September 27, 2022

Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Finale) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Finale) (18+)

This loving wey dey between me and Oyin me self no believe say he fit happen like this.

She dey spend money for me wella. She dey carry me enter boutique, go club. I no even sabi whether I still be Security guy again. True true, love dey blind because I no sabi wetin she see for my body wey make am love me like this.

My salary just dey enter my account, nothing dey touch am, na Oyin dey take care of me now. Yemisi dey jealous but nothing wey she fit do. I no go fit dump Oyinda for am now when I never craze. The only consolation wey I dey Yemisi na the corner-corner quick-quick fuck wey I dey fuck am when Oyin no dey around.

Na Honorable everybody for mansion dey expect make he come back now.

Oyinda don give me update say he go soon come back and he go sack me. Fear first catch me when she say Honorable go sack me. She come explain say when her papa come back say she go tell am say na me be her bobo and we wan marry.

Her papa no go let me work as security so, he go sack me. She come ask me say whether I get any business plan. I tell am about my boutique wey I been wan open when I comot. The plan sweet Oyin, she say make I no worry say she go open boutique and we go rent new place to live.

This girl wan do all these things for me without collecting shishi from the money wey I been dey save up? Omoooooo, I done hit jackpot. Me self begin play love with am o, I don dey reason wetin I go use the money for my account do but I never get any better plan.

Yemisi no sabi wetin dey happen. This attention wey she dey give me for now na because Nonorable no dey around. I sabi say of Honorable come back, she go dey chop him banana dey collect fresh money ontop, she no go remember say I dey gate again so, me self just focus my love and penis for Oyinda.

Yemisi no really be problem for me, na Madam be the major threat. As her daughter dey flex me with money and body, madam self they put money inside my account dey pressure me say she must taste my gbola even if na once.

I never sabi as I go run that parole wey the matter no go cast but me self get interest for madam. I sabi say he go be like say I dey ungrateful to Oyinda and Honorable but, Ye! Shey you done see madam before? He sure me die say many men and even young boys for outside go dey find ways to sample madam work sha.

The woman really fine. I never see any cloth wey she done wear wey no go carry her shape show for outside. Yansh, she get am big with fine shape, he sure say na for there Oyinda self inherit her yansh.

When we come dey talk about breast, Yemisi breasts dey learn work for where madam own dey and Yemisi breasts self big o but na lie, he no reach madam own laye laye. As she dey pressure me make I come chop her work wey I dey do small-small shakara.

Lowkey, I don dey plan my moves on how I go take do the thing. I go need more time for this work because she talk say na once and me I go like enjoy am wella.

This thing no make sense say I wan bang my future mother in law but something dey tell me say no be once I go knack this woman. Imagine say she chop my penis once and I no be security again, me and am fit dey link up for hotel or when her pikin born and she come stay for our side small I go fit dey go camp am for corner corner for house chop her work.

Na that kind fuck dey sweet pass. Short time fuck wey be say he dey risky but me I no go mind, he sure me say madam self no go mind. Make we dey see as the matter go pan out sha.

Oyin dey sleep my quarters most times now and I dey chop am nice-nice. That girl sweet die. One time she update me say Honorable go done dey around in the coming week say make I dey prepare to comot for mansion.

I sense say issue go dey for me because if Honorable come around with him police people now, the house go really tight, to fuck madam no go really dey easy for me again. I need to move fast o. After Oyin comot for my side her mama buzz me for phone ask whether I sabi say her husband go soon come around, I tell am say me I no sabi o.

She tell me say her husband dey come back the next week and if I no do the assignment wey she give me before he come back she go do everything for her power to make sure say the man no gree for the plan wey Oyin get to marry me.

Omoooooo fear catch me. As she talk am finish she just disconnect, I sabi say the matter don serious like this, I gats move fast. I still dey load my fridge with juice for energy because he no easy to dey fuck two different people almost everyday.

These girls no dey tire.

Them self dey follow me drink the juice so my fridge dey quick empty. After madam don clear me update finish on call, I enter my quarters go reason how I go run the matter wey be say Yemisi and Oyin no go suspect anything.

As I sit down there dey look my fridge na there the idea buzz inside my head. He dey hard and risky but as a man now, we go still rugged am. First move of my plan na to comot house go supermarket buy plenty fruit juice. As I move comot supermarket I branch for pharmacy but some tablets.

First phase of the plan done sort like that, now, onto step 2.

Step 2 na say, the next three days wey follow, I no fuck at all. I just dey my quarters’ dey rest. That rest dey very needed for my plans to work. I scope Oyin say I no too well. The third day, everything don fall in place, time for the final plan. I go carry the remaining of my powder, I swallow am drink water.

I sit down dey chill. After the powder done begin work, my penis done dey kakaranka. I text Oyin say make she come my quarters fast-fast. Before she go reach my side, I don off clothe make my penis dey collect breeze.

She no even tey at all before she don begin knock door.

If no be say she be my girlfriend, I for say Oyin na ashawo. If you see the smile wey dey her face when I carry my naked body go open door for am. As I turn enter, she just dey spank my yansh dey follow me for back.

