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Shirts Please!

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Hey guys,

Hope your week is going well… 2011 is coming to an end and this means party season. How exciting right?

Lots of weddings happen in december, work christmas party, and lots and lots of party, so i thought the perfect article will be one on shirts.  Not because you guys don’t own shirts already or you don’t know where to purchase shirts, but because i am kind and feel the need to share some of my observations.

As you might know, there are different types of shirts i.e. fits, styles, collar types and cuts it is also important to recognize the one that suits you.

Lets start with the different fits : most retailers have Classic fitting shirt ( the big loose shirt) Tailored in most cases slightly tapered than classic shirts ( the inbetweener slightly tight around the waist) , and then the slim fit shirt ( very slim shirt ) in most retail outlets these type of shirts have darts on the back for an the etra smooth / neat cut.

Its essential to try on the different fits of shirts in a store as retailers vary and also to get the right fit for your body shape.

Collar types:  Classic, Cutaway, Narrow , Tab ,high collar, Round collar ETC. There are very few men that can pull off all these collar types. Precisely not everyone can wear all these collar types.

High collar shirts looks particularly good on men with long neck, so if you have a short neck please refrain from high collar necked shirts, it doesn’t look good on you and thats a fact. The Cutaway collar looks good on pretty much everyone, well the stylish and fashionable men seem to own just cutaway shirts. Round collars are quite trendy this season and looks like is here to stay, this can be worn casually or formally and looks especially nice when worn with a skinny tie.

Styles: From stripes, checks, plains you can get different variety when you go to a shirt outlet. Colour is quite important and choosing carefully what suits your skin tone is key.

Bright stripes or bright colours in general are very trendy and stylish but i would recommend them for casual shirts or friday shirts. Unless you intend to blind your colleagues in the office, you can wear bright coloured shirts and ties to work everyday LOL.

I end by saying, before buy your next shirt(s) please visit a store and have your neck and arm length measured and then try on some sample shirts. This will ensure you buy the right neck size, fit and sleeve length.

Dont be a fashion victim by choosing the wrong size, fit and colour of shirt for yourself. In Essence because a style of shirt is popular at the moment doesnt mean it will suit you, also if you require slim fit shirts please don’t walk around in classic shirts and end up looking drowned in a big sack of rice 🙂 .

Keep it simple and separate work, formal shirts from party and casual shirts.


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