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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E07] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E07] (18+)

“Ha… abi na, you be the girl wey dem say three people they fuck for house?” Kingsley asked in a low tone surprised.

Fatimah explained that it was a rumour that it was the pornstar that was fucked on TV, that was fucked by three men she only fucked herself with her remote.

Kingsley apologized profusely for causing her much trouble and asked if there was anything he could make amends but Fatimah rebuffed it saying it’s not his fault. Both went their separate ways, Iya Fati had a visitor when she got to shop, she delivered her message and went to sit outside the shop to give the women some privacy.

After an hour of sitting idly outside, it didn’t seem like the women would be done with their discussions anytime soon, she was bored and the thunderous laughter that came from the shop was breeding anger in her. She wanted to go home, she wanted to be anywhere but in the shop, the place was too boring.

She doesn’t even attend to customers, they only dealt with Iya Fati, the only good thing that ever happened in the shop was that she was able to see cute guys walking by though they never spoke.

“Abeg, wetin I fit do so you go forgive me?” Kingsley’s voice came to mind again, her mind raced, she looked into the shop, the older women were fully engrossed in their discussions, she dashed away. She briskly walked away, Kingsley’s shop was just 5mins away, she would be back before Iya Fati noticed. Her pussy was itching, Kingsley could scratch it for her as payment for putting her in trouble the other day.

“Oga abeg come”, she said as soon as she walked in the shop, he get something wey you fit do for me, she said pulling the neck of her gown so her fair boobs showed. Kingsley was shocked,

“abeg time no dey, my mama go they find me”. Kingsley quickly locked the outer burglary of his shop and led Fatimah to the inner chamber where he tested his CDs. It was a bit darker in there, Fatimah quickly raised her gown and dropped her panties, presenting her ass to Kingsley, she heard him unbuckle his belt and some silence followed after she heard his zipper go down. “I no get condom o” she heard him say with worry in his tone, no worry, just do am like that Fatimah said giving him a vote of confidence.

Kingsley rubbed the head of his dick on her pussy lips, it felt hot, her juices creamed his head, Fatimah but her lower lips loving how he teased her pussy.

Her lips gradually opened as Kingsley fat dick started to make way in her pussy, it was the thickest of all dicks, she had fuck and when he was fully in she was feeling him in her throat.

He pushed her gown higher on her back and started to fire into her pussy loving how her fat ass hit back on his crotch and juggled with contact.

Pum-pum-pum-pum was the sound that rented the air. Fatimah knew better than to scream; she just swallowed all her screams.

Kingsley was giving her the hardest fuck of her life and she couldn’t even fully react because she wouldn’t want to draw attention. He left her waist and squeezed her boobs through her gown and continued to send hot hard thrusts into her pussy. Her pussy wept, juices ran down her thighs.

After what seemed like forever, he came hard into her pussy and left her.

Fatimah maintained the position for a while enjoying how the cool breeze hit her bare & used pussy.

When she looked at the time almost an hour had passed since she left the shop, she quickly put on her panties and ran back to the shop leaving Kingsley who was lying on the bench. She enjoyed Kinglsehs strength, he had fucked her for over 45mins straight before he came.

Iya Fati and her guest were still neck-deep in their discussion when she got to shop. She quietly sat back like nothing was amiss, she smiled inwardly, that was some adventure and many more would follow. 

The following weeks were bare and very terrible for Fatimah’s growth as a nymph. She visited Mr Folabi’s house for a lesson and hoped to get fucked on his bed as she had planned. The plan failed terribly, his wife and his two kids were all over the place.

Fatimah sat for a whole five-hour tutorial, those five hours were only the worst behind the day she was caught masturbating to porn and was beaten by Mama Landlady and Iya Fati. She quietly cursed Mr Folabi and his entire family all through the tutorial session and she maliciously eyed the ever-annoying kids hoping one of them would stomp on her or even directly do the tiniest thing to trigger her anger so she could unleash hell on them.

The tutorial ended with no such events after 5 long boring hours, she angrily packed her books and before leaving, she got up and squeezed her boobs together in front of a wide-eyed and mouth-ajar Mr Folabi.

She frowned at him as she squeezed and hissed at him. She left in anger with no words, was Mr Folabi that weak? Couldn’t he have sent his wife and kids away for a little while so they had their fun? She was so angry that Mr Folabi didn’t even try at all.

She had looked forward to this weekend, she didn’t have any undies on, only a singlet so that her thumb-like nipples didn’t show too much and she shaved!

She spent almost an hour making sure she plucked every single hair off her pussy. She was as bald down there and she was fucking horny while shaving it but she was saving all that hunger for Mr Folabi. She had expected to be thoroughly eaten and fucked but what did she get?

Five whole hours of lectures that never really registered in her brain. She had zero knowledge of whatever they did in that lecture all she knew was she was denied sex and she hated Mr Folabi and his family for it.

What was next? She didn’t want to go back on her words and let Mr Folabi fuck her in class again, that would make her lose her power over him, he would know she also wanted the sex as bad as he did.

As she walked on, a bulb switched In her head, KINGSLEY!!, she smiled and increased her pace making a detour for Kingley’s shop. He was a good fuck and he certainly won’t turn her down.

She got to his shop in record time and his shop was locked with no signs of Kingley or his goods.

“Madam abeg, I’m asking of Kingsley” she asked one of his neighbours who let her know that Kingsley lost his father and would be out of town for a while.

The news hit Fatimah like a bomb and her heart immediately sank, what could be going on? Two potential fucks denied in a matter of hours.

She felt really sad walking to her mum’s shop, the last person on her list was John but she fully knew he was off-limits for that day as she doesn’t even know his house and even if she did, time was far spent already and Iya Fati would be expecting her by now. 

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