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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 4) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 4) (18+)

Shayo still dey for this girl eyes because even her movements no dey balance again. I no sabi whether I done offend am before but this Oyinda girl no like me at all, na shayo carry am come my quarters wey make am dey grab my penis like say she be hookup girl wey never collect payment.

The manpower wey I swallow done make my penis over hard and I really need fuck. As I reason again, all the way this spoilt girl done take disrespect and maltreat me ehn, plus the way her papa take fuck Yemisi wey me I wan dey chop her work small small.

Mehn, she deserve make I put am for her body woto woto. Me self kuku done dey use eyes follow that her big backside everyday, maybe na my one and only chance to sample her work be this.

Before I go even reason finish, cold done dey catch my penis. Small time he done warm up again. As I look down, Oyin done carry my penis for mouth dey lick am like sweet. With the kind friends wey dey find am come house and the way she dey behave, I Sabi say she go bad but I no think say she bad reach this level.

The way my oga pikin dey suck my dick, nobody don suck am like that before. I dey look her for eyes, I feel pity for am. A whole Oyin, big girl, na him ordinary security man penis dey enter inside her throat like this?

Saliva just full for her jaw, but she still dey push my penis enter inside her throat go and me self decide to help her.

I hold her head begin to fuck that her mouth, that mouth wey she dey use curse me. But make wey no lie, he dey sweet me for body. As I dey fuck her mouth, her eyes dey look me, saliva dey comot for her mouth, I dey imagine how she go still use that mouth curse me when shayo clear comot for her eyes the next day.

When he remain small make I cum I decide say make I pour am inside her mouth so that next wey she curse me he no go pain me as per me I don cum inside that her mouth before. He be like say na wetin dey my mind dey her mind too because she grab my penis make I fit pour my cum inside her mouth.

Omo, shayo na bastard sha, na Oyin dey swallow my sperm like yoghurt..

The way this girl dey lick her lips, dey swallow, he sure me say no be the first time she dey swallow cum be this. As I don cum now, I come begin reason different things. I carry Oyin enter my bedroom go lay am for bed.

She just lie down there dey look me, shayo still dey her body, I comot all her clothes, she fresh die, her papa money show for her body. I turn her around make I see that her BumBum for real. This girl clothes dey hide assets o, wetin I dey see without clothes big pass wetin I dey see inside clothes.

This night, Oyin mouth dey moan, dey call me Baby as I dey rub that her yansh.

As a bad boy, I carry hand push her yansh apart, her toto just dey there, he don wet like wetin I no sabi. I chook one finger inside, she no moan, this girl go done fuck well well. I put two fingers, her body shake small.

When I push am inside well well she begin moan. I comot am, bring am come my nose. This girl na big girl confirm, the thing scent dey totori me die, I no even think am two times before I chook the fingers for my mouth lick am.

I com dey finger Oyin dey lick her cum but he reach where the thing no do me again, I just put my mouth inside her toto. Be like she like head well well, she dey moan like small pikin, as he dey sweet her for body, he dey sweet me too.

My wish na make I dey see this girl fuck every time but I sabi say na because she don high, na him give me this opportunity, If I no enjoy her body well now, I fit no get another opportunity. Make I no go waste time make he no be say na when I wan start to fuck her eyes go come clear, I carry my penis put am inside her pussy.

She first go quiet as I dey enter her pussy, that her ass, me I spank am. The ass dey bounce as u dey fuck her, her toto sweet, her moan self sweet, I dey fire her from back dey pray say make I get another opportunity to fuck this girl again make he no just be once.

The penis dey touch every angle for her toto that one sure me die because I Sabi say my dick big well. She dey beg me make I spank am harder and me too dey put energy.

She done cum tire but me I never reach limit. When she look back face me, he sure me say shayo done clear comot for her face well. Fear begin catch me as she dey return to her senses. She just talk say make I lie down, her tone no be like who drunk again, she done regain her sense small. I lie down but she com shock me.

She climb me grab my penis. She first use am find her toto before she put am inside. She first balance herself well well ontop am.

As Oyin balance finish, she first give me one wicked grind wey tight, I almost cum immediately but as sabi body, I gather body, make I still enjoy this fuck small. She look me for eyes smile, next thing wey I go see, she don squat ontop my penis begin ride me.

