February 6, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Assasination, COVID & Whatnot [S05E01] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assasination, COVID & Whatnot [S05E01] (18+)

A lot has happened since the Senator decided to run for office, all that had led them here; a hospital room battling for his life.

Grace was so speechless at the sight of him with different types of tubes attached to him that in this luxury extremely wonderful room that looked nothing like a hospital whatsoever.

In fact, the room looked and smelled like a hotel room, it didn’t smell strongly of disinfectant and medicines. Without the tubes, the senator would have looked like he was having a long nap.

The day news broke that there has been an assassination attempt on the senator’s life was the worst, the entire mansion had erupted with a different kind of wailing and crying that only eased up when it was announced that his condition was finally stable.

Grace had imagined this moment countless times but was glad that chief simply look like he was sleeping

“Are you listening, Grace. I will only show you this once?” Ms Janet said drawing her attention
“Yes ma” grace replied

“As I was saying if anything happens and you need to call the nurses press this button” Ms Janet said before pressing a button

It didn’t take long before the door opened and two nurses entered pushing a cart. The moment Grace’s eyes landed on the male nurse pushing the cart, time started to move in slow motion. She licked her lips as she looked at him from head to toe, his beards were trimmed to perfection and it framed his face beautifully.

How could she be feeling turned on by the male nurse while her benefactor was lying down there in a coma? She thought to herself.

She couldn’t hear their conversation with Ms Janet as she focused on his toned biceps that seemed to flex as he pushed the cart around. Grace got dragged back to earth when she heard her name, she nodded not sure what Ms Janet was telling them about her.

He must have caught her staring because he secretly smirked at her on their way out

“That will be all, you have my number if anything changes,” Ms Janet said before she left.

Grace sat down at one of the bedside chairs and looked around. There was a TV that had been muted playing a Nigerian movie but Grace wasn’t interested in watching it. The room was very spacious with gifts and balloons arranged on one end of the bed, it didn’t take long for Grace to become bored of sitting down doing nothing.

She considered pressing the button but she didn’t want to offend anybody if they asked her for the reason for pressing the emergency button.

After a while, Grace decided to go look for him, she didn’t have a reason to see him other than the fact that he was so fine he had made her pussy tingle sweetly.

The moment she opened the door she got startled by the police officers by the door that asked where she was headed

“Erm eh I wan go piss” she said and started walking away before they got the chance to tell her there was a bathroom in the room she just came out of.

Grace rounded the corner quickly and that’s when she realized that everything looked the same, it didn’t take long till she got lost.

She couldn’t remember which way to go back as everything looked identical, as rounded each corner that looked like the next she wished she hadn’t listened to her hungry pussy and just stayed put.

Just as she was about to give up and break down she caught a glimpse of a familiar figure in blue, without giving it a second thought she dashed towards the direction he disappeared into.

The moment she rounded the corner she saw a door closing and without thinking twice headed to the door and opened it.

As soon as she opened the door she realized she had found the bathroom, instinctively she wanted to close the door and wait outside as he peed into something that looked like a funny looking sink but her curiosity got the better of her.

She stepped in and closed the door behind her, she watched as he casually turned his head to see who it was. The moment he saw her, he jumped surprised.

“What the hell” he exclaimed as he quickly try to shove his dick away
Grace was a bit disappointed she didn’t get to see his tool
“What the hell are you doing in here” he yelled at her

“Em erm I… I” she stuttered
“Did you get lost?” he asked looking a bit concerned and she nodded yes vigorously

“Yeah, that can happen if it’s your first time here, let’s go I’ll get you to your room,” he said

This was the point Grace was supposed to thank him and follow him but she was distracted by something else, in his rush, he forgot to zip up properly and Grace couldn’t take her eyes off the bit of flesh that was exposed.

He followed her eyes and realized what had her so distracted

“Wait a minute, did you follow me into the men’s room on purpose,” he asked her
Grace bit her lower lip and looked away shyly
“Oh I see,” he said his voice dropping

“I should have known you were naughty with the way you were looking at me earlier,” he said smirking

His eyes locked on her, he slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled out his dick, Grace eyes widened as she focused on his smooth long dick.
He stroked it and her mouth watered.
“You want this,” he asked stroking and she nodded her eyes not leaving his dick

“Come here” he said, backing into one of the stalls behind him.

She followed him and locked the door behind her, the stall wasn’t big but it had enough room for the both of them.

“Get down” he ordered and she instantly went down

She opened her mouth like the eager slut she was and he popped his dick into her mouth. She moaned as she grabbed the base of his veiny dick and started to bop her head slowly
“I don’t have time for this” he murmured as he grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth.

Grace felt like she was dreaming, she couldn’t believe she had hated the thought of spending all her time in a hospital and now she was on her knees getting her face fucked by a handsome nurse that had a dick that looked like it belonged in a porn movie.

Who would have thought that hospitals could be so much fun? Senator might be fighting for his life on that sickbed, but Grace is here fighting for the dick in the hospital toilet.

More importantly, who is watching the senator right now? Fuck!!!!, she said to herself.

An alarm just went off in the hospital, loud enough for them to hear.

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