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Toun’s Circle: Episode 5

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Toun’s Circle: Episode 5

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Ajomale is back!

Enjoy the new episode.


Written by @Miss_Ajomale

Somehow, sleep finally caught up with me. It felt like a happy ending,  the past 72hours had been some sort of a dream, I felt someone was going to tap me and all would seem normal again and this pain and hurt I feel would be gone.  I’m heartbroken for my friend, I guess that’s normal.

My feet felt cold and the room felt chilly. All of a sudden, something warm brushed against my legs, it was Folarin’s hands.

“Get up! Young lady” he said, the maid is gone.  My eyes brightened like a 200watts bulb.

WHO? WHERE? , WHEN? WHY DID YOU LET HER? I shouted at him like it was his fault I stressed him and he slept off, like we all didn’t sleep.

“She even left the door open, stupid girl” I said to myself. I’m sure she had even lied about some of those things said.

For a second, we had all forgotten about Ini and that she shouldn’t be by herself.

Folarin and Olumide said they had to leave and so did my sister.


That one that sees fine body her body starts to jump. Even if the world was ending she would still follow man.  Well, this time it was for a good reason, she had to go tell my mum what’s been going on before I’m totally disowned.

My mind raced back to what was important and suddenly my heart started to beat fast, like it was the moment of truth or I was about to find her dead.

I dashed up the stairs and straight to her mums room and she  wasn’t there, checked her room and she wasn’t there.  Ah! Mogbe! This girl won’t kill me, this doesn’t warrant anything extreme. Different episodes started to play in my head.

I ran back to the living room and she was there with a bowl of cereal. Well it’s clear, she’s lost it. This is exactly how it all starts with depression.

She turned to me and smiled. “Well, you know the good thing about all of this. I’m rich, super rich, everything everyone had was left to me and her and now that she’s dead, its mine.” She said without any emotion.

I gave her a long look like this must be a movie or book, moved a little closer and tried to touch her but she moved, avoiding my hands.

“Well, she’s not dead” I said moving away from her

She smiled with the corner of her mouth and said with the coldest tone ever, “She would be and very soon”

“What did you do, Inioluwa?” I asked frantically

“Relax, nothing yet, it’s what am about to do, and you are going to help me. “ Ini said coldly with every bit of certainty.

“Help you, how? And why would I want to help to? This doesn’t sound good and I don’t want to be a part of this? Besides you don’t know if any of this is true. ?” I ranted

“See, that’s what you don’t get. I’ve always known, I heard one of her conversations but I wasn’t sure what I heard or rather I chose not to believe it. I found her diary you know and it’s no lie. She committed every crime but lately she’s been receiving strange calls from two different numbers.  She has an idea of who one is, but is not sure who the other is” Ini narrated

She tossed me a diary.

“Open to where I folded ….” She said.

“Today 21st August 2013. The calls have started again… she sounds so much like Fadeke, but never can be, she’s dead I made sure of that.”  The first paragraph read.

“This other call I’m sure it’s his wife. This woman is just a joker.“ The second paragraph read.

“Good night dear diary.” The page ended on that note.

“So, what’s this plan of yours?” I asked

“Oh! Now you want to help me.”

“No, I’m just asking.”

“Well, it’s more like finishing the job and you won’t tell anyone.” Ini said


She laughed ….. “Hello baby geh!  I’m vengeance. “

“Well ….. “ I said before a knock on the door interrupted me.

She went to get the door.

“It’s the police, Toun.” Ini said

They looked at her funny … I gave them a sign to ignore her.

“Oh and the maid too! we thought you took off.” I said to the maid.

“We found her at Obanikoro bus stop; it looked like she was waiting for someone. We asked her to come with us to the house because we needed to ask her more questions. She insisted you sent her somewhere. We told her you won’t be upset if you saw her with us but she still insisted. Then we knew something was up so we had to make an arrest. That’s why she’s been cuffed.” The police officer said

“So, as we told you last night, we would like to ask some more questions.“ The police officer said

“Please sit officers,” she said with delight.

“You sound really happy” one of them said, “Are you okay?”

