December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 6) (18+)


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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 6) (18+)

For the place wey I stand put, my leg done dey shake, piss dey hold me. See as these hefty men dey jump comot for pick up. Na the one wey bone face pass first begin waka come my side. He cork him gun… kraaka!

Sweat full my body, na today be my last day for this earth but, wetin I do, I no sabi.

As the werey reach my side, he burst laugh, all the other police people too join am dey laugh. He tap me for chest tell me say, shebi na me dey secure the entire house, why I come dey fear external threat, say as them enter, I suppose face them head on because na my job be to secure the lives of people wey dey the house.

Bastard, make I face them make I die abi. After he lecture me finish, he come ask me say where Honorable dey.

I yarn am say Honorable dey inside. Before I fit ask am say wetin dem want or wetin dem wan come do, Honorable done show face with him white agbada. Na Honorable come dey explain give me say he dey go journey but na by road and him gats make sure say security tight.

Na that time my mind come down. I bin think say na me the police people wan come carry before. As Honorable dey go, him talk say make I make sure say I protect the house and the people wey dey inside.

As I shout, yes sir, the police people look me laugh.

Me, Oyinda, Madam and Yemisi, we suppose get along well now.

Oyin na my girlfriend wey no wan see me with another girl, madam say make me and her dey knack ourselves and Yemisi na my friend with benefit.

Now, chief wey dey block Yemisi from my side no dey house. Madam wan make I dey fuck her because her husband dey cheat am and now the husband no come dey, she need person wey go dey service am.

Oyinda wan monopolize my penis. Omoooooo, as I look am well well, wahala go plenty for me o. As Oga comot finish, Oyin dey look me dey smile. As she run come hug me I see Yemisi for back she dey look me with bad eye.

Na everyday I dey pray say make Honorable quick come back from him trip because now I dey live like rat, madam, Oyinda and Yemisi come be like cats.

Most times when Yemisi bring food for me, Oyinda dey always dey my quarters’ dey follow me play love, she go give me bad eye. He get one day wey she even come knock my door for night but that night Oyinda dey ride my penis.

Na when she hear say person dey knock door she come begin moan well well so that Yemisi go jealous.

The second day, I no see breakfast chop. Yemisi no carry food come give me because of wetin happen the night before.

The thing wey dey make me fear pass na Madam. She go dey call me for phone dey ask me for answer to her proposal and me I dey tell am no.

Her husband na nice person to me and I done fall in love with her pikin now, I no go fit fuck my in law na.

So, I don dey keep my phone for SILENT so that in case she go call me when Oyin dey around I no go get issues. I don guard well but all day for thief one day for owner.

Me and Oyin just fuck finish that day so I rush go toilet. Before I go come back Oyin done dey on call with my phone. Na she and her mama dey yarn themselves. As she drop phone, she say make I dress up say the mama wan see us.

Fear no really catch me because Oyin no look like person wey dey vex for me so, we gather enter mansion.

Yemisi dey look me like God don catch me but I no look her side. Madam dey sit down, she look me and her pikin come ask me say wetin her pikin dey do for my quarters.

Of course your pikin come fuck now abi wetin man and woman wan dey do inside room again but I no talk anything, I just dey look floor.

As I no gree give this woman answer na him she vex, I come understand say the rudeness and badmouth wey dey Oyin body, na from her mama she get am.

This woman just dey curse me anyhow say I be gold digger say I done jazz her pikin. As she don curse me well, I no talk, she turn to her pikin begin curse am too say she dey go below her class, say she no get taste, say na ordinary Gateman dey fuck am.

Ha, no be this same ordinary Gateman you self dey beg for penis? I just stand there dey look. Yemisi dey for corner dey do me ntooor, he be like make I near am tear am hot slap but I just dey there calm.

Madam just dey yarn dey go dey talk many many things till she come pass boundary say no be for her lifetime Oyinda go marry me.

Two things na him I Iearn immediately. Number one, Oyinda no dey use me play, number two these people go kill me for this house sooner or later. Oyinda really change am for her mama, na so hot argument start.

For the first time ever, I happy say Oyinda na rude girl. She just dey give her mama, gbas gbos. Omoooooo, Honorable dey try o, na this kind wahala this woman go dey follow am drag all those times. When the two of them tire sha, madam say make I comot go my quarters say when her husband come back, we go discuss am.

Another wahala again, shey no be sack be this?

Madam fit finger her husband brain tell am make he sack me. Oyin fit follow her papa talk am make he no sack me plus Honorable self no suppose fit sack me now, I don help am too much.

Na wetin I dey reason that night be that before person come knock my door. I been think say na Oyin but na Yemisi. She no even let me open door well before she rush enter. I enter follow am lock door for back.

