May 26, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E10] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E10] (18+)

Grace stood up excited when she heard Tony offer to eat her out, as she walked towards him, he grabbed her and lifted her. Grace found it sexy how he took her to the bed and dropped her, he wasted no time spreading her legs apart.

His hands strayed up to her hips before he curled his hands in between her thighs holding her legs up, he meant business and was excited about it. He kissed her inner thigh making her moan as he placed kisses on soft spots she didn’t know about, he moved towards her mould and she grabbed her boobs pulling at her nipples.

He pressed his mouth over her already wet pussy and ran his tongue up and down the outside lips. She gasped in surprise as his tongue dove between her lips and found her hard clit. She bucked up against his mouth as he played with her nub.

He pulled his tongue out and cover her pussy before sucking hard

“Ohh mhmm ” she moaned.

He pulled his hand away quickly from around her thighs and spread open her pussy lips before sucking on her clit like he was sucking on cherry fruit. Grace felt a finger edging close to her pussy which made it tingle even more, and without warning, he pushed one finger deep into her as his mouth continued licking up and down her pussy slit, his tongue caressed her clit making pressure build in her lower abdomen.

He flicked her clit with his tongue teasing her as he pumped his finger deeper into her, it felt so good making grace grab the sheets and arch her back as he pumped harder.

“Damn, Grace how do you taste so good ” he mumbled
“You even taste better than I imagined” he added

With that, he added a second finger then a third finger inside her, pumping in and out making Grace moan and scream out. He clamped his mouth over her clit and sucked hard as his fingers moved in and out of her sopping hole with increasing intensity.

He curled his fingers inside her and she lost it as he grazed sweetly against her g spot, grace started to thrash around arching her back as she cried out louder in pleasure. She squirmed and bucked her hips forward so hard he had to grip her hips with his free hand to hold her still as her orgasm exploded.

Grace couldn’t believe her eyes as she squirted all over his face and hands, it was so intense she couldn’t stop screaming out as she came hard.

After what felt like forever squirting Grace fell back onto the bed, she tried to catch her breath and calm down as little shockwaves exploded all around her body, she felt so sleepy as she looked down at Tony who was licking up all her juices.

“Wawu that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen” she heard mike say

Grace didn’t know how but she had completely forgotten about the doctor and Mike

“That was really amazing, I think we’ve gotten everything we need for today,” the doctor said
Mike stood up and headed to the bathroom while the doctor squatted between her legs and used the wet wipes to clean her up. Grace felt both shy but was too tired to feel embarrassed. After the doctor was done cleaning her up she handed her a drink and her clothes, they all got dressed and left the hotel.

Grace felt so light and for some reason, she couldn’t look at Tony without her pussy tingling, the doctor dropped the guys somewhere before she drove them to the hospital.

Grace helped carry the doctor’s big white and red cross box, and as soon as they got to the reception a nurse rushed to the doctor.

Grace couldn’t make out what the nurse was saying

“Let’s go to Senator’s room,” the doctor said

Grace followed her up not sure what to expect, when they got in, the doctor and nurse went over to him. After a while of prodding the doctor finally dismissed the nurse

“A nurse thought she saw the doctor’s eyelids move but it looks like just elevated brain activity, he must have been dreaming but we will be keeping a close eye on him.” The doctor said

“Thanks for today my dear, I’ll see you later” she added before leaving

Grace walked to the Senator’s side and placed her palm on his cheek, he looked so peaceful. Grace couldn’t believe how much she missed him, without thinking about it she climbed into bed with him.

The bed was surprisingly big enough to contain her too, she placed her head and palm on his chest and listened to his rhythmic heartbeat. It really felt like he was just in a deep sleep. Her pussy still tingling she thought back on how she used to mess around with the chief, she couldn’t believe how much she missed his dick.

Without realizing it, her hands had roamed from his chest down to his stomach when her hands were just about his crotch her curiosity took over and she let her hand dip into the hospital gown.

He was wearing anything under the gown so her hand slid straight to his cock, it surprised her that it wasn’t as soft as she expected. She wrapped her hands around it and to her surprise, it started to get hard, she looked up at him and he still looked deeply asleep as his dick got harder in her hands.

She couldn’t stop herself from stroking his dick, it was too intriguing. She started to pump harder and harder till to her utmost surprise a hot load shot out of his dick, before she could register what happened she heard a deep groan behind her

“Ummm so good” she heard the chief’s voice behind her.

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