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Toun’s Circle : Episode 3

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Toun’s Circle : Episode 3

Written by @Miss_Ajomale

Its been three hours since I got here, the noise from the fan woke me and that gave me a nasty head ache, didn’t even realise there was someone sitting in front of me .

You awake? He said. My name is inspector Kole Musa and I would be asking you a few questions.

Please I won’t be saying anything till my lawyer gets here, I replied.

Well, I hope that happens soon, because the longer you refuse to talk the longer you stay here; and this is Nigeria, so all this one you are doing hmmmmmm, I don’t know o. You are lucky we try not to force words out of people here.

Look inspector, I have my rights and I know them.  I didn’t even do anything, you have held me against my will and I would choose to talk at my own time.

Wait sef what am I even saying, I have nothing to say cause I did nothing.  Where is this Folarin sef? I thought to myself.

He laughed and mumbled to himself “ against your will, spoilt girl”

Officer abi inspector , please can I have my phone, shebi I have a right to make a phone call , I need to find my boyfriend and my lawyer , shey you people know you can’t hold me  for 24 hours.

He laughed real hard and walked out, on his way out he murmured to himself “you never ready” and sighed.

10mins later he was back but this time with Folarin and some other guy, I’m guessing the lawyer. My heart skipped two beats when I saw Folarin, smiled like I had seen my batman.

Can we start now the inspector asked?  Out of my lust I nodded with a deep exhale, yes please.

What happened last night?  He asked.

As how? I replied.

He looked at me like he was going to toss my head.

I had dinner with my boyfriend and friends, followed my friend Ini home to make sure she was ok, though in a cab. Saw her car was parked outside and so I came back to my boyfriend’s house, we talked for a bit and we slept.

You know that’s not what I want to hear, he replied .

Well you have to ask questions for the answers you want, the lawyer cuts in.

Ok, please tell me what happened and where you were from 9pm – 11pm?

From 9pm to 10:30pm I was at my boyfriend’s house. My friend Ini had just found out she had a dad and ran out angrily. I went after her to make sure she drove home safe but she was gone.

At about 10:35, I got a cab and went to Anthony.  When I got there, I saw the car my friend used and her mum’s parked in the lot, went in and there was no noise, so I figured all was well.

I was about to leave when I saw the maid come in , that was about past 11, I remember that vividly  caused she had a nylon bag with her and I assumed she went somewhere cause she usually goes home on Sundays but that time was pretty late for her to just be getting back.

Ok. Did you see anyone else or notice anything strange?

No I didn’t see anyone asides the maid, but the doors where wide open and that’s not normal, they always lock their doors, you either have the keys or you knock, before you can get in.

Why do you think that was?

What was?  I replied.

Why the door was opened?

Haba officer, how would I know and like I said, I met it that way. Then again, Ini must have left it open, as she was really upset last I saw her, but then again, I doubt she would , it’s a serious issue leaving the doors opened at Ini’s house.

So did you see your friends mum?

No sir, I didn’t.

You didn’t even go up-stairs?

I looked at him and said to myself, abi ode le le yi ni , ( is this one a dunce) …. No sir I didn’t.

As he was about to ask another silly question, the guy who came to get me from Folarin’s came in . Has she given us anything useful? Or confessed yet?  He asked.

Officer Kole replies, no sir, no confession, and just some useful tips.  Sir I think we have to call in the maid and the woman’s daughter for questioning.

Ok, do that then, the detective replied.

Please can I go now I asked?

Yes but one of your friends here has to fill a bail form, and you would also be reporting here daily, till this is over.

Okay sir.

And I mean it, you can’t even leave town till we are done with you.

I have no travelling plans, Mr Officer.

Back in the car…

Folarin holds my hand and kisses the back of my hand. He’s never held them that way before, looks at me with the saddest eyes I had ever seen, are you okay? He asked.  I nodded and mumbled beneath my breath, yes I’m good, I just want to go home, bath, eat and sleep.

Just as we got to Maryland, my phone rings, it was Ini.

“Hey babes, where you at, I was so worried “she says

With a weak voice I replied stuttering, “ I’mmm ok just left the police station”

What, why, how?….. talk now “  she replies

rolling my eye in my head the police came this morning saying I was getting arrested in connection to the attempted murder of your mum. You should know, you gave them the address and my full name, your maid wouldn’t have known where I was now.

Yes I’m so sorry, they asked too many questions and I had to give answers. I didn’t think they were going to take you away.

