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January 15, 2021

#DearOniranu: My friend gave me the best D ever but love ruined it
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#DearOniranu: My friend gave me the best D ever but love ruined it


My friend and I started having sex without been in a relationship, it was a Friends With Benefits situation but as luck will have it, love somehow entered.

Omo, love na bastard oo, I liked him enough to have sex with him but I did not want love, I did not plan for love to come in but it did.

Immediately I noticed this, I told my friends and they were like probably it’s because the sex is good so I started withdrawing myself from him, from every weekend to once or twice in a month.

I started lying that I had things to do on the weekend but that did not help so I decided to tell him how I felt about him, I swear he is a mumu boy, nigga told me I was feeling the sex and him too much that my brain was converting it to love


(just shoot me lemme die abeg)

He said we both know all we wanted was sex and love was not meant to come in and I told him I was going to work on me, sex that day was just weird, we only had short sex and I went to Ife the next day with my emotions flying everywhere😭😭

I had to stop the calling and too much chat with him, I just needed space from all of it, I told him we should try not to call or chat for a week and from there we can move on.

We tried for a week and the next week Ayo told me he was in love with me🤣🤣🤣, it was just funny to me oo, where did the love come from, he said he noticed he missed me and he was always waiting to see my call or message and he was too scared to call but he had to because he was losing it, mumu me told him what he said

“Bro it’s just sex probably you are starting to enjoy the pussy too much”


Jokes apart, I wanted it but immediately he told me how he felt, everything was different, He was so insecure and jealous and that was never my type of man.

I must not party because that was how we met, I must not do this and that, nigga I be babe oo, and we are just so far apart.

I need vibes and inshallah in my life oo, it was too much and I could not take it, I went to Lagos, we spoke and I told him I can’t do the relationship thing with him.

It was too toxic for me, I like the sex but my sanity is way too important to me

We both agreed to make it just sex, I stopped feeling the sex with him, for the first time with him my pussy went dry😔😔

He wanted to talk about it because we communicated about so much but I was not in for talk, I left for Ife the next day and called to tell him I was in my room, just for me to realize that I suddenly stopped loving him, calling and texting was war on me.

I just lied in school, I had to change my number sha but he got the new one from a mutual friend, we chatted but it was not like before, we finally ended things, a few months later I decided to try a relationship again and I told him, I went home for holiday and we had sex and that was the last time we did anything together

I think I still miss him but as my friend, he gave me the bestest sex of my life, well, I have been in a serious relationship after him but I miss that dick die.

Dr. Oniranu, good sex complicates things

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