Yemisi begin give me lecture and advise say make I no marry Oyin, if day done break make I go beg madam, make I tell her say I no go date her pikin again. Yemisi dey give me advise, she dey off clothe, this girl dey mad.

Chickito just wan make I end my waka with Oyinda so that I go dey fuck only her but then, if Honorable come back be go camp Yemisi again dey dash her money fuck her join me I go come lose two ways.

Oyinda wey done dey change my life small small dey buy me things, me I no go fit leave the girl o. I text Oyinda, she reply say she and her mama dey talk so she no go fit see me that night, everything set like that, Yemisi for the night.

As my penis don stand already now and she self don naked finish. Bad man just near the girl as she sit for couch use penis shut her up, she dey talk plenty nonsense.

Feel really good to dey run matter with Yemisi again, he don tey. She self wan impress me say make I no look Oyinda side again.

She carry hand hold my penis dey use mouth suck am. All the matters wey been dey my mind before done disappear, I no sabi when my hands begin massage Yemisi head because the wey she dey give me dey sweet my dick head.

She dey pour am saliva dey suck am like say she wan use mouth drag sperm come outside. This girl dey carry my penis enter inside her throat. My face been dey up before, when I look down, I see say Yemisi done finger herself tire as she dey suck me.

He sure me say if no be say she see this better maid work, Yemisi for dey do hook up. That one no be my business, I push her back make he rest for armchair. My penis self don miss her toto.

Be like say she sef done miss me with the way she take use hands hold me for me I just dey take am slow so I go fit enjoy am well plus I no wan make she make too much noise in case my Babe go visit unexpectedly.

As I dey enter am, she no carry pussy run from me and I don dey near to release. I try make I pull out but Yemisi use leg pin my waist, I release everything inside her pussy.

Guilt conscience begin hold me as I dey see my cum for her pussy, I don cheat on Oyin. Yemisi just dey there dey use hand rub her pussy come tell me say we never finish. Na there I vex enter her again. Since I done commit offense, make I kuku commit am well well. I nearly use penis kill am this time.

After I don fuck am missionary, I turn her back begin fuck am again. Her big bress just dey bounce like wetin I no sabi. She self no dey run for me and I dey touch all the angles.

When she begin ride me, my mind dey let me know say I go dey stupid to leave this girl for Honorable. I no get choice this time, na she dey in control, I cum for her pussy again.

Yemisi chill for my side oversight and we fuck again. I really enjoy the way that girl dey give me bress suck. I still put my dick for the bress fuck her cleavage again. When day start to break Oyin dey knock my door.

If she catch Yemisi for my side, me and Yemisi fit die that morning. I jejely comot, Yemisi tip toe enter toilet with her clothes. I quick arrange my bed. When I finish the arrangement, I open door for Oyin dey form say I just dey wake. She hug me but I no let am kiss me make she no go taste Yemisi pussy for my mouth.

She say she done follow her mama talk say the woman no go sack me.

My mind cool small. Oyin just dey massage my dick. This dick don suffer sha. I tell Oyin say I no really dey the mood but she say she miss me make we do quickie. I no get choice at all before she go start to dey suspect.

She push her skirt go one side sit for my dick. I dey suck her bress my Babe dey whine ontop my penis. She dey cream all over my penis but when I cum na gas, Yemisi don waste me finish.

As she finish, she run go toilet. I almost get heart attack because na inside toilet Yemisi go hide o. Oyinda piss, come outside, nothing happen, she peck me run comot my side.

Where Yemisi come dey? Before I reason am finish, she appear from under my bed dey smile. This girl too sharp aswear, na one thing wey I enjoy about am. When I dey fuck Oyin wey I back the toilet door, she don sneak enter under the bed. See this girl brain mad o.

She look me tell me say I dey enjoy o, I dey chop Toto left and right. I laugh am, Yemisi dey lick all the cream wey Oyin done deposit ontop my penis. My penis begin hard again but he dey pain me at this point sha, I no fit fuck at all again.

As she comot I just go lock door, I go shower go sleep Jeje. These girls fit kill me. When I wake up, I go stock my small fridge with fruit juice, I need am really bad.

For the next few days things dey go smoothly. Na same me wey dey pray say make Honorable come house fast dey hope say he go tey small before he come back now. My relationship with Oyin dey sweet, I dey chop Yemisi work for corner round the mansion and if Oyin no dey she go enter my quarters collect her dose.

Madam finally enter the equation again, this time, she no follow me fight, na deal she propose but this deal dey very tough. She say she go gree make I date her pikin but I must fuck am even if na once.

Now, how I go do this thing now wey Oyinda and Yemisi no go know, na wetin I never sabi be that.

To be continued

Written by Reezy Sama

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