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May 9, 2021

Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E06) (18+)
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Average Joe [Reboot]: New Town, New Trouble (S02E06) (18+)

“Mm, more,” Eniola pleaded playfully. She giggled, feeling lightheaded, and her eyes sparkled as she stared at me.

“No, no. I wouldn’t want to spoil you, now,” I remarked with mocked indifference, then I gently slapped her ass.

She yelped slightly in surprise and giggled again. Happy couple’s lovely chit-chat.

Soon enough, I was eating my favorite spaghetti and drinking coke at the kitchen table. Eniola sat next to me and watched me with adoration clearly visible on her face.

“So,” I began halfway through my food. “Remember yesterday’s weird texts and calls, right?”

“Mhm. What was that about?” she asked, curious.

“Turns out it was an old-time friend of mine. He had some interesting business ideas, and wanted to partner up with me on it,” I lied, feeling a slight tingling in my groin as yesterday’s memories flashed in my head. There definitely was a lot of hot partnering up, that’s for sure.

“Oooh! Sounds mysterious. What’s it about?”

“Eeeh,” I faked boredom, trying to mask my true feelings. I didn’t want to go too wild with creative lies, opting instead for comfortable ones. “I don’t want to explain, to you it will sound like technical jargon.”

She pouted in response. I exaggeratedly rolled my eyes at her, making her smile.

“So,” I continued. “After you went to sleep I called him up. We talked a lot, and I spent a lot of time thinking. Wasn’t sleepy for some reason. Apparently, I stayed up much longer than I thought I would.”

I felt my dick stir as I lied smoothly. I was surprised how convincingly I said all this bullshit. Although…well. There was a lot of ‘talking’, just not on the phone, and not with some ‘old-time male friend’. And I did think a lot, for example about that sexy lady, whom I just had met, huge, bouncy breasts that were perfectly heavy and soft. And about her tight pussy, steaming hot and squirting all over my hard dick as I fucked her to screaming orgasms, one after another.

Having such a hot, insatiable lady riding my cock with her fantastic, juicy ass flexing…bubble-shaped and so tight my hand still tingled from how sexy and firm it felt…and her breasts bouncing around everywhere…indeed it was quite an irresistible reason for not feeling sleepy. Not to mention staying up for a very long and intense time.

“And yeah,” I returned from my daydreaming, lest my girlfriend notices the rapidly growing bulge in my trousers.

“We’ll see how it goes.”

Eniola nodded. She kept smiling, she trusted me, excited just because I was.

Then, just then, in our most perfect, loving moment together…My phone rang.

I picked it up casually, on reflex. But then I felt a sudden, intense hot flash of arousal which made my almost-erect dick throb. A naughty, excited smirk practically forced itself onto my face.

It was a picture of the total beauty of a woman. Sexy body, including a flat tummy, huge, springy breasts, a gorgeous face with kissable, pouty lips, and, even though it wasn’t visible in the picture, a juicy, round, bubble butt. Seeing it instantly made me fantasize about grabbing her lustfully, sliding my hands all over that heavenly body, then fucking her tight, delicious pussy until both of us drowned in orgasmic pleasure.

The photo was actually that of her reflection in the bathroom mirror, thus in the modern style of some sexy attention whore. She was wearing the very same outfit she wore when I first saw her on the bus. Without the jacket, though, and that exposed her shoulders and breasts even more. The deep, mile-long cleavage provided a prime look into her sexy breasts.

And she was smirking, looking sexually confident, satisfied…and yet ready for more.

The message wasn’t just the picture. There was also a text included.

‘Thanks for the fantastic night. I’m looking forward to tonight, too. – Zina,’ it said.

So that was her name. Good to know.

“Who’s that? That mysterious friend of yours?” Eniola asked curiously.

“Mhm,” I affirmed, trying to appear cool. Definitely not excited and thoroughly enjoying the naughty, risky situation. “It seems I should meet with…him…tonight. To talk things through.”

My girlfriend nodded in understanding, not noticing the slight, yet deliberate, pause I made.

Obviously, I quickly typed a message in response. I was still in love with Eniola. Ironically, it felt even stronger, as if cheating on her made my relationship better, not worse. But the sex with this random bitch…with Zina…felt way too good to pass up on. It might take hard work to live such a double life, but access to her fantastic breasts, and everything else, was more than worth it.

‘Me too, gorgeous. – XX,’ I typed back. Then, in a sudden inspiration of doing something naughty, I silently and unobtrusively snapped a picture of my smiling, beloved girlfriend, then sent it alongside my message.

For a slut like Zina maybe a dick picture would’ve been more appropriate, but I doubted letting her feel arrogant and superior, not to mention vastly more attractive than my own girlfriend of three years, would be much of a let-down.

Perhaps she would get angry at me for paying even a shred of attention to my girlfriend during a moment when, according to Zina, I should be busy salivating over her sexy photo. I was looking forward to her fucking me aggressively again like she had something to prove — as if that was punishment.

Then I nonchalantly turned off my phone screen and returned to my breakfast without waiting for a reply back.

As I ate, I noted an observation with an inner chuckle. Something that was there, but I hadn’t quite noticed it until now.

‘My life isn’t boring anymore,’ I thought.

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