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May 8, 2021

The Village One Chance (18+)
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The Village One Chance (18+)

I can’t believe I’m here sneaking around, making sure no one see me leave the party, she promised to come by my house. Its safer for her to come to our house, we can always lock ourselves up somewhere na, but then again, our house seems is a bevy of activities, as the party had started hours ago. Okay, here is the story; we are here for my grandma’s burial and been the last child and a 22 year old son, I was the least of their worries.

I will admit, it was fun walking around, sightseeing, the king’s palace, the village square, the big mango tree where my dad told me, he and his friends gathered in the evenings, the huge football field infront of the village primary school and not forgetting the luscious village girls. Girls with magnificent tits who have forgotten to wear bra for one reason or the other, the boobs jumping around their chest and they play and run after eachother….what a wonderful sight.

I tried to socialise a little, my dad took me to one of his friend’s house where I met the love of my life, our connection was instant, or so I thought. I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful face until she went into the kitchen to bring us water, boy! was I in shock to see her giant backside. I was in total shock because nothing in her physique while seated hinted of the massive curvy backside with flaring hips, she looks almost exactly like Chidinma, how would I have known she has a big backside.

Our glance exchanges became more and more frequent than usual, I knew it for sure that I would reap bountifully from this. After dinner in her house, I helped her clear the table and followed her with her mum into the kitchen. Her mum thanked me for helping and sent both of us to another house some buildings down the street.

As we walked along, I tried to quiz her a bit about herself, she told me her name was Chinelo but everyone calls her chichi, that she is 18 years old, and she is preparing to go to the university in another part of Enugu. We joked and laughed till we got to the place. As a novice, I was busy looking around the palm wine tappers house. The man came out, after speaking the native dialect to her for about 1 minute or less, he handed us a small keg of palm wine. I could pick a little here and there from their discussion but not so much, they talked about me and asked if I am her boyfriend, and both laughed at that point.

We came back out and the night was almost upon us as we talked, I asked her about her boyfriend, she said he was in the same university that she just gained admission into. I was almost about to lose interest until she said she saw me staring at her backside in the living room as our fathers discussed. I was taken aback and I apologised but she just laughed and kept on laughing. When she stopped laughing, she said, “I like you”.

Not really the bat signal in the air kind of sign but it was enough to tell me that anything is possible. She looked at me and asked me if I wanted to touch the ass I was staring at, I jumped at the offer, nodding like a child. She looked around the street that was almost deserted and dragged me to the side of a house, it was getting dark.

She backed the wall while I stood in front of her. Been a gentleman, I put my hand by her side, then slowly I allowed my hands slide to her bum by the side. She just stood there smiling with a face begging for feedback.

My touch on her ass was very soft, my face was an inch away from hers, she kept asking me if it was soft enough, if I liked it and a other thousand of questions… I was basking in the euphoria of something that might lead to sex tonight if I could play my cards right. I only came for my grandma’s burial against my will but Chichi is making it worth my while right here. Her question brought me back to reality. I was rubbing it around lightly, squeezing lightly, when her facial expression changed. I asked her why and she said, “You don’t like my ass?”

In my mind, I went like what the fuck! I love it! I’m just trying to be a gentleman, we were strangers a couple of minutes ago… How did we get here, to ass analysis? When did I become the ass investigator, the ass police? I replied her calmly and saying “I love it” then grabbed it firm from the bottom, pressing it hard against my crotch, her frown turned into a smile. “Is it soft like you want it?”she asked again.

I said yes and used the liberty to kiss her lips, she was very responsive and quite the excellent kisser, we were running out of time but I didn’t care much. I pulled up her skirt and grabbed the ass which was neatly arranged in a pant that was skin tight to her gigantic ass, my fingers looking for the entrance of her pussy. My blood was already boiling until we heard people laughing from a distance.

We disengaged as fast as we could, with plans to be back. I re-adjusted my erection in my trouser and got back on the road. We planned that she would come to the party and then when no one was looking, we would disappear into one room and lock ourselves there. Sounds like a foolproof plan, she dint have a phone but I did, we managed one way or the other to find somewhere to write my phone number.

We rushed back to the house, my dad was furious as to why my phone was switched off because he called severally, I brought out the phone from my pocket to find out it was down, the battery had been completely drained. They couldn’t drink the palm wine anymore, Chichi’s mother blamed her for not getting back on time saying she loved to play around the town anytime she sent her on an errands.