Its fine, I’m free for now, I just want to go home to rest and put this behind me, would see you later tonight.

I dropped the phone and forgot I had not asked about her mum…. Sharply i sent a text to ask and she replied …. She’s fine I guess, the doctor says she’s suffering more from shock than from the stab wounds.

Back at Fola’s

I had just had my bath and wanted to get into the clothes I came in on Sunday, but couldn’t find them.

Folarin walks in with a carrier bag. I was about to ask for my clothes when he said.

I thought you would want to get more comfortable so I went to Opebi to get these.

It was a black flirty chiffon dress and a pair of nude sandals.

Thank you I said softly.

Jeffry ( Folarin’s cook) made lunch . You want to come down and have some before I take you home?

Yea sure.  I’m hungry.

Oh, your clothes and shoe are in a carrier bag. I put them by your purse.

With a smile I replied, thanks.

Then I thought to myself, sha don’t freak me out with all this niceness, I like the cockiness sometimes.

Lunch was quiet and over in no time, so was the drive home. Just as if he had read my mind.

Back at the hospital.

Ini had refused to go home to take her bath or change her clothes. That was two days in a row of no bath.

The doctor came in; I was sitting on the couch with Ini at the ward where her mum was.

He looked scruffy and fine, like he was in his late 30’s and had no ring on his finger. First my eyes went to his shoes to see if he had some form of style and to know if he had it going for him down there. Not as if size matters all the time or if the size of your feet exactly determines the size of it. Then to his belt and watch. He had very nice dentition too…. Lol nigga was good to go.

You girls need to go home and rest now, we promise to watch her and make sure she’s ok , he said.

He went on to say; See your mum’s body has suffered some shock and also in addition to that, she had low oxygen in her blood which sent her into the coma , but we hope in a week , two weeks tops, she should be out of it and just as you have asked , this is a secret and special ICU ward , only you, me, the nurse, your friend here , the one you came with earlier and the detective you spoke with know she’s in this room and considering the circumstances its not even in the computer at the reception that she’s here.

That’s fine by me, thank you Chukwuma .

As we were about to leave with the doctor ( Dr. Chukwuma) . Please, if may ask, I said. Emm, you say she suffered some shock , does that mean this was done by someone she knows?

The doctor replied, well it’s very possible, very likely actually. But sometimes, it’s as a result of mere fear.

Ok. I replied.

Em , before I forget, the police are here to see you Ini, they are at the reception. They said they had been to your house, didn’t find you so they came here.

Thanks, she replied.

We decided to go through the back to avoid the police, but somehow the nosy men spotted us.

Ini spoke to them for a few seconds, she had begged them to please let go tonight and she promised to be at their station first thing the next day.

On our way home she said she wanted to sleep at mine she couldn’t bear to sleep alone and for some reason she felt funny about the maid as she was so quick to mention my name when the police asked.

I got curious so I asked, I’m sure you all have been wanting to ask the same.

Inioluwa, where did u go after you got home? I got to your house more than 30mins after you left us at the house and yet the police claimed your maid said you got your house after me; and this was like past 11 o.

She looked at me and shook her head. Then she said.  First what’s with the full name and sorry I can’t tell you.

Look this girl. I turned to her. you think what’s happening here is a joke? You better start talking before as stupid as it might sound, they think you tried to kill your mum.

Well, I went to buy weed .  I know a guy and so I called him to bring me some ,  I didn’t want the neighbours  to suspect it was me, so I parked the car at home and went to meet him .

Wait, you now weed? That’s even gist for another day. And it took you that long?


Ah! Aunty FBI, I told him to go to the 3rd street from mine, don’t need such people knowing my house. She said.

I laughed and said well that makes some sense.


We had gotten to her house to pack some clothes before heading to mine.

We met the maid coming down the stairs with some bags. She tried to run but we had locked the door. She then went on her kneels and said she had something to say but we had to promise to let her go when she was done, so we agreed.

Before she started, we had called the guys because there was no way we were letting her go anywhere.

As I was done on the phone, my sister called to say she was back, I told her to come over because I would need someone to explain all of this to my mum when it was over as I’m sure she should be mad at me.

All six of us  ( Ini, my sister, Folarin , the lawyer, Olumide/Adeola and myself) sat still, cold as the maid spoke, my heart raced and I didn’t realize when I had shed a tear for Ini.  Kerry Washington’s Scandal had nothing on this.

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