August 8, 2022

Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode I) (18+)

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Kunle JJC: Meet Emeka, The CSO (Episode I) (18+)

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Na me them dey call “Starboy Emeka or Emmy”, Chief Security Officer of Honorable Gbolahan house.

Actually, make we no lie, na gateman I be, but my life done tush and everything na packaging so me self gats package myself na as per starboy wey I be for streets.

Even my Oga self no be honourable at all, him just get bastard money ni and people give am nickname of Honourable, everybody dey guide ni.

For my workplace, I dey wear khaki up and down with boot, I come get belt, face cap and pocket knife like soldier, so why I no go call myself Chief Security Officer? Na only gun I never get and I go soon tell oga say I need like 2 Ak-47 anybody wey do anyhow go collect.

Na me be first person wey Honorable employ for this big new mansion when him finish am pack in with him wife and pikin.

Na after like one year den come employ Yemisi. Before Yemisi come, everybody dey him dey, I dey do my work jejely. My plan na to work for like 1 year make I come stop go start my boutique business.

Everything come change when I done gather money finish. I go tell Oga say I wan resign, Oga tell me say make I no comot o, say he done trust me with him crib and he no get time to dey find another person.

Na so him increase my salary from 45k to 65k. Wetin he come do wey sweet me pass na say him renovate my quarters.

Omoooooo, Honorable turn my one room quarter to room and parlor self con. New big bed, tile everywhere,, shower for bathroom, wardrobe, cabinet and sink for my small kitchen, plasma TV and sound system.

He come be like say na palace I dey live. On top everything he come tell me say I fit dey allow my babes dem make dem visit me for night o but I must make sure say I no let dem distract me from doing my job.

Na Dat Babe part sweet me pass because I done dey eye many girls for that estate. He no tey after all these oga come employ Yemi I too.

That Yemisi girl heavy for front no be small and me I no dey use eyes see bress o. Na first day wey Yemisi resume she done dey my mind.

Na Yemisi make me lose guard patapata wey make me give up for my boutique dream.

If person wan reason am well self, the security work make sense wella. I no dey open gate pass five times per day, salary na 65k, I dey chop free food, I dey bring girls come fuck for house, my oga and him friends dey dash me money, at least every month I dey save 40k, why I wan come stress myself go do boutique again?

Everything about my work sweet o but the only devil wey I get wey dey after my life na Honorable pikin o, Oyindamola.

That girl no get respect at all and she dey rude die. Na because she fine, her papa get money make am spoil like day sha. Her work go sweet to chop o but I no fit reason am, make I no go lose my job jare.

My focus dey for Yemisi body na, as per both of us dey work for the same place, we suppose fit dey chop each other on a low but the girl be like na one shy girl.

Her own na to bring food for person, disappear. Anything wey you talk like this, she go just smile Waka comot. She be very nice girl but I Sabi say oga pikin dey treat am bad. Na Yemisi dey wash clothe for
Oyindamola, that girl too lazy and na slap and insult she dey use appreciate the girl o.

Chai, I feel for am. Oyinda dey always rude to me too o but she never raise hand say she wan hit me before for her life, when she no ment.

Me, Emmy, Starboy CSO, I dey build like bouncer, I come tall like iroko tree. That one reach for am to fear me sha. Back to the matter of girls for my estate, I done mark plenty registers o, make God save me ni. He get this girl sha, she dey always carry orange sell for estate. That time wey I still get ambition to start boutique na around that time she first dey enter my eye.

First time wey I go reason am, I wan buy orange na him I rush one pick up line say make I use am scatter her brain.

I just tell am say I wan buy all the oranges wey dey inside her tray and the ones wey they inside her bra. Omoooooo, I no sabi say na Rudiger, Ramos and Pepe be the girl Defence o.

She block my attack tell me say my money no fit but the oranges wey they for her tray talk less of the ones wey they for her bra.

Omoooooo!!!!! Mo foh straight, I no believe say the girl go fit talk something like that laye. I just collect the orange wey I buy for her hand lock up Jeje. Now wey better money done they enter my hand and things done soft, I see the girl pass one day, she done fine the more, her yansh come wide wella.

I dey hold myself make I no go embarrass myself for this girl side again but even when man get sense, him penis go always reason otherwise. The day wey my penis reason otherwise na one terrible day.

He get one of dem my normal chikala for estate wey we done get agreement say she go lodge for my room overnight make I clear her farm overnight. For around evening time, I done go drink monkeytail and other manpower because that night no go dey for the weak.

Person wey go chop my money must chop my body join na. Everything done set for that night, Madam and pikin done sleep, Oga done travel, I dey wait my chikala make she buzz my phone make I carry am enter lock up for the night.

Na so this chick go ring me talk about say she no go fit come again say she see her period. Omoooooo, I wan mad, abi she and the period dey mad ni? The way my penis they hard be like say he go tear hole for my boxers.

