December 6, 2023
Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 5) (18+)


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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 5) (18+)

As I enter my room, jump onto bed, I check under my pillow, na wetin I see? Na Oyinda pant dey there.

Which kind winch this girl be, abi na which kind game she dey follow me play? I no want wahala! Make woman no go put me for trouble o. But as bad guy now, after I don reason finish like serious person, I carry the pant observe am.

Na nice pant person go sabi say this one cost, no be pant for small girl. I begin dey imagine how Oyin pussy go be like inside the pant because the thing na lace. Person no need off am before you dey see wetin dey inside am. As this girl come off this pant, keep am under my pillow, no be say she dey send me message be that?

Abi I don fuck up and I no chop this girl work? But what if everything na trap? This girl no like me o. Person wey dey always abuse me dey look me with bad eyes, she fit dey set me up o. But, she no mention anything say I fuck am for mouth na, she fit use that one self rope me.

Small fear enter my body but time pass, trouble no come my domot, konji still dey my body. I remember the pant wey Oyin drop. Me I just carry am put for nose begin sniff am like cocaine. Omoooooo if person go prison because of Oyinda pussy, he worth am.

The pant dey scent nice, my penis just begin stand anyhow.

Lowkey, I regret say I no at least suck this girl toto that night even if say I fear to fuck am. If to say I suck her toto, evidence no fit dey now. My body just dey do me anyhow with the way I dey smell her pant.

I no get any other option, I locate where her pussy go rest for inside the pant, I smell that area well.

Omoooooo that place conk gan. Na the place gangan be that. I isolate that part rub am ontop my tongue. Mehn see sweetness, this girl spoil and she rude but the taste of her toto worth am die.

This one wey done dry inside pant wey I dey lick sweet like this, how the main thing go come be?

For this road now, the love wey I get for Yemisi disappear, as oga sef done dey chop her now. Na Oyinda I dey trip for now. Before, na her yansh my eye dey enter but now, that her toto I gats enter inside am.

I carry oil rub for my penis, begin lick Oyin pant come dey rub my penis. Me I no be person wey enjoy to masturbate but this one sweet, as I dey rub my penis, I dey lick pant come dey imagine say me and Oyin dey do six-time say she dey suck my dick and I dey suck her pussy.

This thing mad gan, inside my head I dey fuck Oyin dey spank am for yansh and she dey beg me say make I fuck am well well. The way I take come nearly give me heart attack. My legs dey shake but he sweet me die.

As days dey pass, he be like say I don carry my hand spoil my parole. Even though he don appreciate me with words and money, Oga no dey gree comot house, he dey fuck him wife like mad and he go still dey go fuck Yemisi too.
The girl no dey even get chance to enter my side like before because the way he dey fuck am na die. Me I come dey alone. These other girls wey dey estate no sabi fuck like Yemisi, dem go just dey waste my money, time and person energy, I no dey gbadun dem like that.

After one round, those wey no run go say dem wan sleep or them no go gree change style, nonsense.

The thing wey dey pain me pass na him be say Oyin done wicked the more. Since that time wey me and her get that small issue, nothing wey she never use my eyes see. Sometimes she go just dey send me useless message, especially when her friends dey around.

All of dem no reach me for age o. One time she wan drive in, I open gate for am. She just park for entrance. If she no move her car, I no fit lock gate. She dey there begin they gist with her friends, I come stand for gate like mumu dey wait make she move in.

When leg begin pain me, I wan ask am say shey make I go sit say make she call me when she park well so I go come lock gate.

If no be say I fast ehn, Oyin for give me hot slap in front of her friends dem. When she later drive enter I lock gate. I don start to hate am again o but when I enter inside house come see her pant for where I hang am, my mind begin change again.

I need follow the girl talk one on one make I sabi my offense. Finally, Finally, one night around 11pm when her papa and mama dey inside house with Yemisi. Oyin blow horn, I go open gate for am. Her friends no follow come house today, na my opportunity be this.

I quick lock gate double up go her car make I quick engage am.

As I no sabi wetin make I expect, I no too near am and I no too far so she go fit hear wetin I wan yarn.

Abeg, I no sabi wetin I do you, or the offense wey I commit but you don dey too harsh for me these days. If to say I don do you bad or whether I don offend you abeg tell me so I go apologise and I no go do am again.

If I be your brother, I sure say you no go like make person dey treat me the way you take dey treat me. Na wetin me I tell Oyin be that. She first tell me say God forbid bad thing say I no fit be her brother, then she come tell me say I dey mad.

Omoooooo, that one too much. Small talk say make we settle na him I done dey chop insult again? I just turn dey go my quarters.