“Yes officers. I’m actually about to blow your minds?”

“They looked at her lost… how do you mean?” Musa asked, the tag on his police uniform read.

“Well, our lovely maid here has the killer’s names, numbers and addresses.” Ini blurted out

“I.. I… I.. i… don’t know what she’s talking about o.” she stuttered

Ini walked towards her to slap her but Musa held her back. You know that would be battery and you could be arrested for that.

Musa turned to her, “What’s that your name again?”

“Grace, sir.” She replied.

“So, if you didn’t know what she was talking about, why did you try to run when we were questioning you?” The police officer said.

Grace went quiet.

“Well, I thought so too . . . So what do you know”,  he asked

“I’ve told her already.” The maid said.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to rough handle you before you speak?” The police man threatened.

“No sir, I would talk. See sir, the people that sent me tried but failed. When I failed all the attempts they sent some other people and when they failed she sent them again and when they came they met her and stabbed on the floor so it’s not us. Only God knows how many people she has offended that….” Grace hurriedly confessed.

“I would slap you if you talk trash about my mother.” Ini cut in.

“I think her plan has already started, Lord help me and this mess she’s about to drag me into, I can’t rat on my best friend plus she been through a lot already. “ I thought to myself.

“Well, you won’t need to slap her, “ the other officer cuts in, “she would give us all we want, and she’s coming with us. You have been most helpful.”

“So who is this woman?” Musa continued.

“I don’t know her; she talks to me on the phone.” Grace said.

“You mean, you have never seen her before?”

“No sir.” Grace said.  “So why would you agree to work for someone you don’t know?”

“She pays, she pays well.”

“How much did she pay you?” Musa asked

“100, 200 sometimes 250k. But this last time the deal was 2million and she had paid 1 millon but no balance since we didn’t do it.” Grace continued her confession.

“We can use the bank to find her.”

“See this man, which bank?  me I don’t use bank o.” Grace said

“So, how does she pay?” He asked.  “DHL sometimes UPS. They just wrap it in plenty nylon and put in a box” Grace revealed.

“Thank you when we get to our station I’m sure you would give us more insight.” Musa said as they were about to leave.

Just as they were about to leave, Grace’s phone began to ring.

She didn’t want to pick, moreover her hands were cuffed.

Musa un-cuffed her and said “We would need you to pick that if it rings again and when you pick, put it on speaker.“

Phone rings again. She reluctantly takes it out of her green pocket. Musa grabs it forms her and puts its close to her mouth to talk.

“Hello”, she said faintly ….

The husky voice from the other end.   “GRACE, WHERE YOU DEY, HOW FAR THAT YOUR MADAM, SHE NO GO PAY, SHEBI I DONE HEP YOU….”

Musa points a pistol at her in case she tries to be funny. …. Em wait abeg, I dey come. She cuts in.


“No oh!”   She looks at the pistol still to her head.  “Ennn yes, dey come”.

“Who is that?” Musa enquired .

My boyfriend.

There was a knock on the door but it couldn’t be the boyfriend. That would have been too soon.

I thought to get the door this time as ini had been on her phone this whole time after the slap episode.  Behold it was a beautiful tall man, looked like he should be in his early 60’s or late 50’s at most.

“Please, I would like to see Inioluwa Banjo.” He said politely

Ah! my friend now does sugar daddies. But naaaa this could be her dad.  It’s really hard to notice a striking resemblance between a girl and her dad but this was hard to miss.

I didn’t know when it fell off my mouth.

Ini, your dad!

She stood up and came to the door.  “Good afternoon daddy, it’s finally nice to know you exist and meet you but it’s not a good time to catch up.“ She said almost rudely.

“Yes, Olumide told me, I’m shocked as you but its well; we would learn the truth when she gets out of this coma.  I should leave now. I see the police are here. Please let me know if you need anything I’m just a phone call away, please ask Olumide for my number or call him if you need me. “ He said calmly.

As he tried to walk away, she goes close to hug him.

Back at the living room.

“Why did you let him go?” The other office asked.

