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September 2, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Excited Grace Takes Lunch to Oga’s Office

Housegirl Grace: Excited Grace Takes Lunch to Oga’s Office


Grace is about to see a new wish come true. Her madam has instructed her to take lunch to her Oga in the office.

Wondering what was missing from her arrangement, Grace stared at the basket; it looked picnic perfect but she felt like she was still missing something. 

Today felt special she was convinced it was special, from the moment her madam sent her home earlier to make lunch for Oga and take it up to his office, Grace has a smile plastered on her face she has had all kinds of fantasies about her Oga since the day she got here and since he let her have a taste when she sucked him off one time he came back home during lunchtime.

A smile broke out on her face as she taught about lunchtime being a blessed time. Her small torchlight phone rang making her leave the rearrangement she was about to start.

“HELLO” she started

“Hey! I hope you are ready because the Uber ride is outside”. Her Oga sweet voice poured from the other side of the phone making grace smile wider

“Yes sa” She started nodding her head

“I dey ready sa” She added

“Okay then head downstairs you should see a maroon red Toyota Camry,” He said

“Call me when you get to the office building” he added as she nodded her head before replying

“Yes sir” She said

After he hung up, she rushed to a mirror inside to make sure she looked okay, she was dressed to impress and hopefully seduce in a tight body hugging off-shoulder gown she had completely fallen in love with when she visited one of her friends; luckily for her the friend decided to let her have it when she tried it on and she saw how good grace looked in it.

Her face was smooth from the brown powder she applied and her pink lips were covered with a clear lip gloss. She did not like that her hair was weaved in simple cornrows but she still liked how she looked especially in the dress.

She carried the basket with the food, drinks, and diced fruits carefully packed and dashed downstairs as fast and as carefully as she could.

The car was parked not too far from the entrance so she was soon sitting in the backseat with the basket beside her and cold air conditioning blasting her. The ride to his office made her giddy like she couldn’t contain herself.

To stop herself from tapping her foot nervously she looked outside the window, although she has seen most parts of the city it still blows her mind every time she sees the high rise beautiful buildings and structures and it looked even better viewing carefreely from the backseat of a posh car. 

They arrived at the office building a little too early for her liking but she was excited to be at her Oga’s office. She was about to start panicking when she realized that she didn’t have money to pay for the ride when the driver like reading her mind told her the ride has been paid for.

Grace got out of the car and carefully removed the basket before dialing the Oga’s number but immediately he answered her airtime finished. He did not waste any time calling her back which made her smile

“Walk into the lobby and tell the receptionist you are going to the fourth floor to see Mr. Daniels” he said

“Then take the elevator up I’ll be waiting” He added

She walked stiffly to the entrance of the building and walked inside. The curved reception table was the first thing she saw and she quickly told her where she was headed almost rambling out her words. The lady pointed to a door without looking and grace followed it mumbling her thanks. 

The door was big and had no handles so grace immediately knew it was an elevator but she didn’t know what to do so she stood and looked around praying silently for someone else to show up. As she was looking around the door dinged open and two people quickly got out of it. She did not waste any time getting inside and soon the doors closed after her.

Feeling trapped and not knowing what to do with all the different buttons Grace thought about calling her Oga and telling him she was stuck but shame won’t let her she moved closer and took a closer look at the buttons focusing on the numbers.

Holding her breath and hoping for the best she pressed four and yelped when the elevator started moving, making it feel like the ground was taken from under her feet. She laughed at herself and tried to keep her balance, soon the elevator suddenly stopped and the doors opened.

She quickly stepped out and immediately saw her Oga waiting for her, she headed toward him and when she was close enough he turned around and walked away she followed quickly and stiffly as they past a few closed doors and then walked into an open space filled with tables and chairs and a few people working on computers, get walked past a couple other closed doors before getting to the end of the hallway.

He opened the door and disappeared inside and she followed.

Once she was inside he closed the door and she walked towards the table to drop the basket

“Sir, I fry the egg sauce and plantain” She started while bringing out the contents of the basket

“I’m sure whatever you made won’t taste half as good as you will,” He said his voice sending chills down her back.

“It’s time for me to eat” he said walking briskly towards her.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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