Omoooooo, I almost die. Oyin sabi fuck, Yemisi self no do me like this. As she dey ride me her bress dey bounce up and down, as I say make I grab them, she look me with bad eye, I quickly compose myself. She see me laugh like winch come say make I touch her bress. Make person no go overdo, I dey press am small small, na him she vex say if I no say I no sabi play with bress make I comot my hand.

This holt just like to dey rude anyhow, I no even pity her bress again.

The way Oyin dey fuck me, me self dey squeeze her bress, he dey sweet her for body, I dey see am for face. As she begin to dey shake, I Sabi say she done dey cum again and me self done dey close. I wan tell Oyin say I wan cum, na that time she come begin to kiss me begin rub my head like pikin, I no fit hold am again I just begin cum inside her pussy.
She no gree comot for my quarters that night we sleep together, for midnight we fuck again two different times before morning. So, I dey very shocked when I wake for Morning wey I see Oyin dey cry for my side.

Next thing wey I go know, Honourable and madam don dey my entrance.

When dem enter, Oyin run go meet her papa begin cry say she no sabi as she tey reach my side. She say the last thing wey she remember na say when she drive come inside the day before, she done drunk and she say make I help her go her room say be like say me I carry her come my quarters come fuck her instead.

When dem ask for my own part of the story, I just lost because nothing I fit say to save myself, me and this girl dey naked, for my quarters overnight. Even blind man enter my bedroom, if he no see am, he go smell am say I fuck person for there. I no even get anything to talk.

Madam pounce on me, begin beat me way why I go rape her only daughter, oga comot for my quarters go outside, as he come back, officers follow am.

Nobody even ready to hear my story, Oga get money, na girl I follow get case and I even fuck the girl but I wan take explain for these people say I no rape am? Before I Sabi wetin dey sup, I done dey police cell.

A whole me, Emmy, Chief Security Officer, boys dey beat me for cell like say I don offend them before.

My matter no tey for them police side, I wake up one day meet myself for court. I no even sabi say I get lawyer but the person wey say him be by lawyer say make I plead guilty, I follow him advise. He come be like say I stupid or chief done bribe my lawyer. Everything wey that guy dey talk, me self if na me be judge, I go say make dem go kill me.

My own lawyer done finish my work already, lawyer wey Honorable hire no need do too do work, judge no waste time, he put am say make Chief Security Officer go spend next 20 years for prison with hard labor.

Wardens dey lead me enter black Maria, na so fuck go carry me go prison? Na there me I end my reasoning o, she done give me head now, I fit still manage for the night, I go carry money fuck another girl when day break or I go even fuck Yemisi if she dey alright, no be me go Fuck Oyin come spend 20 years for prison.

Na so I take put my penis inside trouser.

Make I go sleep outside, he dey dangerous for me to sleep inside that room with drunk Oyinda. But, I still need evidence say I no do anything with her. I carry tissue clean her mouth, I take my phone make recording of how she dey misbehave because she don high, I come go sleep outside, lock her inside room.

Na madam car horn wake me the second day. I open gate for am, as she park finish, first person wey she ask of na Oyin. Fear done catch me say maybe she done call her mama run am story say I fuck am for mouth.
I quick explain to madam as Oyin shayo reach house wey I carry am go sleep for mansion before she come enter my side again, I even show the mama video.

Me and Madam go my quarters, Oyin still dey sleep when we enter my bedroom. As we dey wake am, Honourable don join us. She surprise say how she take reach my room.

Her parents no even yan too much, madam just drag Oyin go mansion leave me and Honorable. Na when dem Comot my mind come down, so if to say I fuck Oyin that night na so her mama go come wey I go enter prison? Oga dey thank me say I take care of him pikin, he come thank me again for the medicine wey I get for am say the think work well.

He say him no sure say Yemisi go fit Waka for that day say as him dey go upstairs now, he wan go show madam pepper.

I dey happy one side say I no put myself for trouble but on the other hand, Oga fuck Yemisi, she no fit Waka well, he dey pain me sha.

As Honourable wan comot, he drop me two bale of 1k notes, na 200 thousand naira be that o,

Omoooooo, I dey laugh like mumu. Make I first go find who to fuck like this. As oga comot, madam self come around to thank me say I no do her daughter bad.

She say men like me no plenty and he be like say she go get some assignments to give me.

I no sabi which assignment she wan give me but he sure say fresh Mula go dey inside.

As I enter my room, jump onto bed, I check under my pillow, na wetin I see? Na Oyinda pant dey there.

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