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September 4, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Excited Grace Takes Lunch to Oga’s Office II (18)

Housegirl Grace: Excited Grace Takes Lunch to Oga’s Office II (18)


Grace is about to see a new wish come true. Her madam has instructed her to take lunch to her Oga in the office.

“it’s time for me to eat,” He said walking briskly towards her.

Grace smile stretched her face thin, she was glad her back was to her Oga and he couldn’t see how happy hearing him say that was. Soon she felt him wrap around her in a hug from behind, she had to stop herself from moaning. 

He squeezed her tighter pressing his erection against her ass. His hands are moved up slowly from her waist up her tummy and stopped under her breasts. Leaning his head on her shoulder he grabbed her boobs and squeezed. 

“Ummmm, I’ve been dreaming of doing that” He whispered beside her ear

He squeezed harder pressing her big soft breasts together

“Mmmmm” he groaned as he continued to fondle and squeeze her breasts

He pulled the off shoulder dress all the way her shoulder moaning deeper, wasting no time he grabbed squeezed her boobs and squeezed 

“Lovely, they are softer than I imagined, “he said 

Grace was too excited to do anything, she didn’t want to ruin the moment she never thought it would come when she felt her Oga’s soft wet lips on her shoulder a sound between a moan and sigh escaped her lips. 

He gently kissed around her shoulders before he clamped his teeth softly on the soft flesh.  She let out a gasp enjoying how his teeth felt teasingly painful on her skin. Grace wanted to touch him, feel him against her but she stood there and enjoyed how he ravaged her body. 

He groaned as he rubbed his erection against her ass as he kisses and bite her neck, he pulled back slightly before hurriedly pulling her gown from under her boobs down to her waist, making small noises as he scanned her body he pulled the gown all the way of her hips leaving it to pool around her ankle.

Instinctively grace stepped out of the dress as he marveled at her naked curves, covering the little space between one hand grabbed her breast while the other traveled down her smooth tummy down between her legs, she held her breath as his fingers expertly found her dripping wet opening

“Ohhh that feels incredible” he groaned against her 

He spun her around then grabbed her hand and lead it to his erection 

“Can you feel what you do to me,” he said pressing his hardness into her cupped palm

Grace squeezed gently loving how deeply it made him moan, remembering how good he felt in her mouth she quickly started to unbuckle his belt wanting nothing more than to suck him off. He chuckled as her frantic hands fumbled with his belt, finally she got it opened and quickly undid his fly. 

Locking eyes with him she dipped her hands inside his boxer and pulled out his hard meaty dick. Her eyes still locked with his she stroked his dick expertly and slowly enjoying how his eyes close on their own. She went down on her knees and smiled before covering his dick with her warm mouth and flicked her tongue around his pee hole

“Oh fuck that feels good” he moaned

Still staring at him she took more of his length till he was fully lodged in her throat 

“Ohhhh yeahhh” he moaned before his hands grabbed the sides of her head 

He pulled out slowly and pushed back into her mouth grunting loudly, he started to fuck her throat slowly his eyes shut tight. 

Grace opened her mouth wider till her jaw felt sore, she wanted him to fuck her mouth faster but she couldn’t tell him so she just held onto his thighs as he fucked her mouth groaning loudly. He suddenly stopped moving and pulled out of her mouth, before she could whine in protest he was pulling her up. 

As soon as she was standing he grabbed and lifted one of her legs before guiding his wet hard dick to her pussy, he slid into her making her moan softly. When he filled her completely he grabbed her second leg and lifted her off the ground surprising her. Grace held unto his neck enjoying how full she felt, he moved and she moaned, each step he took made her moan softly. 

He carried her to the table and gently placed her on the edge of the table before he started to fuck her fast, his fingers dug into her thighs as he pushed in and out of her sopping wet pussy making her moan louder

“Shhhhh” he shushed as he plunged into her 

She bit down on her lip and wrapped her legs around his ass pulling him even deeper into her, her insides clamped down on him as he continued to fuck her harder and faster, not knowing what to grab unto she squeezed her boobs and tugged at her nipples

“So fucking sexy” he grunted as he slammed into her deeper 

She was close and wanted to announce it but she couldn’t make any noise so she dug her nails into his arm making him grunt louder as he slammed into her hard. She felt as her body still and her insides gripping unto him as her orgasm took over her body 

“Oh my goodness” he cried out as he buried himself deeper inside her before releasing shot and shot of warm cum inside her. He held onto her as they both rode out their orgasm before he leaned into her panting heavily. 

“Lunchtime is definitely my favorite time,” he said between breaths as he played with her boobs. 

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