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August 6, 2020
Grace’s early morning kitchen groove with her madam’s eldest son (18+)

Grace’s early morning kitchen groove with her madam’s eldest son (18+)

The alarm rang loudly waking Grace up. She got off the bed and knelt down beside her bed with her elbows on the bed. Grace prayed to thank God for a new day, she prayed and thank God for her new madam that has been nice to her so far.

She ended her prayer with a request for strength to serve her new madam better so they don’t send her away. Grace has prayed every day since she got to the new house a week ago, she loved the house; the chores were easier to do and her madam didn’t have many issues. She stood up and went to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast.

Grace pulled out the Irish potatoes and started to peel them when she was done peeling she started to cut them on the chopping board exactly how her madam showed her. Halfway through she heard footsteps heading to the kitchen, she got ready to greet her madam when the eldest son walked in wearing only his boxers.

“Good morning” She greeted

“Morning” He answered

He walked over to the fridge and took out a bottled water while she continued cutting the potatoes. One potato fell out of her hand and she bent down to carry it. She heard him groan out and she instinctively turned her head around to look at him. He had the open bottle water opened but wasn’t drinking from it; he was staring at her with an intense look she recognizes. Her gaze instinctively fell to his crotch.

He had a massive erection that formed a big tent in his boxer. When she realized she was staring she quickly looked away

“First you caused it,” He said walking towards her

“Then you stare at like it’s candy” He continued

“Then look away like it’s disgusting” He added when he was standing behind her

His breath tickled her ear and his hardness poked her behind

“You want this just as much as I do, don’t you?” He whispered behind her ear

“No o, e no right” she said

“You say that but you’re not pulling away, in fact, your ass seems to like my little friend,” He said

He grabbed her right ass cheek and squeezed forcing a small moan to escape out of her

“Abeg no, if madam see she go send me go” she protested slyly

“It’s 5 am, no one is awake except for two of us” He whispered

“I dey prepare morning food abeg,” She said

“Keep doing that” He answered

He squeezed her ass harder making her push slightly into him, his hand glided up under her worn-out t-shirt from her waist up to the underside of her breast. She sucked in a breath as he cupped her breast and squeezed gently before pinching her nipples with his thumb and middle finger. She stopped cutting and moaned

“Shhh keep cutting” he whispered

She continued and he cupped her other breast with his other hand and squeezed both at the same time. He kissed her neck as he squeezed and she threw her head back leaning back into him. He kissed down to her shoulder while rolling her hardened nipples.

Her head swirled and she bites down on her lips to keep from moaning. Their breathing got faster and she could feel herself getting wet. Like reading her thought his right hand left her breast and traveled down. He lifted her wrapper and shifted her soaked panties before slipping a finger into her soaking wet pussy making a moan escape her

“Mmm lovely” He moaned against her before slipping in another finger

Her mind went wild as he flicked her clit with his thumb. He started to move to pump into her fast, his fingers curled inside her and he pumped faster. She dropped the knife and covered her mouth with her palm

“Oh fuckkk that so wet” He groaned

He removed his fingers and she whined wanting his fingers back in. He pushed her against the counter and lifted her wrapper. She pushed her ass out and he shifted her panties before pushing into her. She moaned as he filled her inch by inch.

When he was completely buried inside her warm wet pussy, he held her waist and started to move. His thrusts were fast and hard and it took everything she had not to scream out. He pumped faster and she had to hold onto the counter, the familiar sensations started to build and it took her breath away.

She started to move to meet his thrusts. Her muscles tighten around him as her orgasm exploded through her. Her insides clamped down on him as her entire body quaked with intense pleasure

“Oh shitt, that feels so good” he moaned

He slammed faster and harder into her making her pussy make a slushy sound, he growled and moved faster and faster before pulling out and cumming in his hand.

He rested against her for a while before he pulled away and went to wash his hands in the sink. Her legs shake slightly under her and she leaned on the counter to support her weight.

He took a large gulp of water before adjusting his boxers. He cupped her face and kissed her hard

“Best morning ever,” He said as he pulled away

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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