June 27, 2022

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Following Arit + Obele’s Awkward Night [Finale](18+)

She felt Obele start to remove the sheer fabric she had around her upper body and over her shoulder. She didn’t stop him, he gently removed her hand and proceeded to unwrap her only clothing. When he had her naked, he stroked her shoulder, down her...

Following Arit + Obele’s Awkward Night (18+)

Arit lay trembling in the dark tent. She had no idea when the men would disband and her terror would begin. Three days ago she had been safe and sound in her bed with her sisters when her mother had come and taken her, her few belongings, and placed...

The Village One Chance (18+)

I can’t believe I’m here sneaking around, making sure no one see me leave the party, she promised to come by my house. Its safer for her to come to our house, we can always lock ourselves up somewhere na, but then again, our house seems is a bevy of...