We got back to the house and I retired to the room where we the kids were, I dint talk to anyone, I just laid in bed and reminisced all that happened between me and chichi as we were coming back with the palm wine. I was trying hard to reason why someone I just met was interested in me liking her ass but I was sure that we were definitely fucking tomorrow depending on how I could sneak around without been noticed. I monopolised a charger, and charged my phone to its brim.

The whole burial was a giant blur to me, as I couldn’t wait for the night to come, I was with my phone, guiding it jealous, looking at the screen every 10 minutes, asking my brother to call me every 20 minutes to make sure my network is intact despite the bars been full.  She didn’t call me but instead arrived with her parents, but I noticed she disappeared a couple of minutes ago. I was wondering what the plan was as I couldnt find her, we were supposed to look ourselves somewhere and shag, Shikena!

Her call was the highlight of my day, she said she doesnt feel my house is ideal because of all the crowd,we couldn’t use her house either because her father’s sister just arrived from lagos, we had to go to the house we were at last night that the owner of the house lives in Lagos. I was overjoyed that after all the initials plans seem thwarted, there is one to fall back on. Finally I was gonna be getting my groove on, I searched through my wallet and found a condom there, I dashed stylishly out of the party, walked, jogged, ran to our rendezvous point. I was sweating profusely, the area around the house seem to be very quiet, especially since the night was in its full bliss.

I waited beside the house excited, at the same spot I was ‘feeling’ her ass the day before. I brought out my handkerchief and wiped off my sweat, She appeared in black skirt with a t-shirt tucked into her skirt, I was overjoyed. Her wardrobe change was frightening for me because barely minutes ago, she was dressed in native attire but then I thought to myself, what does it matter?

She hugged me tight and told me how she couldn’t stop thinking about me overnight, how she felt like kissing me till the morning, I reciprocated her kind words with mine. We were there in the dark, thankful there was no electricity so everywhere was dark.

We began to kiss, the passion of what we briefly experienced last night became fierce as the emotions began to run wild, and the intensity of our romance became literally unexplainable. I pushed her against the wall again, pulled the elastic skirt up, folding it up into her belly, and grabbing her ass like it was my property, she wasn’t fazed by that, I gently put my hands in between her legs, she got the cue and opened her legs wider, I continued kissing her as my hands shifted her panties aside, my fingers met a flood in her pussy. I couldn’t understand how she could be this flooded when we just started kissing a couple of minutes ago, she rubbed her hands all over my body, the touch to her orifice increased the intensity of her kiss. She rubbed and grabbed my crotch, I gave off a sigh as we kissed.

She put her hands beside around my trouser and pulled it down, my dick was standing erect inside my boxers,pressed down by my trouser, she pushed down the boxer, my monster was unleashed. Throbbing with blood pumped into my phallus, veins reflecting on the dick.

“Put it inside” she said, I pulled down my trouser, fumbled around with it, till I brought out the condom and strapped it on. I was lost for which style to use as the normal missionary style is highly impossible, I lifted her leg up, held it with one hand, inserted my dick while standing into her pussy; One of the most physically challenging styles I have ever done, fucking while standing.

Her wetness made the lubricant on the condom, worthless, regardless of how it was inconvenient, I continued to pump into her pussy, it was welcoming and I could feel her pussy wall gripping tight against my dick as my waist was invading her inner thighs. She hugged me tight and moaned into my ears as she put mouth close to my ears. Her moans were melodic to my ear. I was fucking through a lot of pain, increasing the tempo of my dick inside her pussy was a good bet, because it felt extraordinarily good. Her sound tracks were now becoming a full song, with ad-libs, chorus and verses.

I removed my dick and put her leg down as I went to her back and made her stay in front of me. I  bent her over in doggy style, and that was when the real pummelling started mehn, and it was explosive.

It was the battle of waists, as I began to enjoy the deep sweet pussy of Chichi, her pussy was like no other, tight and accomodating, I wanted to do this forever. We were so carried away. I grabbed her waist, and just went ballistic in fast strokes.

I held her waist firm as my dick continued to pound the pussy in and out, the motion of my dick going in and out amazed me myself, it seems like we were on auto-pilot, chichi’s legs were firmly buried in the sand for support while arched my waist forward for the forward pump, this is heaven or so I thought until PHCN restored light, with my eyes shut in, lounging in Cloud 9.

Ewooo!!!!!!! People’s scream directed at us, I think I heard almost 6 distinctive voices, my heart beat faster than I could comprehend.

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