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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E14) (18+)

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Average Joe [Reboot]: Meet my slutty Gym buddy, Ireti (S02E14) (18+)

The sports bag landed with a heavy thud on the floor in the corridor. I sighed heavily as I moved into the kitchen. My girlfriend of that time, a petite, slightly plump woman named Nonye noticed me entering.

“Oh, hey babe! What’s wrong?” she asked, instantly noticing my frown.

“My workout instructor quit today,” I answered, annoyance clear in my voice.

“What? Why?” she questioned, turning to face me and leaning against the counter.

“He’s moving to a different state, didn’t explain why. Apologized in a hundred ways and he said it’s tough having to say goodbye with so many clients he has made here,” I explained further.

“Wow. That sucks,” Nonye commented empathically. “It had to be something important so, you know, you shouldn’t hate him for it.”

I laughed.

“Of course not. He’s done so much for me, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude,” I continued, sitting down by the table.

“Mmm, he has indeed,” Nonye added sultrily, checking me out. She always was attracted to me, of course, but the fruits of my physical exercise ramped that attraction to eleven.

I was tall and short-haired. I used to have a dreadlock, but now I cut it very short for practical reasons. Together with my natural, manly features, and the slightly more chiselled look that came from regular physical exercise gave me a rugged, tough appearance.

I had always wanted to ‘get ripped’. I finally made a decision of commitment over a year and a half ago. I found the best instructor I could, which quite luckily was one of the very best in Lagos.

At first, it was difficult, but soon enough the working out became a habit. Under careful, proper guidance all the hard work has paid out several-fold. I wasn’t anywhere near ridiculous bodybuilding levels, but it was clear that my genetics favoured the building of strength and muscle.

“Still, it’s annoying that I have to look for a new one, you know? Making sure it’s going to be someone competent and all that.”

“It can’t be that hard, right? Besides, after all this time, do you even need an instructor?” Nonye asked, helpfully and cheerfully.

“We’re being stressed at work, so I really don’t have neither time nor patience for all that ‘researching’. And, since I can afford it, I would rather not get complacent and, you know, make sure I’m doing the best for myself that I can.”

“Hmm,” Nonye hummed, making an expression of wonder as she looked up.

I watched her with a small, expectant smile. She was so cute when she did that. Nonye wasn’t the most attractive woman, certainly not in the physique department, being more on the plump side, but I didn’t care. I loved her for who she was – my beloved girlfriend of two years, always full of liveliness and help.

“Tell you what, how about I find someone qualified for you? This way you won’t have to worry about it, I get to help out, and you get to continue getting…yeah, haha,” she said as an idea struck her, ending, once again, on a sultry note.

“Oh! Sure, that would really help me out,” I said, pleasantly surprised. “You sure about it?”

“Definitely, leave it to me,” Nonye added, determined to help me find the best candidate she could.

I stood up and walked up to her. She watched me with anticipation and a smile.

“Thanks, baby. You’re a blessing,” I said kissing her lovingly.

Nonye melted from my kiss, warm love radiating through her like a pleasant, golden currant. We broke the kiss after a long moment.

“Haha, yeah, better believe it!” she added jokingly.

I smiled. A short, peaceful moment of quiet followed.

“Alright, I better hit the shower and then organize some stuff for work. Big writing project going down,” I explained, turning around and heading for the bathroom.

“Oooh, sounds important. Leave you to it,” she added happily, letting me go.


Next day, after I returned from work, tired and exhausted, thinking of nothing else but a warm meal and a relaxing shower, my girlfriend surprised me.

“Baby?” Nonye called out as she heard the door being opened and closed.

“Yeah,” I answered tiredly.

“I think I’ve found someone great for you. Come take a look,” she continued, sounding excited.

It took me a while, being sleepy and all, to realize what it was about.

“Found as in…oh, you mean an instructor? Okay, hold on,” I announced.

