,” She said to Grace

Before Grace could process what aunty Sandra said her lips were covered in aunty Sandra’s soft lips stealing her breath away.¬†

She opened her mouth to breathe and Aunty Sandy immediately stuck her warm tongue inside her mouth, she found Grace‚Äôs tongue and swirled her tongue around grace’s tongue making her moan into her mouth. When she pulled away grace felt dazed¬†

“Hmmmm, better than I imagined,” She said smiling¬†

The hand under her shirt came out as she sat up and pulled at the hem of the shirt, Grace quickly got out of the shirt with the help of aunty Sandra 

“Wow… what a sight” Aunty Sandra said staring at grace big boobs

Without warning, she leaned down and took one nipple into her mouth swirling her tongue over the hard knob while her hand squeezed the other boob. 

She was moaning louder and moving under her, wanted to get any friction between them to sate the tingling in her pussy. 

Aunty Sandra left her boobs and started kissing and biting her neck before she started to move to grind against her. She covered Grace mouth with hers because she was moaning louder while moving faster against her. 

Grace was losing her mind she didn’t know dry humping could feel so great she didn’t want it to end, she did not know when she wrapped her legs around her as she moved faster feeling the familiar build of her orgasm. Her entire body felt electrified and she wanted to scream but her mouth was covered in a hard kiss.¬†

She gripped the sheets as her release hit her hard, her entire body was shaky as she rode her orgasm feeling her body go limp. 

“I’ll let you catch your breath because baby girl we are just getting started”¬†

Aunty Sandra whispered against her ear sending shivers through her body. 


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