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May 16, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XVII (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: Scenes with The Mindblowing Chinyere XVII (18+)

Tayo stuttered and stammered, trying to force his brain to think coherent thoughts, but up close her staggering beauty was overloading his racing mind.

“Don’t be scared. What happened to the self-assured assertive Tayo? The one who sat on the chair earlier? Don’t get me wrong. I never want you to lose your softer gentle nature, that’s what makes you special. But every now and then you need to be a bit assertive. It’s the only way to get what you want in life. So tell me Tayo…what is it you want?”

Chinyere had moved even closer now. She felt Tayo tense up as she pushed her body lightly against his. Her full plump lips were inching closer to his now, as she breathed the words into his panting mouth.

“I…I want…I want…” Tayo gulped deeply. “I want to kiss you.”

Chinyere didn’t reply. She moved her lips slowly towards his until they faintly touched. Then she brushed his bottom lip with her own, encouraging him to make the first move. “Have you ever kissed a girl before Tayo?” She sighed breathily.

“N…no…” He couldn’t believe that he was actually about to.

“Just relax and follow my lead.” With that, Chinyere closed her eyes, locked her lips over his and kissed him.

Tayo’s eyes were still wide open in shock. He didn’t have a clue what he was doing, so he just let her kiss him for a while. Her lips were as soft as silk and they tasted like strawberries.

At first, it felt like an out of body experience. This couldn’t be happening? Not to him surely? After wrestling his floating mind back into his body, he puckered his lips and did his best to kiss her back.

They took it slow, to begin with. The kisses were shallow and brief but felt heartfelt and tender at the same time. Chinyere didn’t want to rush him straight into using tongues. She was enjoying the sweet innocence of their embrace more than she had expected to.

As far as she knew, she had never been somebody’s first kiss before. It was strangely exciting. Her own first kiss had been dreadful, it was all teeth and wagging tongues. She was determined that he was going to have a much better memory to look back on.

Tayo had been feeling sick with nerves to start with, but gradually he started to relax and enjoy the wonderful experience for what it was. He was really kissing a girl! And not just any girl, a sexier girl than even his wildest fantasies could ever dream of conjuring. It felt better than mere words could describe.

Chinyere had never had to stoop this much to kiss someone before either, but she didn’t care how short or how young-looking he was anymore. He was 19, there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Well, there were about a thousand things wrong with it. He was her boyfriend’s little brother being the main one, but those thoughts could be shut away for the time being.

Their lips were more tightly locked together now. Tayo felt the tip of Chinyere’s tongue start to brush against his and he returned the gesture.

Soon they were starting to kiss more deeply. Chinyere was stunned by how quickly he was picking things up. He was actually pretty damn good for a first-timer.

Before long their tongues were dancing, twirling and entwining within each other’s mouths, for what felt like an age.

Chinyere instinctively pushed her body more tightly against his, as she felt his hands take a hold of her exposed waist, rubbing and gently smoothing her warm ticklish skin.

She moaned into his mouth with desire, as his hands slipped lower and gently cupped her fat buttocks. Allowing herself to get lost in the moment, Chinyere ran her fingers on his head as their smooching became more and more heated and feverish.

Chinyere finally had to pull away, if only to catch her breath for a bit. She giggled at the surprised look that now adorned Tayo’s face. “Hmmm…that wasn’t bad.” She lied a little, more because she didn’t want to admit to herself how good it’d felt. “I’m sure we can work on it though.” She gave a now grinning Tayo a playful wink.

“You’re telling me it can get better than that?” Tayo asked with genuine interest. Surely nothing could top a kiss that passionate.

Olu pretended to study the painting nearest the guard rail with interest whenever other people entered the room, but as soon as they left he sneaked a peek back around the corner at the lovebirds.

“So Tayo, what else do I have to do to earn your silence?” Chinyere could tell by the way his eyes wandered down her body, exactly what he wanted to do next.

“I want to touch your breasts!” He blurted the words out excitedly this time, already reaching up to grab them before Chinyere pushed his hands away.

“Easy. Not so fast.” Chinyere switched positions with him so that she now had her back to the wall. “You really like my breasts don’t you?” She moaned knowingly, running her own hands over them lightly, as she watched him begin to shake with nervous anticipation.

Tayo’s eyes widened with lust when he saw her small nipples stiffen through her tight top. “They’re amazing.” He mumbled whilst gulping down the saliva which had begun to pool in his mouth.

“You’ve been staring at them constantly since you arrived yesterday. Tell me, how many times have you wanked yourself silly, thinking about what it would be like to squeeze my big tits?”

“Oh god, so many times!” He again reached for them, but Chinyere patted his hands away for the second time. Tayo’s cock was painfully hard, it twitched and jerked madly under the restraint of his belt.

“Tell me more. I want to know why you like them so much.” Chinyere purred, as she cupped her breasts lightly and jostled them teasingly in front of Tayo’s huge bulging eyes.

“Do you want the truth? God this is embarrassing.” Tayo took a deep breath. “I’ve been fantasizing about them for ages if I’m honest. Well not just about them, but about you. Long before I ever met you.” Chinyere raised her eyebrows curiously at this new revelation.

“This is going to sound creepy as hell, so I’m sorry about that. But I’ve…I’ve been looking at your photos on your Facebook profile for nearly six months now. I’m sorry I know that’s weird. But you’re just so beautiful…I…I couldn’t help myself.”

“My photos? Which ones?”

“All of them! I like the ones on your holiday the best. I’ve cum hundreds of times, fantasizing about you in that skimpy red bikini.” Why had he told her that? It sounded even worse hearing it out loud.

“Oh my god! You horny piece of shit!” Far from being repulsed, Chinyere found his confession to be a massive turn on. Thinking about him pumping his huge cock over her photos, made her panties dampen instantly.

Without saying a word, Chinyere lowered her arms to her sides and waited. Tayo met her stare and knew that she wouldn’t push his hands away this time.

He couldn’t stop shaking as he reached up and gently laid his hands on a pair of breasts for the first time in his life. “Huh…wow!” He sighed as his fingers slowly sank into her soft flesh.

Chinyere was relishing the pained look of lust that was etched into his every feature, as he squeezed her breasts together more firmly. Tayo stared in amazement as her incredible breasts swelled up in her top and he got a teasing glimpse of the edge of her bra cup underneath.

He released them, letting gravity do its work, before scooping them up again and wobbling them more vigorously. This was the greatest day of his life. It more than made up for the years of bullying he had to endure. None of those bullies would ever get an experience like this as long as they lived.

Chinyere let him explore every inch of her ample bosom. Cupping, wobbling, squeezing and pinching as he went. She loved having her sensitive breasts manhandled anyway, but knowing that she was fulfilling one of his greatest fantasies made her insides melt that little bit more. She reached between her legs and started to slowly rub her throbbing pussy through her shorts.

Chinyere gasped and chewed her lip when Tayo pinched her nipples through her top.

Without really realising what she was doing, acting purely on instinct, Chinyere found herself unbuckling his belt and pulling open the zipper of his jeans.

Tayo froze in shock when he felt her slender fingers wrap around his hard shaft and pull his dick free from his boxers.

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