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Following Chris : Episode 4

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Following Chris : Episode 4

Staying home and reading for the examinations coming up in a little less than two weeks time was usually Chris’ idea of “ Studying for the examinations.” So study he did. Getting home after school, that day, he did what he usually did: get home, see about washing his uniform, take a shower, have lunch, settle in nicely with his books.

Determined that he was going to continue reading for his examinations, he picked up his notebook, opened to the first page and started looking at the scheme of work he had jotted down when the teacher had been dictating it the first day of class. Cross-checking the scheme of work and the actual lessons they had had in class, he noticed that the teacher skipped a few topics, so he opened his textbook to the topic in question and started reading.

He had only been reading about forty-five minutes when his phone made a sound. He looked at the expensive Motorola Talkabout that his Dad had gotten him for his birthday. He still didn’t understand why he needed one. His father had simply said “For emergencies.” He remembered setting the message tone to a chirping sound. When he heard the sound, he knew for sure it wasn’t his mother or his father. He was sure they were too impatient to type a text message. Out of curiosity, he put the book down and went to look at the phone.

“R u doing anythng at hme? Cm to my place jur.” A text from his friend, Tobi, read.

“I can’t. I’m studying” He quickly replied.

“Pls cm. I wnt 2 show u sumthng. Be fast pls. These msgs are kinda expensive.” He got from Tobi again.

“Ok. Im on my way” Chris gave in.

Leaving his books, he grabbed a pair of jeans from the closet and tossed on a simple-looking T-shirt, he started to prepare to leave home trying to figure out what it might be that Tobi wanted that required his attention personally. It wasn’t too far to consider asking his brother, Junior, to take him there or too close to practically waltz over there. Grabbing his iPod – mother’s idea of a birthday present – he started off towards Tobi’s place.

Approaching Tobi’s house, he could see Tobi outside his house with a couple of boys from school and an impatient look on his face. As soon as Tobi saw him, his impatient expression seemed to vanish and a mischievous one took its place.

“Hey what’s up?” Tobi said as soon as Chris got within earshot.

“I’m fine. What’s going on?” Chris replied

“We’re going to the party.” Tobi said

“Ehen? How’s that my business” Chris inquired

“I told Momsy that you were going. You know her, she really likes you. If you’re going she’d automatically assume you’d keep me from doing anything stupid” Tobi said laughing lightly

“Really? I told you I was studying! You brought me out so I can lie for you?” Chris said disappointed

“Keep your voice down. Before she’d think something is going on here”, said Tobi.

“Just help me out please”, Tobi pleaded.


Getting back into the compound, they headed straight into the kitchen where Tobi’s mum was. When they saw her, Chris did the half-prostration and the greetings and the overly long exchange of pleasantries ensued. After answering questions as to the health and well-being of his parents and siblings, Tobi brought up the issue of the party. Tobi’s Mum asked Chris if he was going to the party. Tobi shot Chris a look and Chris said he was going.

“You both should be home latest 8” Chris said, mimicking Tobi’s Mum.

“You owe me big time. Now I have to go to that stupid party to make sure I keep my promise to your mom.” Said Chris a tad serious this time.

“You know you don’t have to come if you don’t want to”, Tobi said.

“No way am I going back on my word. I must get you home before 8. So that by the time Momsy gets home, I would’ve been home as well” Chris said

“OK then. Let’s go” they both agreed.

Getting outside, they met up with the boys from their class whom Chris didn’t really like because of their overly loud attitude, but Tobi seemed to get along with them without any problem whatsoever. Since Jameel’s house was just two streets from Tobi’s place, they just started walking over to the place.

When they got to Jameel’s house, Chris was a soupçon surprised that there was no music. Tobi hit the bell to announce their arrival. The bell had barely started ringing when the gate was flung open. Another one of their classmates was the one that opened the gate. He was one of Jameel’s very good friends. He showed them in and they proceeded to the living area where the party was happening. Even at this point, Chris still could not hear any music. But the surprise of his life so far awaited him when the door of the house was opened and he almost went flash-deaf. Apparently, the party-area is sound-proof.

After his ears had stopped ringing from the sudden cacophony, he began to acclimatize to his environment. Suddenly, the music wasn’t too loud anymore and he began to hear the people around him. What was even more surprising were the people he started to see there. He was even more surprised when he saw Yemisi guzzling a can of beer like it was a bottle of water. He hadn’t expected to see someone otherwise well-behaved and buttoned-down to be here in this party talk less of pouring beer down her throat like it was on fire.

He kept on staring at her that he didn’t notice Jameel standing by his side tapping his shoulder. Jameel shook him a little bit and that’s when he realized he had been in a daze.

“Do you like her?” Jameel said motioning towards Yemisi with his head and smiling in a sheepish way.

“Not like that. Please wipe that smile off your face” Chris replied

“Okay. If you say so.” Jameel said raising his hands in the air, in a surrender gesture.

“What would you like to drink?” Jameel said, gesturing towards the bar area.

“Malt. Thank you. I still need to make sure Tobi gets home in one piece.”