Nonye waited patiently, sitting in front of her laptop. She was excited to show off her find. She spent several hours during these two days searching for the best candidate, making sure as much as she could that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I hung my jacket, took off my shoes, and placed down my bag. It thudded softly as it fell to the floor. After grabbing a refreshing drink in the kitchen, I headed towards the room Nonye was in.

“Alright, let’s see him,” I said, stepping closer to the desk.

“Her. It’s a woman instructor.” Nonye corrected me.

“Oh,” I let out, surprised. I bent down, leaning against the wooden surface, and looked at my girlfriend with a raised eyebrow. “You, uh, sure it will be the right-”

“Yeah, absolutely! Look, she’s got great credentials,” Nonye’s excitement was high and plain as she pointed at the screen.

I continued on looking at Nonye for several more seconds. There were a bunch of reasons I was both sceptical and reluctant, one of which being doubt that a female fitness instructor would be as keen on heavyweight exercise as I was. Finally, I gave in and faced the monitor.

Shown on the screen there was, obviously, a workout instructor’s offer and profile. Ireti, aged twenty-six. The list of credentials, references, positive reviews and such was indeed very impressive. But that wasn’t the most eye-catching thing there. It was the woman’s photo.

First of all, it wasn’t the kind of photo you might expect from a professional trainer. It was more like a photo that you might, to be honest, see on a dating website. It was clearly like a selfie, quite top-down, and the woman didn’t bear a friendly, welcoming smile but rather…quite a seductive one.

She was beyond good looking. Absolutely dazzling. Symmetrical face, full lips, cute nose. She had dark blonde dyed hair done in a ponytail and even without make up she looked…naturally sluttish.

Her outfit was certainly sportswear but the tight leggings and a sports top that looked a size too small made it seem less practical and more for showing off her body. Especially with the top-down view of the photo straight into the deep cleavage between her clearly very big, very shapely breasts.

They stood in contrast with her abdomen, which was exposed right from underneath her boobs all the way to dangerously low levels. Her abdominal muscles were quite defined, putting a great contrast between her sizable rack, hips that were wide and feminine, and legs that clearly displayed firmness of supple muscle.

Thus, it went without saying that I couldn’t help but admit to myself that this woman was pretty hot. I couldn’t help but really take in the photo, my focus sliding all over the displayed curves.

There was a lull of silence. It was Nonye who broke it first.

“So…what do you think?” she chirped.

“Uhh,” I broke myself out of my accidentally-lustful, staring-filled reverie. “I mean, ehm, I don’t know.”

“Whaaa-? What’s there not to know about? She’s great!” Nonye protested, expecting more enthusiasm.

I flinched a bit, wondering how to put my concerns into words.

“She, uh, looks a bit…slutty.”

Nonye rolled her eyes comically, sighing.

“Oh, come on! So, just because she’s pretty she’s a slut? She clearly knows what she’s doing fitness-wise!” his girlfriend argued, seemingly not bothered none by the woman’s sex appeal.

I glanced at her with slight disbelief, raising my eyebrows.

“I was thinking more like…you might be jealous?”

She laughed merrily.

“Haha, why would I be jealous? I know you, I love you, and I trust you. I’m absolutely fine with her if she helps you continue getting in shape. I mean, I’ve no clue how it could be even possible to get even better with you,” she snuck a peek, eyeing me up and down. “But if anybody does, she’s gotta be one of such people.”

I breathed slowly, wondering. Nonye watched me expectantly.

“Okay, I-”

“Yay!” she interrupted cheerfully, glad for herself.

It was my turn to roll my eyes and smile. It was clearly a high-stakes game for my girlfriend. As such, a part of me was too lazy to spend an extended amount of time looking for THE best instructor, another part of me didn’t want to disappoint my girlfriend when she had clearly put in some work, proud and excited because of her find, and yet another part of me was, indeed, curious what I could learn from someone with that obviously large amount of qualifications on display.

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