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Following Arit + Obele’s Awkward Night [Finale](18+)

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Following Arit + Obele’s Awkward Night [Finale](18+)

She felt Obele start to remove the sheer fabric she had around her upper body and over her shoulder. She didn’t stop him, he gently removed her hand and proceeded to unwrap her only clothing. When he had her naked, he stroked her shoulder, down her arm, lifting her hand to his own shoulder, then stroked back up her arm and down her side.

She shuddered as his fingers drifted past her breast, causing him to smile again. When his hand reached her hip, it went behind her, and leaning in toward her, he guided her back onto the skin.

He kissed her again, settling his body along her left side, and his hand stroked up from her hip, across her stomach, and came to rest lightly cupping her breast.

She stiffened at first with the intimate touch, but his response was to increase the battle of his tongue against hers, distracting her. When she relaxed, he stroked the breast in his hand, twirling his fingers around it in circles, closing in on her nipple which he brushed lightly with his thumb.

Her back arched of its own accord, and suddenly his mouth was on the nipple, licking it, sucking gently, kissing the tip, then licking again. Arit found herself pressing into his mouth, her hand somehow on top of his head, holding him to her breast as a mother holds newborn, little moans slipping from her throat.

She had no idea what these feelings were she was experiencing. Her mother and aunt didn’t tell her any of this, and she had no point of reference. Obele seemed to be enjoying suckling at her breast, and he smiled wickedly when she arched and moaned.

“My wife likes my touch,” he whispered, still licking her nipple, but running his hand down her side, down her leg, then back up the inside of her thigh.

Her hips flexed into his hand. The tingling he caused with every touch was concentrating between her legs. She had seen the mating of the family’s goats, understood the basic mechanics of her duty as a wife, but never expected to feel such intense sensations at the hands of her husband.

Obele pulled away from her, standing, and she worried she had done something wrong, shaming herself. She reached for the fabric that had covered her, but Obele moved it out of reach as he untied his own robe in one quick motion and let it slip to the ground.

He was stunning! Arit took in his broad shoulders and muscular chest, then his rippled abdomen, and standing proudly against that abdomen was a shaft that sent shivers of fear and expectation through her body.

Obele smiled that wicked grin again. “Do you like what you see, little wife? This is for you, and you alone, my sweet one.” He moved beside her again, that stiff rod pressed into her thigh.

He suckled at her other breast while his hand caressed her side, her leg, finally coming to rest on the mound of curls between her legs. She stiffened again. He pulled away from her breast to look into her face. She turned away, feeling shame for her body’s behaviour.

“Look at me, wife.”

She turned and looked into his eyes filled with tenderness and determination.

“Do not look away. It is my greatest happiness that your body responds to my touch. Do not be ashamed. That I can pleasure you is my greatest reward.”

He kissed her gently as he pressed his hand into her centre, parting her lower lips and stroking softly into her depths.

“You are nearly ready for me, but I want you to feel the pleasures that await you without the fear of pain that women bring to this night. Relax, my little one, and let me introduce you to sensations you have never had before.”

With that he began to stroke her womanhood in feather-light brushes, slowly increasing his pressure as her body reacted. Arit couldn’t break her gaze into his eyes and found her hips had begun to writhe and press into his hand. The feelings he was causing pulled moans from deep in her chest, and her eyes rolled back as her body arched and waves of ecstasy crashed over her again and again. His movements gentled as he purred into her neck, licking and kissing her.

“That is what our joining can feel like, my love. I want that for you,” he whispered in her ear.

“I want that, Obele. Show me,” she answered, turning to press her body against his hardness.

With a grin, her husband moved down her body. “Not quite yet, my love.”

Suddenly scared again, Arit pulled her legs together and tried to scoot away.

“Come, Arit, don’t hide from me now. You have nothing to feel shame about. Your body is perfect, your reactions are my joy. I want to bring you pleasure as no one else can,” Obele responded, again cupping her mound and exerting gentle pressure.

Arit moaned softly as her body thrummed in time with his tender motions.

He licked her nipple, drawing it into his mouth to slip sensually in and out, stretching her nipple out to a hard peak and causing electric charges to run from breast to groin.

He moved to the other nipple, sucking it deeply into his mouth and laving it between tongue and palate.

Arit moaned and pressed her heated groin into his hand, “Obele! My body screams for you.”

With a wicked laugh he responded, “Let’s see if your mouth will scream for me as well.”

He kissed and licked his way down her abdomen, causing her skin to jump, the muscles beneath twitching with tension. He removed his hand from her mound and positioned himself between her legs.

