August 8, 2022

Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 2) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode 2) (18+)

Hey guys!

How are you? Hope you had a fantastic weekend? I just have two things to talk to you about before today’s story. First, the planning for the party is going swimmingly well. If you’re part of the people willing to donate, I sent an email last night about the event, there are some details in there that you need. If you’ve not gotten the email, please email me at or send me a DM on Instagram (@deolububble). Also if you’ve not registered. Do so now! We’re closing the form soon.

So, the first thing is cleared up.

Now for the second thing, Deolu Bubble is going international!!!! Someone blow the airhorn…

We are hoping to spread into the US in the long term, we are making strategic partnerships, and trying to get more known in the US market amongst African Americans and Carribeans. One idea we are trying is to use mass produce these cute little cards, pictures below, and hand them out to people that we think will enjoy the story. If you’re in the US and want to get someone of these cards to distribute in your area, feel free to write me up at or message me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (DeoluBubble), and we will ship it to you. You’re such a big part of us.


As the matter dey go. I wait so tey, this girl no come pick her tray the second day.

Na the third day wey Honorable dey around she show face. Make my 15k no go finish on top one round knack, I use style scope am make she enter house come carry her tray, I kukuma done finish all the orange use am gather body wella.

Mehn, this girl no gree enter my dormot sha. She just stay for door say make I help am pass her tray come outside. Make Honorable or madam no go see say I dey follow woman argue I help am bring the tray come outside give am make she dey go.

The girl done catch my scope say I wan use style fuck am again ni.

Na when she collect her tray dey Waka dey go gate I come understand why she no gree enter. Mama just dey Waka Jeje, her movement no balance, be like I done use my penis scatter her alignments.

Laugh hold me. No be say I be wicked person o but as I sabi say na me use penis put an inside that condition, he sweet me for Belle, I no go lie. Girl wey done use me do shakara, underrate me join so tey I come pay am that kind money before she even gree to look my side? He make sense as I take use penis teach am lesson, she no go quick forget am sha.

The small matter wey dey sup now na say mansion dey hot. Na everyday wahala dey happen.

That day wey madam and Oyinda carry big bag comot for house, mumu me no sabi say them dey plan comot for house for Honorable. Madam wan divorce Honorable sha.

Me I no sabi wetin dey sup. Na one of Honorable friends put mouth for the matter wey make mama and daughter come house that night. When him come back, he come warn me say make I no dey let madam and Oyinda comot house unless him give me order.

Na since then I sabi say world war done dey happen for mansion. Sometimes, na night person go dey hear noise, sometimes na morning. Me I kuku dey chill for my small dormot na Yemisi I pity.

Sometimes, I dey wish say she fit come lodge for my side so she go get good night sleep after I done chop her kpekus and that her bobby sha.

Wahala no dey finish for this life sha. Me I no sabi wetin go dey sup wey go make madam wan leave Honorable, person wey get mad money? Well, na woman be that sha. Maybe she done see another person wey get money pass am.

Na money woman know. Me, I kuku no get plan to marry. Na to gather money, invest, enjoy, knack girl here and there. I no want woman wahala o. If to say me and Yemisi dey follow relate wella, I for done ask am wetin really dey happen for inside mansion.

But as we no really dey, I just dey observe, dey do my duty wey oga give me. He be like he dey vex well these days. These days, me self no dey see girls carry during day time because my oga dey house and that Oyinda girl dey always sit for compound dey make calls, sometimes her friends too dey come around.

Be like she self dey run for her parents them wahala. All her friends be hot hot girls. Rich children.

Shock catch me this day when I see madam dey come out, she dress like who dey go party, Yemisi follow for back with small bag. Me I no go open gate o, I done reason for my mind.

Honorable rush follow him wife for back run go where car dey before she reach there. He open front door for am make she enter. Yemisi put bag for the back seat. Honorable come run enter driver seat shout say make I go open gate.

I shout Yes Sir, I run go open am. He done tey wey I done see them do this loving loving o but he be like peace done dey return come house. As them comot finish na him Yemisi too comot but she quick come back, be like she go buy something.