“Which Tobi are you talking about?” Jameel asked with sarcasm

“Tobi that is behind me” Chris said, looking behind him and not finding him “He must be around here somewhere”

“Don’t worry about him. He has legs. There’s no malt. I’ll get you the closest we have to a fruit juice, OK?” Jameel said

“Alright” Jameel said, looking around trying to spot Tobi.

Jameel disappeared into the throng of people gyrating and contorting their bodies to the rhythm of the music, supposedly going to bring him the drink. Chris walked over to the nearest couch and sat down. He kept looking at the people dancing and walking about, surprise registering on his face every time he spotted someone he wouldn’t have in a million years imagined he would see there. He kept observing again until his gaze wandered back to Yemisi. She seemed to be dancing on and off with some guy. Chris kept looking at her that he didn’t realize Jameel was back and following his line of sight.

Clearing his throat to get Chris’ attention he said

“I heard you. It’s not like that. Anyways, this is the closest I could find to something juicy. It’s Alize. Found it in my father’s bar. Taste it. If you don’t like it, water it is”

Pouring a little into a glass Jameel handed him, he brought the bright yellow drink to his mouth. He could taste the alcohol but the sweetness made it bearable. Pouring to about half the glass, he handed the bottle back to Jameel.

“This one is enough,” he said.

“Okay.” Jameel said taking the bottle closing it and walking back the way he came. Apparently, he wants to go and return the bottle.

Chris started sipping his drink, and he found that the more he sipped, the more he wanted to sip. Before long, he was done with the drink. He started to crave for more, but he managed to control his craving. But he soon found out he was feeling no pain. None whatsoever. A couple of minutes went by and he noticed he was feeling the music more than he was a couple of minutes ago. His eyes started wandering again. He saw Yemisi again. This time she was sitting alone and for the first time she was looking back at him. Then out of nowhere, her face broke out into this incredible heart-warming smile. He smiled back.

It didn’t take long for it to feel like an external force was starting to push him to go and meet her. Soon as he got to her, she held on to his arm to stand up. When she was on her feet, she pulled him to her and started grinding on him. Unsure of what to do, he put his arms around her. Seeing that he was responding appropriately, she led him to the nearest wall and made him rest his back on the wall while she rubbed all of her ample behind on his groin. He was getting excited and she could feel it. The more excited he got, the more she seemed to want to dance with him. She continued grinding on him for a while longer.

Suddenly, a door he hadn’t noticed opened beside him, and out came Tobi and some girl he couldn’t quite remember her name. Tobi looked at him and said “That’s my boy!” Before he could gather his wits about him to reply, Yemisi pushed him into the room, locking the door behind her. Before he knew what was going on, her top was off and a moment later, so were his trousers and briefs.

His brain was thinking “what is going on?” but his mouth couldn’t make the connection with his brain to form the sentence, instead his mouth made a connection with Yemisi’s mouth and they started to kiss. As the kissing gathered momentum, Yemisi pushed him onto the bed.

She continued kissing him, and before he could say he had an Uncle Bob, Yemisi had all of him in her mouth. She started to suck him and his mind went blank. She kept on sucking him and brought his hands to her boobs. He started to massage them. This seemed to make her get more excited as she started to suck faster. She continued sucking him until he started to feel the motion in his loins. Then without warning, he blew his load in her mouth.

As soon as she felt his salty seed in her mouth, she ran to the adjoining bathroom and went to spit in the sink. When she came back, she started dressing. He started to do the same too. When they were both dressed, he started to leave when he heard her behind him,

“Won’t you take me home?” Yemisi asked

“Okay”, he said

“Let’s go then” They both went out.

Looking at his wristwatch, it was 7:30. His parents would be home soon.

“Let’s be quick”, he said

“Okay”, she said slipping her hand into his.

Not saying a word, he started towards the door. Opening the door, Jameel was right out there with a big smile on his face. Ignoring him, he made his way through the still-dancing bodies and towards the exit. As soon as they got outside, the air felt cooler and the buzz from the alcohol seemed to be fading.

“Where’s your house?” He asked her.

“Just the compound after the next one”, she replied.

“Oh really?” Chris inquired still feeling happy after the short but delightful blowjob.

“Yes” Yemisi answered with a smile

“That’s good then” Chris replied

“Chris, I just want you to know that I’ve never done anything like what I did with you tonight before” Yemisi said

“Really?” Chris said, not buying her late disclaimer

“Yes. Really. I know I’m bombed right now. But I want you to know that I really like you. I know I sound needy but when I’m sober I won’t be able to say it.” Yemisi confessed, shying away from looking at Chris in the eye

“I like you too Yemisi” Chris replied

With that they left the compound and started towards her house. When they got there, she kissed him full on the lips and said

“I will see you in school tomorrow”

“Definitely” Chris replied

“Good night” Yemisi said with a joyful heart.

“Good night” Chris said

With that he turned, started heading off in the general direction of his place and started thinking about the night and all the things that had happened.

Thoughts about Tobi and the promise he made to Tobi’s mum about bringing him home all safely forgotten. He knew the thoughts of the night will keep him up for a long time, definitely distract him as he prepares for the exams.

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