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April 18, 2021

The Domina at Lekki Phase 1
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The Domina at Lekki Phase 1

The car came to a complete halt in front of a fantastic apartment that looks like a serviced apartment. Chidi’s face was still glued to his smartphone trying to get as much work done as possible before he starts his “lunch” break.

He was typing furiously at his phone replying an email, while his other phone was ringing, he hit send on the email he just finished composing before he moved his attention to the other phone ringing out of control. The caller was his side chic, his 21 years old side chic, a message just dropped while his phone was ringing, the message was short and direct, and that was from his wife, it clearly read

“Are you there yet?”. He sent an auto message to end the call, telling her he’ll call her back soon while replying his wife

“Yes, just about to step in”

“We’re here sir” His driver also bellowed.

it seemed like a lot of people were required his attention but it’s not something he isn’t used to. What is about new to him right now is the adventure that is just ahead of him right now.

He took a deep breath, opened the door to experience the hot sun blaring down with intense heat that can boil water for tea, or even fried an egg on the sidewalk. He took off his jacket then walked briskly to the lobby of the building, took the elevator to the fifth floor. He was looking for apartment 505.

He knocked gently on the door of the apartment, looking around and admiring the simple but elegant taste of the apartment, thinking this might be his slaughter pad depending on how the next contract pans out.

The woman who came to open the door was average height despite the high heels she was wearing, with a kimono robe that just stopped a few inches away from her inner thighs. Her hair was long curly and bouncy, either it is Indian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Chidi didn’t care, he was purely sold.

Her skin was almost transparent, light in complexion, with one of the prettiest faces he had ever seen, she looked like she just stepped out of a Victoria Secret catalog. Bros was drooling but packaging won’t let him reveal that much.

“Please come in,” She said turning her back against him and walked into the apartment. He closed the door and followed her.

“You’re booked for just an hour.” She said as she took her seat on the comfortable single seater couch.

“Yes” he replied

“Yes Domina” She corrected.

The idea of seeing a dominatrix was sold to him by both his wife and his side chic. He is a fan of pleasuring his woman, but he usually loved to devote all of the power in the room to the ladies. He was the boss everywhere he stepped asides from the bedroom, and his women knew that.

His side chic was the first to suggest to him that he may need to explore more of this side of himself to find out which one he is because sometimes their sessions can be really intense with the ladies not willing to go as far as he wants them to. He and his wife considered themselves modern couples that are open about what they want in bed, and if there is any adventure needed, they can tell each other about it.

In fact, it was his wife who found the contact of this domina and encouraged him to book an appointment, pressured him to do so because she wants to hear the gist of what happened. She was still contacting him about it when he arrived the premises of the Domina.

His side chic was more concerned about what could be the extent to which he could be. To find out if he’s just a submissive partner or a full-blown slave, is it possible that it all ends during sex, or can it also be taken outside of the bedroom, into public spheres. His side chic wanted it like it was for her thesis.

“You have permission right?” She asked, the question jeering back to reality

“Yes, I do… In fact” He was about to continue but he noticed her raised eyebrow, he had forgotten the first rule, so he quickly corrected himself

“Yes, I do Domina” She stroked her own hair back and forth, then unhooked the Kimono robe revealing firm boobs sitting pretty on her chest, the nipples and areola staring right at him, flat tummy and no trace of hair anywhere, looked like she used a laser equipment to shave all her hair away. Her pussy was looking pretty, she saw him staring, so she crossed her legs.

He looked on but saw nothing, but the juicy thighs that led to the pussy he’s salivating at.

“Take off all your clothes,” She said to him

“Slowly” She continued

She took a sip of red wine on the table beside and picked up her whip running them through the palm of her left hand. When he was completely nude, she pointed the whip at him, at his dick that was pointing downwards, and said

“Let me see the balls”

He picked up the flipped the dick up, and it extended a few inches over his belly button. The balls were shriveled up under him. She conducted all of this from at least 50 meters away from him.

“Lay down on your back” She commanded

She opened up a small compartment beside the chair, and brought a fluffy cuff, and cat-walked slowly towards him. She stood over his face bent down so her pussy was inches above his lips, she put the restraints on his hands. He stuck out his tongue and gave the pussy a lick.

“Who told you to do that,” She asked him firmly.

“I’m sorry, Domina” He apologized, but he knew she would definitely take her pound of flesh and more for his unruly behavior

“You have to be punished,” she said.