When Yemisi enter house na him Oyinda sef too comot, she no dress like who dey go out but she enter Rolls Royce dey press horn say make I open gate for am. I first carry my phone call Honorable say whether make I open gate for him pikin or not, he say make I open.

Oyinda sit down inside car dey look me like say she wan kill me. Me I no kuku look her face, na order I dey follow. Na only God save me, I for done lose my leg or life. Oyinda really try to kill me. She just speed pass if no be say I see the car run she go use car jam me sha.

Bastard spoiled pikin. I lock gate go sit open place reason my life. He no good make person be servant o, this girl wey no reach my sister wan mash me anyhow because her papa get money.

He done tey small wey Oyinda comot, I no see Yemisi make she bring lunch come for me and I done begin to H.

On a norms, I no dey enter mansion, but as I dey hungry and all them my oga no dey house na, make he no be say yemisi done forget me go sleep. I come go check wetin dey sup for mansion. I no even sabi where kitchen really dey. I done enter two sitting rooms before I enter this one wey big well well.

The place really fine, he be like them oyinbo people house. Na from there I pass enter dining room wey I come see one side wey be like window, he even get this thing wey resemble curtain self. Make I no be like say I no go observe, I say make I peep small.

Yemisi dey inside there, she dey back me so she no sabi say I dey look am. He be like say she dey cook. I just stand there dey admire the girl. Na really fine girl. She get natural hair wey she take do all back, the hair long and neat.

Nice skin, money dey show for her body. When my evil mind realise say na singlet she wear na him my penis start to give me wahala. I begin wonder whether she wear bra or not, I begin pray make she turn around make I just see her nipples inside that singlet.

Make I just see her bress shape inside the singlet. My body dey move like say make I go grab her bress from back.

Different tins just dey play for my head.

Like make I put my penis for the middle of Yemisi bress. He sure me say her bress go soft. Them no need tell person say this girl go sweet for bed. She kuku no sabi say person dey look am from back, she just dey do her work go.

I cover myself small make she no see me as she go carry cucumber from fridge. SHE NO WEAR BRA! As she dey Waka, her bress dey bounce, her nipples show well well from her bra self. Omoooooo, my penis don hard more.

I fit pay this girl any amount to fuck am. She carry two cucumber go cut, she back me again.

My mind say make I enter the kitchen go hold am from back but, as she hold knife, make she no go chook me, I maintain my location. As she slice on cucumber finish, she begin to rinse the other one. When she finish, she carry am go mouth.

I been think say she wan chop the cucumber but she dey suck am like say na dick. Which kind girl be this? Abi no be gentle Yemisi wey no dey talk o dey look so? She dey there dey suck cucumber dey moan.

Small time she comot am for mouth spit on top am well well. Na so Yemisi begin squat for floor. She use one hand stand the cucumber for floor, she come open puna sit on top am. Na for there I begin fear Yemisi.

That cucumber really big and this girl dey fuck like say nothing happen.

Be like say na my own chance to fuck Yemisi God done show me so, if I enter now show her my penis, she no go reject na. Make I rush enter kitchen, horn begin sound. Yemisi rush comot the cucumber, I rush comot for mansion go open gate. Na that yeye Oyinda girl.

She just drive in like mumu with her friends. All of them enter mansion, them done make me lose my opportunity. The thing really pain me, I enter my quarters comot my trouser. My penis done hard like iron, even pre cum done stain my boxers. That hunger wey I get for Yemisi come increase wella. Na around evening she drop my food, I carry am enter my quarters.

First of all, I comot all the cucumber wey dey my food. Lmao, I no trust that girl with cucumber abeg. I chop my food enjoy myself. No matter wetin I try do, the thing wey I see Yemisi do that afternoon no gree comot for my mind. I begin dey wonder if she no get boyfriend.

Because na konji go hold am reach that level wey she dey fuck cucumber. Small time, I begin wish say na me be the cucumber self. When I start to hear noise from inside house, I sabi say Oyinda and her mumu friends done start party be that.