I no fit sleep that night, konji no gree me. I just dey roll up and down for bed like ball. My body no dey at rest. I carry lotion go bathroom, I dance soapy two times back to back, I collect cold shower for body, my body cool small. I enter room to sleep, after 30mins, my foolish penis done stand again.

I done die this night, I just open eyes like full light dey look ceiling till daybreak. My eyes red like say na oga motor brake light. God go punish this girl and her yeye period sha.

As daybreak, me self sabi say I no dey good mood at all. I just frown like werry. I pack my stupid dick, use trouser band hold am for one side before he go dey embarrass me for outside.

Na madam and Oyinda pass me by that morning, he be like say them dey travel because dem carry big bag and dem dress well well but that one no concern me. I greet madam as she dey go enter her rolls royce, no be me go greet this stupid Oyinda girl.

She just they catwalk one mumu catwalk with her yeye high heels. I rush go help Yemisi my Baby boo carry bag because the load pass am and because I wan impress am say I be nice guy maybe she go open toto for me make I fire down.

As I carry bag turn around, I come get full view of Oyinda yansh. Omoooooo, if me self be girl and my yansh be like that, I go rude come proud join.

As she dey Waka dey go, her yansh dey do jigidi-jagidi, my penis vex rise again.

Omoooooo, the thing dey fleshy. If to say she no be oga pikin ni I for go tap am for yansh abi make I squeeze am like bedsheet. Chei, wetin this girl carry fit kill man o.

One time 3 gbosa for who dey chop her work sha. Na man him be. She done enter motor dey start the engine before I carry bag reach motor.

That yansh wey I sight done scatter my medulla. I rush go open gate come begin give Oyinda direction to carry car comot for compound. I dey do my work diligently, she just look me shake head hiss as she dey comot for compound.

Vex done catch me, which kind nonsense be that na? On top say I dey do my work? No be her fault sha.

As I look down, my penis dey push out for my trouser. Person no need look me two times before dem sabi say my penis they stand. I come see why the girl hiss for me now. My penis don go embarrass me in front of Oyinda of all people sha! FUCK!

I gather myself go siddon. I start to call all dem my chikito but that day na devil get am, none of them dey available. I look my oga mansion. Abi make I go inside go reason Yemisi ni? But I no really dey enter that house o, unless Oga call me say make I come.

I no even Sabi Yemisi room. My body heavy I need some proper release.

Omoooooo, to enter that house come hard me o, I kuku go gate go peep maybe I go see one girl to scope.

Na so she begin come o, my orange girl but her bress na grape size. I no wan reason am make she no chop my eyes again but my penis dey push me say nothing happen.

I call this Babe say I wan buy orange, she first eye me small before she enter gate but me I no send sha.

As she land her tray for floor, I just go straight to the point ask am say na how much be all her oranges including the ones wey dey for her bra.

She look me hiss come tell me say na 15k. 15k? Ordinary 15k? This girl done underrate me sha, I just tell the chick make she pack everything enter room for me.

As she enter, I lock door for back. Mama see my crib say he make sense she rush put tray for table go balance for bed.

As I waka near am she say make I give am money fess. Mtchew, this girl no regard me at all. I carry my phone ask for her aza, I freaky-freaky her account, alert surface for her side. I begin comot my Khaki, I dey use one eyes look this girl as she dey unbutton her shirt. Kai, see fresh round yellow bress.

Walahi he worth 15k. As I comot my trouser finish, she see the cucumber wey I carry, she shock. She never sabi anything, that 15k, she go do the work o. I no fit dey beat about the Bush, I need to first release make my eyes clear first.

I just push her for bed make she lie down, I see my penis for her toto, she self done wet. He be like her body done dey react when she see my gbola sha.

As I push am enter like this, she use hand cover her mouth make she no cry but wetin concern me. I begin dey use penis whip inside her toto anyhow. The girl tight like say she just disvirgin, get toto dey grab my penis wella he dey hot, he dey sweet us.

She dey pinch me, she dey shout say make I do am small, make I do am fast, make I do am like this make I do am like that. I dey follow order like soldier. After 10 minutes she begin dey beg me say make I cum.

Cum ke? On top my 15k? Laye laye, we die here. That shakara wey she use me do that day I go revenge am now. I continue they fire down.

After like 30 minutes, my body begin shake, he be like say I wan enter heaven, body just dey sweet me like sugar.

Na so I begin pour for inside this girl toto o. She run push me comot, the remaining done pour for bed. After some minutes, I done gather again but I no see the girl sha, I go check my parlor, her orange still dey but she no dey.

Be like she don run comot sha. Omoooooo, me I never use my 35k finish o, when she come for bee tray we go continue our transactions .

I go shower, my penis relax small, I come go sleep one better sleep. Na madam car horn wake me for night sha.

I open gate for them. Yemisi too come out come carry luggage, I rush help am, na nice girl, she dey give me two meat for my food but na the meat wey dey between her legs gangan I wan chop.

Written by Reezy Sama

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