She stood up, motioned for him to spread his legs, and to put his bond hands over his head, he opened up his legs, her legs just inches away from his dick. Without using her hands to touch his dick, she used the whip, to flip it over to his belly, then pressed the flat side of her shoe into his balls.

Look of discomfort spread all over his face, she signaled shut up to him, by pressing her index finger against her closed lips. He felt pain as she did that to him but also, he felt a kick inside him, something just lit up inside him. She would remove her leg, briefly for a couple of seconds then put it back in, then press it like she was speeding away from a dangerous neighborhood. He held the pain inside him, and weirdly she noticed that his dick had begun to get hard by doing that.

It was getting real for him now, she stopped, went back to the chair, crossed her legs, and ordered him to crawl on his knees to her, she opened up her legs, slouched into the chair, she rubbed the tip of the whip against her pussy back and forth. She ordered him to crawl slowly, as he crawled towards her, his dick got harder, and his excitement inside him grew.

When he reached the distance of the tip of her cane, she pointed the whip to her feet, commanding him to kiss her feet, and worship her feet. He brought out her feet from the shoe and begun to kiss it over, from the little toes to the big toes, and they smelled like strawberries. With his hands bound, he couldn’t do much but he could suck on the toes, from the big ones to the little ones, running his tongue in between the toes. Her legs were so clean and evenly toned. Like they were manufactured to be accurate.

After a while, she pointed the second feet, he got busy worshipping them too until she started trailing the whip towards her legs, then her knees, up to her thigh, and finally to her pussy.

He put his face a couple of inches away from it, he was on all fours, his head in between her legs. He kissed her pussy lips like they were the ones on her face, putting in his tongue in between her pussy. He pressed and pushed his tongue into her pussy, on his open back, she smashed the whip right into the middle of his back, he moaned into the pussy then began to vigorously suck her pussy.

Slobbering all of it, searching for her clitoris, and teasing and licking all over it, sucking them, licking her pussy lips, making the tip of his tongue into a flat object. He began to furiously lick at it, like a dog taking water. Domina herself was enjoying it but not yet the way she wanted it yet. She began to whip his bare back more and more. The pain he was enjoying, the pleasure was for the Domina, to get eaten out by a man in bondage but there was just one more thing for today. She re-adjusted and smash the whip against his shoulder.

This is exactly the trip he came here for, in between adjusting the whip hit him in the neck, putting a mark there. She retrieved her pussy back, crossing her legs over his back, face stuck in between her inner thighs, his airflow severely restricted. She let go of him and pushed him away.

His face all sweaty, and him trying to gain his breath, still on all fours, panting like a dog, she removed a collar and chain from the drawer beside her, and put it around his neck, he would be her dog, as she walked in front and he walked on all fours behind her into a room that looked like one of Christian Grey.

She took him to what seems like a metal bedpost in the shape of small letter n, then unbounded him, then bonded each arm against both sides of the frame, he sat on his knees. After securing his hands well, she then sat on his bastard’s face, and plaster his pussy all over his mouth, grinding and squeezing, this was her favorite position, to have his face, nose, everything really buried into her organ. He began to eat it all up, her pussy, her clitoris, everything. Being a master of this, she timed it well, so that whenever she removed her face, he was almost at orgasm, the cut of air circulation to his brain triggered some immense pleasure that he had never felt before.

She had timed it well, and his body almost exploded out of sheer pleasure at least three times before the alarm went off. His one hour was complete. She got off him, untied him, and showed him the bathroom for him to wash up.

She went into her own bathroom as well, and her pee was mixed with her cum, the man knew how to eat pussy.

He dressed up, left an envelope on the drawer in the living room, as he was about to leave, he said

“I’ll be seeing you very soon, Domina”

“All you have to do is book an appointment, and the required permission”

He got back into the car and checked through his phone. He was just in time for a video conference call with his team in the office, some clients in Abuja and their partners abroad. He opened the front camera and saw the mark from the whip, he pulled up his shirt to cover the mark.

The call came in, and he began

“I’ll like to welcome everyone to this video call. My name is Chidi, and I’m the Chief Technology Officer, my colleagues are with me. They’ll introduce themselves, and we can get this show on the road”

As the conference call continued, the other thing on his mind was when can he come back again here, will he let his wife know how much he enjoyed it or just lie that he didn’t enjoy it so she doesn’t feel threatened by it. What about his side chic, she would want to just watch. Will Domina allow people watch?

He’s definitely coming back! Maybe tomorrow…

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