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August 5, 2021

#OniranuConvos: Is Hoe-Phase a real thing?
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#OniranuConvos: Is Hoe-Phase a real thing?

Hello everyone,

Hope your weekend is going great, it has a very wet Saturday for those of us in Lagos, hope you’ve gotten something warm, and possibly wet to help with the cold. So, there has always been a long-running discussion if Hoe-Phase is a thing, or people are just using it as an excuse to justify their sexual yearnings, We asked a few Hoe-niranus, and below are their thoughts. Feel free to drop yours in the comment section of this post, in my DM on Facebook and Instagram even Twitter.


Yes, it is a thing! It’s at the hoe phase that sex energy levels are at their peak. The libido is begging to be satisfied. Men are smooth talkers and flow rather easily when working on bedding women, it becomes smooth like silk.

Everyone has a hoe stage, both men and women, you just want to fuck and not make love, just fuck and go. Women feel like alpha females and seem in charge during theirs. During his phase, a friend brought home different ladies, and you can hear their moans and kpa-kpa sounds, and they mostly come back for more.

I also think it’s that phase where people feels no guilt about having sex at this point in their lives, they just ride the waves and enjoy their lives.

You cannot escape the Hoe stage, people!



Fact!!! For some, it could be late it could be early. I had mine after my Masters but I had to snap out of it when I met my wife. I know a lady friend who was a bad girl who was very friendly in her teenage years to her early 20s. When she reached her mid-20s she started experiencing repulsive feelings towards sex. This is someone I know very well, and we talk about everything. Hoe-phases exist.

Also, I know someone who during teenage to early 20 years she was a decent babe. Final year like this, she entered the streets full time.

When I was an undergraduate, I had a close pal. he no dey see anything in a skirt, na pounce e go pounce on top the babe. My guy broke like Bonga fish sotey to see ordinary garri chop e hard. Na babes dey feed am, some go even carry school fess give am. There was a time he camped one babe for three days straight up straffing. My guy land for hospital after the three days dem don talk say blood don dry.

Shebi you expect person wey dem dey give blood to reduce nacking. Na lie o. My guy blew the back of two nurses wey dey treat am for hospital bed.

But he is married now with two kids, if you tell my guy say see babe e yansh e get breast, he go look you and hiss. Then ignore you or tell you say make you no dey ever talk about babes for him front again.

– P. O


Just like everyone must taste death, everyone must taste hoe stage, please.

Everyone at some point will experience the hoe phase stage.

That’s why it is always said you should at least if only once in your lifetime, throw inhibitions to the wind and go with the flow.

I get issues with pretenders, My girlfriend used to work at a pharmacy. She told me recently that they started selling dildos. And the rate at which guys and ladies come to get it amazes her. I just told her. It’s once in a lifetime. 

Live It soon, so you can decide early. Las las… Everybody like sex. 

We all just pretending.

– F.M

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