June 26, 2022

#DLV: The Journey- Episode 4

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#DLV: The Journey- Episode 4

We wish to commiserate with the people who have lost their loved ones in the Abuja bombing. May God give you the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Written by @dj_fleau


“Thank God you are back” she said as I walked in.

You could tell she had specially been waiting for my arrival

“Wetin happen” I asked uninterestedly after which she gave me a look that said “Oh that’s how you would respond abi”.

I tried to imagine the possible cause of her mood swing. For some reason I suspected Seyi had something to do with it.

I stood still trying to make up my mind on whether to wait for her to finally speak or walk away and come back to ask her later. I knew walking away would only prolong the matter as I won’t hear the last of how insensitive I am to the needs of others and how much of a bad friend I am. I took a glance at her sitting on the chair. She was cursing out at whomever or whatever got her pissed. Grudgingly I dropped my bag by the chair and walked towards the 2-seater she was seated on. I took a seat on the arm of the chair before saying  “what is wrong”

She looked at me and I could see tears in the corner of her eyes. Whatever pissed my friend was way more than what I suspected. My darling friend was about to cry something I have never seen in all my years of knowing her.  “talk to me now”

She gave me a spiteful look like I was the one who angered her before saying “it’s all your fault, I don’t blame her at all its you I blame seriously”

I had a confusing look on. I wasn’t so sure of what she was talking about. “What on earth have I done?”

“its alright, she thinks she has craze ehn, by the time I am through with her she won’t know what hit her”  she said while ignoring my question

“Are you and Seyi Fighting”  I asked ignorantly

“Fighting ke?  this is war,  TEMI” She said,

I laughed and said “war ke, my friend what happened jor”

“This is not a laughing matter , I swear to you I must see the end of Seyi” She said

“Haba, I am sure whatever she did isn’t that serious calm down with the threats “ I attempted to soften her anger

“I swear, I don’t blame her it’s you who brought her into my house I blame” She said

“Our house you mean” I quickly said.

“Off all the men in Lagos, Seyi didn’t seen anyone to sleep with it had to be my boyfriend” She said

“What!, I’m sure you know that is not possible now” I said

“Oh! wait you think I am lying now?” She asked

“Well I didn’t say that , I am just saying I hope you have your facts as this is a serious allegation” I replied

The girl looked at me like what I was saying was senseless. I know Seyi is crazy but the great thing about her craziness is the fact that she doesn’t exhibit it to us her friends hence it was hard to believe Bola right now

I wanted to ask her so many questions but was not sure of where to start. I wanted to ask Seyi herself some questions like didn’t she know the man in question was our Bola’s man or what was she thinking. I walked towards the room to see if Seyi was in the room. Although she had left work a bit earlier than the closing time with the excuse that her agent had finally seen a place she might like and wanted to show her.

I walked back to the sitting room and said “ Babe calm down, Let her get back and we would get to the root of this , I am sure there is a mix up somewhere”

“she better not come back to this house if she doesn’t want to die” she said

I sat there confused. I thought Seyi had a no-sex rule . I thought she was working with her almighty “SUBSTITUTE PLAN”. Why did she decide to break the rule now?

I wasn’t sure of what to do next. So I turned I to her and said “ I would get to the bottom of this”

I picked up my phone to call Seyi. It rang a few times before she finally picked the call. I asked her where she was.  She seemed a bit apprehensive about answering the question. She simply said she was out hanging out with someone. I asked her how the house scouting went with her agent. She told me she loved the apartment he showed her and would be moving in during the week. I congratulated her before asking what happened between herself and Bola.

The line went silent I said “hello” to confirm she was still on the line. She answered me and said “babe its nothing to worry about” she replied before dropping the call

I turned to Bola looking more confused than I was before the call. I put the phone down and tried to say something.

“Look babe, we won’t be able to resolve any of this if none of you talks to me, I mean you already dragged me into this, one of you needs to get talking so we can know the way forward

Bola looked at me with so much sadness in her eyes before narrating what seemed like her side of the story. Apparently just like a typical Nollywood movie Bola had walked in to see Seyi under the sheets kissing and doing whatever to her almighty lovely boyfriend.

I really didn’t understand the story on how and why Seyi was even in his bedroom in the first place. I found myself asking her if Seyi didn’t know her boyfriend or if she hadn’t met him before. Then I realized although she knew Bola was dating someone she had only met him once which by the way was recently when he came over with Andrew to the house. Bola’s boyfriend wasn’t exactly a regular visitor to our apartment as Bola spent most of her time at his apartment. Once I had even joked at why she still paid for rent in our apartment seeing that she spent so much time at his house.

“Babe just  I calm down “ I said for the umpteenth time 

“I would resolve this , have you spoken to your boyfriend since the incidence “ I asked

She looked at me and said “look stop asking me all this stupid question and fix this problem, after all if you didn’t bring that useless girl to live with us all this won’t have happened”

I felt guilty for a second. My phone rang. It was Seyi calling. She asked if Bola was still up, I told her she was seated beside me and asked where she was. She mentioned she was outside the door

“So, enter the house now” I said. Wondering why the girl was standing outside

“Oh! is that Seyi, Just tell her to stay outside oo else “ Bola said

“Madam calm down jor, make we resolve this thing” I replied

I asked her to come in even though she was adamant. I asked her if she planned to stay out all night or sleep in her car.  She finally agreed to come in. I turned to Bola and asked her to please relax while I deal with this matter in my own way and not blow it out of proportion. The girl was fuming and boiling I could feel the heat from where I was sitting.