“Oh, my dad?  Ah, trust me he’s totally clueless.”

“You can’t be too sure. Right now, no one can be trusted. You know where he lives? Because we would need to bring him in. At this point every one is a suspect. “ The police officers said, finishing each other’s sentences.

“What do you need him for, didn’t you hear the conversation on the telephone conversation?  And….”

“He’s here”, Grace interrupts.

“Call him to come inside the house, and say it’s just you alone in the house.” Musa said.

She picks up her phone, and spoke to him.  He didn’t even knock, means he’s been regular here and he was even already trying to take off his shirt.  It means they have sex here whenever she’s home alone.

As he took his hands up to take off he’s shirt the cops brought them down to cuff him. He pushed them off and tried to run but he got shot on his leg. . The police took them both away.

“We have to go to the hospital.” Ini said

“Why?”  I asked.

“The hospital called, they said there was a new development. May be my prayers have been answered” she laughed.

“This can’t be you, you can’t have changed overnight.” I said

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.  Besides the woman killed my mum and did all of those things, she deserves this abeg.” Ini replied without remorse.

“But not this way sha, not the way you are planning whatever it is you have in your head.  All of this could be a plot you know. Someone might have planned all this, the maid, diary etc. “ I tried to make her reason.

“Na no one did. It’s all her. Please Miss. Compassion and Pity, don’t piss me off o.  Let’s even get there and hear what they have to say. “ She sounded me off

We went straight to the doctor’s office.

“Hello ladies, Ini how are you feeling.” The doctor asked

“Funny enough great, never felt better.” Ini replied with joy.

“That’s strange, we should have you checked out, that type of anxiety isn’t normal, and you can’t feel this good with what’s happened to your mum. Except you are messing with me. And sadly I don’t have good news. We checked her this morning and noticed she moved her hands and toes. She opened her eyes and went straight back to a coma again and this time I can’t say for sure, she’s lost too much blood plus the head trauma; I’m guessing she hit her head or fell hard after the stab.  Sorry we just found that out. “ The doctor narrated.

“So what are you saying now?” Ini asked

“She seems to be brain dead.” The doctor replied

“She seems or she is? “

“That’s  what it looks like and would be needing a life supports till we find some reaction and that might take weeks, months or years. It’s also a bit expensive. “ The doctor said

“Money is not our problem. But why make her suffer when we can let her go in peace.  Well I’m her only family so what do you suggest.” Ini said

“We can watch her for a while or you can just sign here and we take her off life support right now. “

“Lets give a week and if nothing we let her go to rest. Can I sign that now? “ Ini seemed rather confident of her actions.

“Yes, you can and I would also recommend we keep you here to observe you.” The doctor offered

“Doctor Chukwuma, that won’t be necessary like I told you, I’m fine. People deal with pain differently. “

She went to her mum’s room and requested she wanted to be alone with her.  She came out a few mins later teary. I knew this entire front was all to hide her pain, she seem human at the moment. I really didn’t know who the other person was.

Then she said, “I need a very good lawyer to do all this name change, it’s really a lot.”

“Errrr… don’t you think it’s too soon, besides it’s not that serious. It’s all yours, so why the hurry.“ I said with the voice of reason

“Staying far from evil should be done in a hurry, or don’t you think?” Ini said


The drive back home was quiet and awkward, I wasn’t sure how to act around her, but I could bet on my last penny that all this was a front.

Back at the house, she said asked if I would like to join her for a smoke outside but I decided to pass and finally take a shower then head home.

Something drew my eye to her phone and I got curious.  I entered her password and her mailbox was opened, a mail had just come in, it has a funny address and it was @ AOL.com, even got me more curious.

“Oh child, I guess we are just in luck. Well you must hate me now, but you need to understand. I just wanted her to feel a bit of pain. The maid took it too far, killing her wasn’t part of the plan. Sorry you had to find out this way.

 Your father knows I’m alive we met two years ago in Abuja. But he must not know you have this information. Sorry, I didn’t speak to you till this week. It took a long while to find your email address.

See you when this is over, I would answer all your questions then.

Love always, mum”

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