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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 3) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 3) (18+)

Hey guys,

Last night, we sent an email about the location for the hangout on Saturday. If you’ve not received it yet, check your inbox and spam. Send an email to

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


When Oga comot, I go inside go check Yemisi, she done dress up, she no be like person wey panic because of oga. I like that kin maturity.

As she see me dey come, she still dey eye my penis from inside trouser, I smile tell am say next time, she say for sure na. As she go outside she first look the entrance before she comot my place. God done finally deliver me free steady toto.

Chai, I no go comot for Honorable mansion. He come be like say I done fall in love with this Yemisi girl but I know say na her sweet toto make me dey think like that. When she exit my side, I come check compound see say Honorable self done park him car, that means him open gate by himself lock am back, nice one.

Make I no waste time, my oga na nice person to me so I need to help am anyway I fit help am. As him done tell me wetin dey do am, I done dey call all my friends wey sabi one or two. He no tey wey one of them invite me say make we go somewhere wey we go get solution.

As that one done dey like that, my mind come down. Yemisi bring breakfast come for me, he plenty pass before and she come put four meats ontop. My penis done finally bring me good luck like this. I chop my food finish, dey wait maybe Yemisi go come my side make I use this dick tell am thank you or maybe Oga go show make I give am updates about wetin him follow me yan.

Na Honorable first surface around evening. The mansion dey calm that day, na only when Yemisi bring food I see am. Oga call me for gate, me and am follow enter my quarters go discuss. Him tell me say the main issues na say him dey quick cum and him penis no dey always hard well well and no be so him take be before.

Him say if I fit help am say him go really happy because him don try many things but them no work at all. He drop 20k make I use am do transport say if dem give me price for medicine make I call make make him do me transfer.

Everything don set like that, I plan my movement for the second day.

As day break the second day, I update Honorable say I done comot. I first go my friend side, we chop, we come begin our journey. The place far but transport no be issue. When we reach the place, na just one old woman wey dey sell herbs.

I begin look my friend like say him dey mad, I no sure say this guy sabi wetin my oga need o. If I wan buy agbo(herb) I Sabi where to buy am na.

I call my friend go one side to ask am if he sure say wetin this woman go give us go work, he tell me say make I no worry, I say OK. People plenty wey the woman dey attend to, na around afternoon he reach our turn.

Mama ask us say wetin she need, na my padi dey help me use Yoruba explain to the mama say we need something wey person wey no fit fuck well go use. The mama look me like say, maybe she think say na me need the medicine, I dey laugh for my mind, make she deliver one of these her girls to my hand, she go sabi say I no need any medicine.

This woman surprise me when she come back, she bring two medicine, she say make we put one inside keg, add am water, make the person take am morning, afternoon and night for three days.

Then she give us small powder say make person take am 30 minutes before he go fuck.

I dey look the two for my hand dey pray say make these things no be fuck up o. The woman say our bill na 2k. I shock, mama look my face come talk say make I pay 1.5k last price. Na for there I lose hope inside the medicine wey she give me.

Oga done use plenty things wey cost wey no work, na 1.5k medicine go come work? I carry 3k give mama, tell my friend say make we dey go. I dey reason for my mind say make I throway the medicine but, he no go make sense make I reach oga side empty handed.

If the medicine no work, at least, oga go sabi say I try. I reach house prepare the medicine carry am give honorable I come tell am how he go use am

Me myself keep small powder say I go test the work but I wan make pussy dey around before I go use. After Oga done finish the first three days, he update me say he go use the powder test am.

He no tey when I see Oyinda comot for house with the Rolls Royce. Be like Honorable wan clear house before he start to fuck madam, oga self na bad guy. As Oyinda don comot, na Yemisi go comot next so only madam go remain.

Na that part sweet me pass, make I fuck that Yemisi again because I know say na my quarters she go come. I rush go carry my powder, mama say take small but I trust am, I take one spoonful.

I go arrange bed, AC dey o, everything set for Knacks.

Knock, knock on my door, she done come be that and this powder done dey work o! Becos my penis done begin hard and 30 minutes never even reach.

I open door to see madam, she done dress up, she say make I come open gate for am. I confuse, where this woman dey go? Shey Honorable no go test the thing ni?

Abi Honorable wan call hookup girl first? I rush go open gate, madam comot. By the time 30 minutes reach, I no fit hide my penis inside trouser again, be done hard like iron, I dey sweat inside air-conditioned room.

