March 20, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E11] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E11] (18+)

“And chief would be back today, so get ready to make something special,” Ms. Janet said

Out of everything she said, that was the only thing Grace heard, she was too excited to finally get her room back.

She still didn’t understand why Ms. Janet sent her to the staff quarters, maybe she was scared that Grace would expose what she saw in Buchi’s room, Grace thought.

But Grace had no intention of telling anyone what she saw, in fact, she liked seeing Ms. Janet get fucked hard. The more she thought about it the hornier she got, maybe she could get Buchi to let her watch again she thought to herself as Ms. Janet went on talking.

When she was done she left and Grace entered her room, taking a deep breath she dumped her bag on the floor and jumped on the bed. Grace enjoyed her time in the staff quarters making new friends but she missed her room so much, she missed the air conditioner that made her sleep like a baby.

Now, she won’t have to worry about sweating as she tries to sleep or the annoying sounds of mosquitoes and noisy staff that stayed up late but more importantly she wouldn’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom or toilet.

Even though she was happy to be back in her room, it suddenly felt a bit lonely. It didn’t help that she was horny, she considered masturbating now that she had some privacy but it didn’t feel like it would be enough.

Grace considered her options, she could go to the staff quarters to find Nimi so they could repeat their bathroom escapades but she wasn’t really feeling it as her mind kept going back to Buchi and Ms. Janet.

After thinking about it a bit, she decided to go find Buchi, she went out and up the stairs to his room but when she couldn’t hear music thumping from his room, she suspected he wasn’t in his room, she decided to go check the swimming pool area as he likes to smoke around the pool area.

Just as she guessed he was laying on one of the pool chairs puffing out a big cloud of smoke when he looked up and saw her his lips spread into a big smile.

“Gracie! Gracie!!! My baby!” He said making her smile
“Good afternoon” she greeted with a smile, as she sat on the pool chair beside him
“Anything for the boy,” he asked grinning

She nodded her head, now wondering how she would bring up wanting to watch him and Ms. Janet fuck again

“Ah ah, did you come here because you miss me,” he asked making her smile
She nodded her head and he put a hand on her lap with a smirk

“I miss you too o,” he said rubbing her thighs higher

“How about Ms. Janet” she blurted
“Ah… ah… Gracie, are you jealous,” he asked and she nodded her head no, before biting her lips

“Hmm, are you thinking what I’m thinking,” he asked smirking

She nodded yes, trying not to smile, that’s one of the things she liked about Buchi. He is really naughty and is not shy about it

“This why I love you, Gracie,” he said before dusting his cigarette on the ashtray on the floor

“I’ll have to talk to Jenny, to think she was worried you’ll say something,” he said

“No o! I no go tell anybody I like am as I watch una” she said

Grace couldn’t help the smile that spread out on her face, she really hoped Ms. Janet would agree to it
“Gracie Gracie, I’ll come find you,” he said then winked at her

Grace left feeling really excited, she went to her room and took a quick shower then wore one of her favorite sexy panties before wearing her polo and jeans uniform with no bra on. Her nipples straining against the fabric of the outfit.

She felt so nervous as she sat on the bed waiting for Buchi, time seemed to slow down as she scrolled aimlessly on her phone.

The image of Ms. Janet on all fours with her ass shooting out nicely as Buchi rammed her from behind flooded her mind making her so wet. She spread out her own ass cheeks as Buchi rained dick down into her.

She was getting turned on, she looked down she unzipped her trouser,s and slipped her fingers into her panties. She was wet and she loved it.

She played with her clit as she thought about how hard she wanted Buchi to slam into Ms. Janet’s soaking pussy, a knock on her door made her jump.

She quickly zipped her trouser before squeaking out to the person to come in, the door opened and Buchi’s head popped in.

“Why do you look so guilty,” he said smiling
“Hope I didn’t interrupt anything” he added raising his eyebrows up and down

Grace tried not to smile as she stood up to go meet him
“Hope you’re ready,” he asked with a smirk
“Yess” she replied enthusiastically

She followed him up the stairs to his room, he went in first and she followed. Laying on the bed was Ms. Janet wearing a lacy bra and pants looking like a delicious snack that Grace suddenly felt like devouring.
Buchi removed his shirt and joined Ms. Janet on the bed, he shifted close to her and smashed his lips on hers.
They kissed so passionately making Grace breathe through her mouth as her panties started getting flooded Ms. Janet pulled away

“Are you just going to stand there, come make yourself comfortable…” she said to Grace as Buchi kissed down her neck.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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