You must be blind, aren’t you? Because if it’s not that you are blind then you must be a fool. Do you not see that I love you? That love wey I hear make me pause first.

Oyin just use her mouth talk am say she love me. Abi I no hear this girl well? For how long do you want me to give you signals? You didn’t get all my signals, I got drunk and fell all over you, you still took me to the sitting room. I still returned to your room that same night and gave you head, yet you won’t touch me.
Am I ugly? Or is it a crime that I have a crush on our gatekeeper? I left my pant under your pillow and your brain didn’t tell you to make a move on me?

All these dirty estate girls are better than me right? That’s why you’re picking them over me. You’re even fucking Yemisi that is my dad’s sex toy and I am here.

I can change your life and tush you up. None of these girls can uplift your life the way I would but still you’re not looking my way and you think I will treat you well? Hell no!

Omoooooo, na me fuck up pass for Africa. So this girl dey give me signs all these days and me I no sabi. Emmy you be fuck up guy. See as this girl drop everything wey dey for her mind. I no even sabi as I quick turn back go meet Oyin for her car side.

Be like the matter really pain her sha, she dey cry. Meself bring her my inner Romeo. Badman use my thumb clear the tear wey been dey run for her face, rest my forehead for her forehead.

“I’m sorry Baby” na wetin I tell am because from that moment, my oga pikin done turn my baby straight. She dey nod her head say she done hear come wrap her hands for my neck. I begin kiss am. Love dey sweet sha.

Na the first confirm romance experience be this for me. Oyin just dey rub my hair dey tickle my ear as we dey kiss. My body done move pass power bike. When she say make I touch her bress I almost cum.

See wicked Oyin dey tell me make I press her bress and the way she talk am sweet me.

Me I dey squeeze this girl beside her car, my finger done enter inside her skirt dey rub her pussy. Oyin don close eye dey call me Baby, she dey tell me say she like as I dey finger her toto say he dey sweet her.

My head just dey swell like say person add am yeast, Oyin dey call me baby. When she ask me say shey I go give am blowjob, my head nearly explode. I no even let the question land finish before I land my knees for floor. I raise her skirt enter inside am. Her juice dey scent like expensive perfume, she done wet die. Na another lace pant she wear.

If it lick am her toto from the pant make I re-taste am again.

I get am right, her main toto sweet pass the pant from the other day. He be like this girl no sabi say me I don dey crush am since and she no sabi say I done dey eye her toto for long. The manner wey I take dey lick her pussy, she just dey bless my mouth with cum till her leg begin shake.

Me don plan say make I bend am over for the car fuck or make we enter inside the car fuck but she say make we go my quarters.

I no fit wait, I just carry am for my hand rush go my side. No time to waste. As I drop am, she don begin off cloth. Na for that bedside I bend her begin sama her toto with my penis.

Opportunity wey I don dey find for long time, I dey fuck her pussy slow dey enjoy how she dey use toto tight my dick. Her yansh dey bounce as we dey fuck and I come dey spank am join. He reach one point, I pin her hands for her back begin rush am with penis, na she beg me say make I go harder. As I dey pump her pussy she self dey set her yansh well make my penis dey enter.

Everything set, we do six-nine again tlll I cum for her mouth. Na then we come rest, she lie down for my chest come ask me say wetin I be to her now? I tell am say I be her boyfriend, she smile come peck my lips again. She say she no wan see me with any girl again, especially Yemisi.

Me and Oyin fuck again before daybreak but she enter mansion very early for morning.

That girl don use me wreck, I tire that morning. Madam dey come outside be like she get outing. But before I go outside go open gate madam say she need my attention say make I enter car. I want you to be fucking me.

I shock, wetin this woman just talk now now? My husband had issues with his penis for a while but he has fixed that and he’s satisfying me now but he’s cheating on me with my maid, I didn’t cheat on him when he had issues.

The matter choke me. Me I no fit dey chop madam work o, Honorable too nice to me pass all that one.

Asides say Honorable nice to me, me and this woman pikin done start relationship and I sabi say Oyin fit spoil my life if she catch me say I dey run parole with another woman, especially if that woman na her mama.

Omoooooo once, I tell madam say I no go fit do am. Before I drop from her car, she tell me say make I think am well.

Madam comot, I lock gate go my quarters, I wan reason wetin just sup between me and Madam na there Oyin text come in say

“I caught you”.

Omoooooo, one day relationship, I don dey enter wahala. Na knock wey I hear for gate carry me rush comot for quarters.

As I reach there, na police van wan enter, with hefty officers wey carry plenty big guns, I done die.

Written by Reezy Sama

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