Seyi walked into the house with so much fear looking like a child who just came last in an examination and was coming to show the result to her disciplinary parents. Bola jumped to her feet as Seyi walked in. I pulled her down into the seat and stood in between them.

Bola was furious, she was mad. She kept saying all sorts of horrible and devastating things to Seyi who just stood there and said nothing. I guess the guilt didn’t let her speak. I asked her why did what she did. She said nothing but turned to Bola and said “I am really sorry, I would never do anything to hurt a friend like this if I couldn’t help it”

She walked to the room and I followed suit.

“Babe you dey mad, wetin you dey think wey you go straf Bola man” I said

She said nothing in response to my statement

I looked at the girl and thought to myself this girl must be insane

“Since when did you become a conniving woman, after all these years of friendship, abi would you say you don’t know Bola’s boyfriend again” I ranted

It looked like I had finally gotten to her. She turned to me and said “I swear I didn’t know he was her boyfriend up until a few weeks ago when he came to the house with Andrew”

“So, when you found out why didn’t you stop?  ” I asked

She was speechless for a few minutes before saying her side of the story. Apparently Bola’s ex-boyfriend was the first love Seyi had so much spoken about during our days in the university. We never met him or spoke to him hence we thought she was just making up the stories. I personally thought it was a myth even though I found it exciting that she spoke about him with so much details, as she hardly spoke about men in such manner.

Her first love however moved to America with his family. Following his relocation they had lost contact with each other. However, a few months back they had run into each other in Lagos. I remember her telling me about this and how excited she was while telling me. it had taken them less than a month to endure the temptation of dating each other and eventually they had decided fate had brought them together hence nothing was going to separate them this time around. Although Bola’s boyfriend told Seyi he had a girlfriend who he was only enduring and had promised to do away with her so they can be together. Seyi However was unaware that the said girlfriend was our Bola up until the day he visited the house with Andrew.

I cut her short and said “so when you found out why didn’t you leave him alone ehn”

She laughed and said “Temi let me not lie to you I have finally found happiness and I am really sorry it had to be in Bola’s boyfriend, I tried to stop seeing him but it was too hard and painful for me, I mean  I already lost him once I am not ready to let him  go again, besides it’s not like Bola loves the man”

Bola burst into the room and said “Seyi, you have no choice but to loose him the second time because this one is taken”

Seyi was trying to explain to Bola the reasons why she can’t leave him, like what she was doing was rational, She was trying to persuade another woman to leave her man for her. I wanted to ask what juju she had in her mouth or what she smoked that was giving her such confidence to make such utterances.

Bola moved closer to her and landed her what seemed like the hottest slap ever given.  The slap was swift and sharp none of us saw it coming, I particularly didn’t even see it coming.

Seyi with her hand on her cheeks looked at Bola and said what seemed like the strangest thing ever. “oh because it’s your man now you want to kill me, when you did it to Temi, no one killed you”

I stood there affixed like I had not just heard my name. I asked her who exactly she was referring to

Seyi laughed and said “oh, she didn’t tell you”

Tell me what I thought to myself. Where these ladies trying to pull my legs. I looked at Seyi waiting for her to say something, she looked away and so I turned to Bola who by now was looking at the floor

“Is someone going to say something?” I asked

“Look, this is not what this is about, so don’t even bring it up” Bola said

“Oh really” Seyi replied

I screamed at the both of them asking for someone to speak up. Bola looked like she was never going to say anything about this. I threatened and shouted and finally Seyi spoke apparently Bola had slept with Nduh barely a week after I broke up with him

I was not sure of what I heard and so I turned to Bola to reconfirm. The look on her face said it all. I didn’t need any more details. I guess I had spent the last 5 years being friends with ladies that apparently were in the habit of sharing their men a practice I wasn’t familiar with.

I stood up from my bed went to the parlour to pick up my bag, I stepped out of the house and called Andrew on the phone I asked him to come pick me up. As I stood outside Bola came out and tried to say something. I ignored her as she spoke. Finally, Andrew arrived and asked what was wrong. I got into the car without saying a word. I heard him ask Bola what happened. She said nothing but walked into the house.

He asked where I wanted to go to I told him I needed to rest and asked if we could go to his house. I said nothing all through the ride. He tried to get me to talk, finally he inserted an Asa cd but I asked him to turn it off. He looked shocked at my request.

When we got to the house he ushered me into the guest room and asked if I needed anything. I simply said nothing. I thanked him and as he was about to leave he turned and said “You know I am here if you need anything at all”

I really couldn’t sleep, I replayed Seyi’s statement in my head. My own friend had slept with my ex-fiance barely a week after our separation and had lived with it like it was nothing. What else where those girls hiding from me? I really won’t be surprise if one of them slept with Lanre. All this rubbish all because I chose to be a virgin.

I turned around on the bed. I was restless and really couldn’t sleep. I was angry and felt betrayed. I kept imagining Bola and Nduh together. Did they have sex in our apartment? Or did they use a hotel? Or did they go to Nduh’s house? Who persuaded or seduced who into sleeping with each other? Or did Bola use one of those vegetables she said can get a man to be her slave on him? My mind was running and the thoughts were driving me crazy. No wonder Nduh didn’t apologise for long after we separated. Bola had satisfied his urge.

I stood up from the bed and stepped out of the guest room. I opened the door to Andrew’s bedroom, he turned as I walked in like he had been waiting for me

He turned and asked if I was okay or needed something

I replied with “can I ask for a favour, please?”

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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