I no see Yemisi make she come chop this penis. Madam no dey house, Oyinda no dey house, na only Honorable and Yemisi dey inside the mansion, Honorable just use manpower, abi Honorable and Yemisi…

Honourable’s Point of View

I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. Just like Emeka said that I use the powder. My dick started to come alive even before the 30 minutes he told me, but I have tried a medicine before too, I got hard although not this hard but I didn’t last more than two minutes with my wife and she was really mad at me.

I needed to test this out on someone first before trying my wife.

That’s when Yemisi passed, that girl has some nice boobs on her chest, let’s see what’s always in her brassieres. I called on my wife and told her she could go on the trip she wanted to for two days, she packed immediately and left. She is most likely going to fuck someone else but no problem.

The door to Yemisi’s room was unlocked so I just walked in. She was in the shower and had some wear on the bed. Looks like she was planning on going out, that plan would have to wait. I littered the floor with my clothes and pulled out a bale of crisp one thousand naira notes that totalled a hundred.

I left it on her bed and sat there looking at the length and hardness of my dick. Yemisi came into the room all wet and naked, she wasn’t expecting me to be there but she didn’t look very shocked, I was lost in her boobs, they were big and looked so good.

When I gathered myself, I proposed, I want to fuck you, and you’ll take this 100k. She looked at my dick and the money and in a quick exchange of glances before walking over to me.

I know she has heard a lot of my quarrels with my wife and she has the idea that I wouldn’t last long during sex. Maybe that is why she didn’t even go for the foreplay. She simply mounted my dick and started to ride me.

She is good, I sat there enjoying her pussy sliding on and off my dick with my eyes on the time to check when I cum. After five minutes of Yemisi riding my dick, she started to slow down, she was sweating now.

I didn’t feel like cumming yet, the medicine worked and Yemisi would now work for this 100k, she had miscalculated.

It has been a long time since I last enjoyed a good fuck. I lifted Yemisi in my arms and stood on my feet.

She was a sweet fuck and I wasn’t letting her do anything, I was just fucking my 100k from her body, every hit makes her bounce off my body and when she bounces back my dick was there to hit her again.

Yemisi soon started to beg me to take it easy because she was getting dry. Dry? I wasn’t even close to cumming yet. I dropped her on the bed and exited the room.

She must have thought it was over, when I returned she looked relaxed, legs still apart, and her pussy looked so clean.

The pussy looked sweeter now that I poured some oil on it. I know she was tired already so I just helped her rub the oil in her pussy. My dick looked ready to go too, it was oiled too and looked shiny. Yemisi held her head in her palms as I dragged her to the edge of the bed.

The fucking resumed now, there was energy and stamina for me and I still didn’t feel like cumming. I took it slow this time enjoying my dick slide in and out of her pussy. The feeling was almost heavenly, Yemisi’s pussy has some sort of sweetness I couldn’t fathom.

When I eventually started to feel my orgasm coming, I pushed her knees back and started to fuck faster. Her screams filled the room again.


Omoooooo, Honorable dey fuck Yemisi inside mansion. I no sabi whether na because he dey my plan to fuck Yemisi that same time or na because I like Yemisi but the thing really pain me.

Wetin pain me Pass na him be say na me give oga medicine wey him dey use fuck my girl and me self done dey konji mood and no girl come dey for me. Oga just hold Yemisi leg for up dey fuck am like say she be ashawo.

He be like make I burst door enter but I no wan lose my job as I just stand there, I hear horn for gate, Thank God, na today oga go explain himself give madam. I rush go open gate, na Oyinda.

I no sabi how she take drive reach house because she done really shayo, she just they talk nonsense.

As she open car door, she begin stagger, she no fit Waka well. Stupid spoilt girl, make I just help her sha, na her papa dey pay me as I carry her, my hand dey romance that her big yansh wey my eyes done dey enter since these days.

I carry am enter one of the sitting rooms, Drop am ontop couch, she roll for floor, na she know. I no come hear oga and Yemisi noise again, I go Yemisi room, she and Honorable done sleep for bed, he just cum anyhow for my girl face, my penis still hard like mad, I vex comot go my quarters dey dial numbers maybe one person go come. Person knock my door, I think maybe na oga or Yemisi.

As I open door, na Oyinda I jam. Wetin she want now?

She push me enter my quarters, close door, grab my penis.

Written by Reezy Sama

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