That thing dey make my penis hard the more. When I turn face am, she hold me begin kiss me. I Sabi say she no like as we no do anything for the past 3 days so I no dey surprised say she dey very hot today.

Oyin dey kiss me, dey chew my lips small-small. Me sef grab her yansh dey squeeze am dey make her moan. Her hand dey massage me for penis.

Bad guy, I no really get time to waste, I don raise her nightie being finger her pussy from back. Be like say she self need am bad, she just turn around hold table for me to ebyer from behind. Na wetin I want be that. I just enter am Jeje dey give her nice back shots.

The way Oyin yansh dey always bounce when person dey fuck am from back fit make person cum. I wrap her braid for my hand use am pull her back dey fuck am go. When he reach for me to cum, I just put am for am body woto woto come Sidon rest small.

I tell Oyin make she help me bring juice for fridge.

Oyin drink small juice before she reach me for chair. She push me lie down, comot her nightie patapata come cuddle me. My penis done begin stand again but Oyin done begin doze. I tell am say I wan piss, she arrange herself wella ontop chair, me I go shower. Before I come back, Oyin fine sleep.

My tablet work. The girl really fine naked, I look am shake head before I wear cloth carry the remaining juice comot for my quarters. As I dey Waka go, I text madam say make she ready.

When I enter mansion, I branch for kitchen, I sabi say Yemisi go dey that side. I sneak reach her back grab one of her breasts.

The think shock am but she relax when she see say na me dey her back.

I drop the juice table begin squeeze her breasts with my two hands, she dey feel am for body come dey ask me say wetin I dey do say madam and Oyin dey around.

I tell am make she no worry say make we just do small. She quick comot her top make I grab her breasts well. As I dey smooch am, I dey play with her toto and she done begin wet until she carry juice drink. I just happy inside.

I bin think say na after I fuck am she go drink the juice. She don make my work easier for me. As I dey smooch am dey go, her hand no hold my penis well again, she don dey sleep.

I package Yemisi for floor, her bress just dey dance upandan, them dey enter my eyes but, madam is the goal. Now na to locate her room.
As I no sabi way, I buzz am, she give me directions till I reach her domot. As I open door enter, wetin I see almost break my heart, I almost begin cry. Madam dey front of mirror, naked.

That her yansh na like say God use two days carve am. When she turn around, the breasts wey I see choke me for neck.

Person wey done pass 50 years na him her breasts still stand like this? Omoooooo, my penis just dey hard the more and I no blame am, wetin dey my front worth am.

Madam catwalk reach my side. Before I even open mouth talk, she don tell me make I kneel down.

Be like I no hear am well but she talk am again say make I kneel down, I just obey before complain. Before I go see mouth open complain, she done near me, he toto dey look my face. I no need make she tell me before I connect my tongue with her pussy begin lick, make I show madam say I sabi work.

As I dey give madam head, he dey enter her for body, she dey wet me for mouth stay she begin stagger. I carry my hand grab am for yansh make she for no fall. Gosh, that yansh soft.

Madam say make I comot hand, say she no need make I touch am. That one pain me sha because I done imagine how I wan press her yansh and breasts. I continue to give her the head.

When she tire, she tell me make I lie down for bed. The main work wan start now, na why i take powder be this. Madam climb ontop me, before she start anything, she carry my two hands pin am over my head come sit ontop my penis.

Omoooooo this woman dey very selfish. I think say she done finish, when she go begin the fuck, na inside yansh she put am no be pussy. The way my penis take enter, I sabi say this no be the first time she dey collect penis for yansh.

She use like two minutes dey ride me slow-slow, be like that one na just to make her yansh open well for my penis because after that one, she carry me enter another level. I begin fear madam, I begin fear for my life self.

Shey this my penis wey be say people dey collect for pussy dey run comot for room na him madam dey ride for yansh like this. This woman just dey ride me go like say she dey on drug. Her breasts dey bounce for my eyes but I no fit touch, she don pin my hand. Two of us dey sweat like goat.

Anytime wey I cum for her yansh she dey use am fuck go.

The powder no let my penis come down, if the yansh begin tight, she go comot my penis rub am for her toto make he wet again from there, she put am for yansh begin fuck me again. After I cum the fourth time, I come realise say na Madam dey fuck me, no be me dey fuck am.

She never cum and he dey look like say if she no cum she no go release me. Fear begin catch me well now. This woman just dey ride me go o, I don dey near to cum again.

Energy no even dey for me to push this time, as I dey come, everywhere just dark. When light return wey I open my eyes, na hospital bed I dey.

One hand dey connected to IV bag, the other one dey cuffed to bed. I begin wonder wetin happen.

Na one of the nurses come explain say, my Oga arrive that day, na him give him police key to open gate when them horn wey I no open gate.

Oga check me for my quarters, see him naked pikin with cum for her body, he see him half naked maid for kitchen come see me ontop him wife for the bedroom. The wife tell am say, since oga comot, na so I take dey fuck all of them for house. Them see juice wey I put that powder inside for kitchen and the police people done hold am as evidence.

Dem say I done dey coma for 4days straight so if I don well, them dey charge me to court, na him I faint again.


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