Arit looked down at him, his grin sly, and felt suddenly exposed as well as excited. This stranger, her husband, was looking into her most private parts, plotting the most pleasurable torture for her. Her entire body shuddered as he blew across her wet pussy, and goosebumps that had nothing to do with cold erupted all over her body.

Obele leaned in, kissing her most personal place.

Arit couldn’t tear her eyes from him, watching his tongue flick out to a spot near the apex of her lower lips. Her world shattered as shockwaves coursed from the spot out her limbs. Her head flung back and her hips bucked, and she heard herself moan, “Yes!”

Before she could recover from the first sensation, Obele was plunging his tongue deep within her, then pulling out and up, just flicking that point of pure pleasure before repeating the movement.

Arit found it hard to breathe, her body curling and arching in time to his wicked tongue.

“You taste as good as you look,” he murmured, his breath sending shivers across her skin.

Arit was lost in a world of pure sensation, moaning and gasping, tension coiling deep in her belly as she panted, “Obele, please!”

“My pleasure,” he growled, sucking gently on the nub of nerves that shattered her into a million glowing pieces. He licked her gently back to a single being, growling his pleasure.

When she could once again breathe, she asked shyly, “Could I do that to you?”

He quickly lay on his back beside her, “Please do!”

Though still shy, Arit now felt secure in the acceptance of her new husband. She tried licking his neck, which he bared for her willingly. He moaned softly as she licked the shell of his ear. Emboldened, she nibbled against his hard chest to his tiny nipple, which she suckled, pulling a groan from deep in his throat.

A sudden nip of the tiny bud brought him halfway to sitting, a surprised but not unhappy exclamation issuing forth.

Arit was suddenly eager to touch and taste the hard shaft pulsing against her belly. She lifted up, looking at Obele’s body, all hard muscle and bronzed skin. Her eyes travelled lower, admiring the fat cock reaching toward his navel . She tentatively ran a finger up its length and it jumped toward her hand. Leaning lower, she flicked her tongue against the cock head.

Now it was Obele’s turn to say, “Please!”

Moving to between his legs, Arit licked the length of his erection as she gently traced his balls with her index fingers. His reaction was a deep growling moan and a thrust of his hips.

Taking the head of his cock in her mouth, she sucked gently as she ran a finger nail down its length. Again he thrust toward her, his cock sliding to her throat and back out. She liked his reactions and continued to lick and suck while running her fingers around his balls.

With a sudden groan, Obele pulled Arit from between his legs and flipped her onto her back.

His mouth crushed down on hers, his tongue dueling with hers in an erotic dance that caused shivers to run down her spine and collect where his mouth had recently been. His mouth left hers, seeking out her nipple to lick and suck. She bent her head, licking the curve of his ear, dragging a low moan from his chest.

“Yes, my love. Take me as I take you,” he murmured.

Pressing her back, his muscular thigh worked gently to spread her knees before climbing on top of her. His mouth continued to lick along her collar bone, her neck, her ear, as his hard shaft pressed into her wet cleft. He rolled his hips, pressing along her slit and sliding the wetness along his shaft.

He pressed and released, rubbing sensually and making her hips flex against his erection. In a sudden movement, his length buried itself deep within her, breaking her maidenhead. She let out a sharp cry.

With iron control he held still within her silken folds. “That is the worst of it, my love. It should not hurt much after that.”

He began to move, slowly, tentatively. She sucked in her breath, but there was no more pain, just a slight soreness which was quickly overcome by the increasing tingle and small electric pulses his movements were causing. Her body began to answer his movements, her hips lifting to meet his thrusts.

“There’s my girl. Do you like this?”

Still slightly embarrassed by her behavior, Arit didn’t answer, but lifted her head to nip his lower lip. He growled, bringing his lips down on hers, thrusting his tongue into her mouth in time with the thrusting of his hips.

His hand massaged her breast, gently pinching her nipple. She groaned and arched against him, bringing another growl from his throat as the speed and depth of his thrusts increased. Arit met his movements, feeling the tightening in her abdomen as the sensation escalated, knowing that incredible release was imminent.

Obele thrust into her deeply, caressing her depths and massaging her delightfully with his pelvis. Arit’s breath caught in her throat as he let out a deep moan and pure bliss washed over her in waves. Obele sounded as if her were choking, and Arit wondered if she had killed him somehow. His whole body was tense, only relaxing by degrees.

“My god, wife, you are incredible! I am truly blessed!”

Obele caressed her neck, down her chest to her breast. He planted light kisses on her nipple as he slipped from her body. Arit let out a tiny gasp, arching toward him, still wanting the contact.

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