May 8, 2021

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The Village One Chance (18+)

I can’t believe I’m here sneaking around, making sure no one see me leave the party, she promised to come by my house. Its safer for her to come to our house, we can always lock ourselves up somewhere na, but then again, our house seems is a bevy of...

The Funke Dilemma (18+)

Funke has always been on my radar since we were kids, her parents stayed very close to us, few blocks down our street. Our stares have always been longer than regular people’s stare especially when her boobs started growing faster than her other...

DS Series : Aunty Parole

Hello People, how are you, hope y’all doing great, thanks for the likes on facebooks, the Retweets, the comments, the visits, all in all, thanks for everything. Before I dive into today’s main story, as usual I have been begging for...