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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E02] (18+)

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S02E02] (18+)

She would part her pussy with two fingers and pushed the remote to the entrance. It stung but she wanted to see how far she could go.

Some of it went in with an audible pop and she had to throw a palm over her own mouth to muffle her scream. It was so tight and full in there, it was soo painful too, she didn’t dare to push any further. Her fear soon started to subside as the pleasure started to emanate from her pussy to every part of her body internally.

It was driving her agog. Carefully, in a bid not to hurt herself or cause pain that she wouldn’t be able to bear. She started to push in and out, every time she pulled out, it was soothing but she felt half-empty, everytime she pushed back in it was painful but it was very sweet at the same time.

Overall she was having a swell time and with both hands gripping the remote control she carefully fucked herself while she screamed to her heart’s content. Racing for her orgasm, her thrust power increased and so did its speed, her hip was also raising automatically to meet her thrusts, she was close, very close to getting her biggest orgasm then she was doomed.

Mama Landlady busted onto the scene with Theo, her son and two other neighbours of their “face me I face you” house.

Unknowingly to Fatimah, her screams had drawn the attention of the women who called on Theo to help the force open the door from outside not knowing what kind of situation Fatimah was in, they thought she was in some sort of trouble but their rescue mission had ended in disappointment at least for the women as they saw Fatimah watching porn and fucking herself with remote control.

Theo on the other hand was just amused and turned on by the whole thing. The three women descended on Fatimah before she could gather herself up, she was stark naked and they pounced. They beat the daylight out of her, how could a girl of her age not only watch porn but also be fucking herself with a remote control??

It sounded so disgusting and degrading. Mama Landlady was a known disciplinarian that preached modesty to young girls and always openly criticized the ones she deemed wayward, she was so disappointed in the fact that one of her tenant kids would now be seen in bad light putting her house too in a bad light.

She was so pissed, more people had gathered now and they were hot takes here and there. Mama landlady asked Theo to remove the Disc and she took the remote also, they would serve as evidence when Fatimah’s mother return. She asked everybody to leave and after a long disdainful look at Fatimah, she took her leave too.

Fatimah rolled on the floor in pain after everyone left, when would her troubles ever stop? She just had a knack for getting into trouble always jumping from one to another.

Knowing her mother, Iya Fati, ha, Iya Fati would kill her.

The position in which she was caught and also the fact that her accuser was mama landlady. Mama landlady was the G.O.A.T for Exaggerators and with remote and disc with her as evidence to prove she was telling the truth Fatimah knew death was close already, Lucifer himself cannot shift the whooping she would receive in a matter of hours.

After wailing softly for some time, she dragged herself up, Iya Fati would be back soon, she was still naked and the whole parlour was in disarray she should at least try and reduce the deficit of her punishment.

One piece at a time, the parlour was put in place, she still was in tears as she arranged the parlour and searched for something decent to put on.

“Good evening oooo” Iya Fati’s voice rang from outside, normally it would be followed by her footsteps coming into the passage but the resounding

“Welcome ooo” of Mama landlady meant that Fatimah’s jury had begun.

After what seemed like forever Iya Fati’s footsteps briskly came down the passage, the door to the parlour suddenly opened giving Fatimah a start, tears welled up in her eyes again as she saw her mother walk in with anger visible on her face, she was closely followed by Mama landlady who held the disc in one hand and the remote control in the other.

She knelt down to greet the women but was handed the disc in return, Oya, go and play your movie.

She started to weep and kept her hands to herself not wanting to take the disc. Two quick hot slaps from her mother prompted her to take it with speed and she trembled as she put the disc in hoping maybe NEPA would interrupt the power supply, for once taking the light would give her a lot of joy, they didn’t take it, she clicked on the close button with trembling fingers hoping that the disc would somehow change to KangChi.

It didn’t, it started from the last memory where a lady was getting fucked in all of her holes by three men, before Fatimah could turn her face down in pity, her mother rained slaps on her.

“Is this what you do when I’m not around? Is this what you want to do with your life? Do you want to be a prostitute? Ever since your God-forsaken father disappeared, have I not done my best to make sure you’re OK? Is this how you want to repay me?” she vented her anger as she beat her daughter, hitting her with whatever she could lay her hands on.

Fatimah couldn’t go out nor school for the rest of the week, her body ached too much, her porno disc was broken and burnt, and the whole television system was disconnected, barring her from watching anything at all. She accepted her fate, she did all her chores promptly for the rest of the week not wanting to incur the wrath of her still angry and disappointed mother.

When the new week began, she took her bag and dragged herself to school. People looked at her awkwardly, her story must have spread around, a bigger audience was waiting for her in school. Her mates looked at her awkwardly, whispered amongst themselves and laughed, some just shook their head in pity and some in disgust, she was the Centre of attention and even before they started assembly she herself had heard two different rumours of what happened to her.

Some said she was getting fucked by a man, some said three different guys were fucking her. She just paid deaf ears to them and went her way not wanting any trouble. Class started and Mr Afolabi came in, her heart leapt, would he flog her too? when she saw her mother follow him in she wished the earth would just open and swallow her. She was in too much pain, she couldn’t take another beating so soon.

“Fatimah, your mum has made payments for you to start extra lessons every day after school so now, every Monday to Friday you’re to stay back for an hour and 30mins after closing for the extra lessons.” Both mother and teacher left the room to discuss further, Fatimah sat down dejectedly, her mother had taken everything away from her, no TV, over half of her feeding money gone and now she’s to spend her free time with Mr Folabi of all people, her number one hater.

She wondered if her life could get any worse, she got home the same time her mother gets home, the first lesson went as awful as she had envisioned. Lots of work mixed with some flogging in between but at least she got three out of ten in her maths, that’s some improvement even if was just to stay out of trouble.

A week passed so slow it looked like a month, every evening session with Mr Folabi was akin to hell, she never enjoyed them but just did her best in completing all the tasks he set out for her hoping not to get into trouble.

Her body was at war with her though, she was horny and she had no means to satisfy herself. No TV for porn, she gets home at the same time as her mum during weekdays, she spends her Saturdays at her mom’s shop where she sells provisions and they both are home together on Sundays.

She was caged and needed some relief, gradually, a week rolled into a month and her urges spiked following her cycle. She feels an itch down there, an itch that needed to be terribly satisfied, an itch she had no means to settle.

Apart from being horny, her schoolwork had gotten a bit better and Mr Afolabi had reduced his lashing of her ass.

“Fatimah, do you know I like you?” Mr Afolabi asked her during one of their evening sessions, She just stood there twiddling her fingers with her face glued to the floor.

“I don’t like beating you, you just always give me reasons to do that” teats welled up in her eyes again,

“Stop crying now, I’m not going to beat you,” he said throwing his cane away

“Oya come, come and sit here,” he said gesturing she sat on his thighs which she did. I don’t want us to fight anymore you hear, I want you to be a good girl he said, placing a palm on her boob and squeezed softly. Fatimah shot off his lap immediately he squeezed her boob.

She moved back a bit, Unzipped her gown and let it drop on the floor, she pulled her pant too and dropped it as she stepped out of them before walking back to Mr Folabi and sitting on his laps.

“I don’t want to dirty and rough my uniform, Iya Fati will beat me,” she said pitifully. He parted his legs for her to sit in the middle and he placed his palms on her boobs, they were very big and fleshy, he squeezed and crushed them together as Fatimah moaned in a low tone too scared to scream because of the trouble it got her in before and also she didn’t know if Mr Folabi would like her to moan out loud or not.

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