I pity that yemisi girl. Today wey Madam and Honorable no dey house to use noise disturb am, na him Oyinda and her yeye friends start their own too.

I wonder whether the girl dey sleep peaceful sleep. No be my business sha, I don prepare myself to sleep so I comot to go check whether I lock gate well. I been dey Waka go my quarters when I see Yemisi dey sit for compound.

She still wear that same singlet, my mind dey remember as I see am they whine waist fuck cucumber for afternoon. I no even sabi as I take reach her front. She say noise too much inside na him make am come sit outside. Me self follow am sit, we begin gist. I done see Yemisi finish so, I no fear again, even though she no sabi say I see am.

As we begin discuss about matter wey dey happen for inside mansion, na him Yemisi update me on top matters wey me I no sabi.

Honorable no sabi fuck and he no dey last long and madam dey frustrate on top the matter. I shock as I hear am. I pity Honorable sha, make person no sabi fuck na big problem.

I follow Yemisi discuss plenty, when I tire, I tell am say I wan go sleep she come ask say shey I go leave am outside go sleep. As me I dey always cruise, I say make she come sleep for my dormot now, na so she stand up begin follow me.

He shock me but I happy die. When we enter, I wan do gentleman, I tell Yemisi make she go sleep inside room say I go sleep on top couch for parlor. She say, shey na only my girlfriend get my penis ni?

I no understand her question she come tell me say, she carry food comot my quarters the other day but she dey hear fuck noise inside.

Na that day wey I dey fuck that girl wey they sell orange she dey talk. I explain give am say no be my girlfriend o say na parole. When she hear say I pay 15k to fuck the girl one round, she just begin laugh me.

She say why I go they pay for toto when one dey free for house, she come ask say abi she no fine enough to fuck? Omoooooo this girl no sabi say me I done get bad intentions for am since, she near me, grab my penis.

She look my face smile, be like my size impress am well. Me self no foh for am. Na that bress be my main target, I comot her singlet. Me and the bress they look ourselves eyeball to eyeball.

She dey rub my penis, he dey hard for her hand. I start to suck the boobs, Yemisi soundtrack fit make one minute man cum after 15 seconds. She dey pour spit for hand dey use am massage my penis.

Her bress soft for hand, sweet for hand, I go suck bress small, kiss her small, everything they sweet. She lie down for couch say make we fuck, I carry condom come outside. She look me like say I dey mad, she say she no want condom say he no go sweet and he go make Toto pain am.

I throway my condom sharp sharp push my penis inside Yemisi pussy. Yemisi pussy dey grab my penis like say he go cut am but this girl Toto deep.

My penis no gree reach the end. As her pussy dey grab my penis well, her pussy come over wet. Everything smooth. As I dey fuck Yemisi, she dey rub my head like Baby they beg me say make I no stop, make I never cum.

This same Yemisi wey I think say na quiet holy holy girl dey collect my penis like say na ashawo, before I know she done turn make I give am doggie style. Omo, I no fit pay money for fuck again, make I just dey do Yemisi.

As I dey fuck, dey think, Yemisi look back tell me say make I dey spank her ass. This girl just dey shock me anyhow. I spank am o. When I near cum, she knee down for my front like small pikin swallow my penis for mouth.

Her mouth top sweet aswear. Small blowjob wey she give me, I cum for her face.

Na knock for my door wake us the second day. I hear Honorable voice for door. Yemisi wey still dey naked run carry her singlet and wrapper go hide for room, I find trouser wear go open door for my oga.

He enter, look around before him sit. He start to follow me discuss man to man say him go need my help. Honorable say him penis no dey work like normal person own and be need help before he go lose him wife say make I find means to help am.

I sabi one way wey I fit use so I assure am say we go try something. Him really happy. He drop some cash for me, come ask me if I done see Yemisi, I say she go comot for gate this morning. Oga dey go, Yemisi phone dey ring inside room, oga turn back look me.

He smile say make I go attend to my girlfriend. As he go, I rush lock my door, how oga take enter gate wey I lock yesterday???

Written by Reezy Sama

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