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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four I (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Notorious Four I (18+)

Bunmi hurried to answer the doorbell. She knew it was Lekan — after all, she invited him — but no one else was home except Bunmi’s friends watching TV in the room, and she didn’t want to keep him waiting. Quickly fixing her hair and forgetting to breathe, she eagerly yanked open the door.

As Bunmi greeted her new boyfriend, her body betrayed its excitement. She found herself smiling uncontrollably, and the flutter in her stomach accelerated to a full-fledged freefall sensation. His voice gave her goosebumps, and his quick hello-kiss made her mouth water.

He didn’t hug her, though, because he was awkwardly holding a DHL box that he found by the door. He still managed to look cool, despite the awkward package, with his slightly uncombed short hair and tattered bag over one shoulder — a quietly confident look, without too much ego or fuss. Bunmi found it irresistible.

Bunmi had never had a real boyfriend before Lekan. He was the first guy ever to take her beyond “second base,” but, more importantly, he was the first guy ever brave enough to openly commit himself to her. She had always felt self-conscious about her glasses and her height — a mere 5′ 2″. And while other girls at school all seemed to “blossom” early, Bunmi was just starting to develop curves at 19.

She also hadn’t seen any benefits from her supposedly attractive smile. Sometimes she wondered if boys could even see her.

That is, until Lekan. They had only been dating for three weeks, but he had already seen more of her body than any other boy had ever seen, and they’d be going to the same university this September! She smiled harder just thinking about it.

Dating Lekan made Bunmi think in ways she had never thought before. She finally started paying attention to fashion, and she made the best of her young body by walking with a pronounced sway in her hips. Today she wore a short black skirt and v-neck sweater — items she didn’t even own two weeks ago.

She smiled and laughed much more openly, and she was no longer embarrassed to talk about sex. Her closest friends noticed the changes immediately, and most of them recognized the glow of satisfaction in her eyes. They all respected Lekan for bringing out the woman in Bunmi. Many were even envious of Lekan’s obvious talents.

Bunmi offered to take the package, but Lekan insisted on carrying it. Silly, but gentlemanly nonetheless. She led him down into the room, where they usually studied. Today it was Government.

They had a final assignment due, titled “Nigeria’s best president.” Lekan picked Olusegun Obasanjo, mostly because of Obasanjo’s dedication and valour, traits that Bunmi admired in Lekan as well — in addition to his mind. He certainly was the only boy with the brains to pick a President like Obasanjo! Most other boys had yet to realize that intelligence was sexy.

As Lekan stepped into the room, he was surprised to find Bunmi’s two best friends, Nneka and Aishat, already there, sitting on the chair watching TV. He greeted them, and they both looked over their shoulders to greet him back. When they saw the DHL box, their eyes immediately lit up. They exchanged mischievous grins, and the race was on.

Nneka leaped up with sudden energy, “I’ll take that!”

As Nneka hurried around the chair, Aishat jumped over the back, “No! Give it to me!”

The girls collided in front of Lekan and snatched the package in a flurry of arms, hands, and hair. Lekan momentarily enjoyed the sight of these two girls fighting for his attention. After all, Nneka and Aishat were both attractive, and getting to hang out with them was one of the perks of dating Bunmi. Nneka looked especially good today, with tighter jeans and more bracelets, necklaces, and Latin flair than usual.

Aishat looked unkempt in comparison, no doubt straight from volleyball practice, in her plain sweatshirt and Addidas leggings, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

Aishat easily won the scuffle, and she turned the box to read its label. Nneka seemed anxious, “Is that it?”

Aishat squinted at the label and answered hesitantly, “Yes… Well… I think so…”

With that, Nneka snatched the box and raced back to the chair, Aishat hot on her heels. They immediately began tearing open the package, giggling nervously. Bunmi just sighed and rolled her eyes at Lekan. His curiosity piqued, he finally had to ask, “What is it?”

Nneka shot an alarmed glance back at Bunmi. Bunmi answered with a patronizing and dramatic tone, “It’s a gift for Nneka’s boyfriend.” She dragged out the “o” in “boyfriend,” as if to mock Nneka. Nneka didn’t seem to care — in fact, she seemed relieved — and returned to shredding the box.

As Bunmi and Lekan headed for the table where they usually studied, Lekan followed up, “Why was it delivered here?”

Bunmi dropped into a folding chair and nonchalantly opened her notebook, “Because she was afraid her parents would open it and start asking questions.”

Lekan didn’t bother to ask about Bunmi’s parents. They worked all the time and were never home. This was another perk of dating Bunmi.

So, while Nneka and Aishat unwrapped the mysterious gift, Lekan and Bunmi started discussing their paper on Obasanjo. Bunmi could honestly care less, but Lekan attacked the project with admirable passion and energy. As he sat there tossing out political facts with ease, Bunmi thought she could see his future. He would be a powerful and wealthy man someday, and it was incredibly sexy.

Her heart fluttered again, and for a moment she fantasizes about what she would do to Lekan if Nneka and Aishat weren’t in the room…

Nneka suddenly gasped, and Aishat laughed loudly. Lekan turned to look, but the girls were sitting on the carpet on the other side of the couch, so he couldn’t see the gift from here. Now they were whispering, and he heard Aishat mutter, “I told you!”

Something mischievous was happening. Lekan pretended to ignore them and return to work, but secretly he strained to hear their conversation. It was especially hard to eavesdrop on Nneka, because she had a slight accent. Depending on who you asked at school, Nneka was either half Igbo, half Ikwerre, or half Edo. No one knew exactly, but she had a naturally beautiful skin tone and curvy body that most girls would kill for.

This made other girls a bit aggressive toward her and intimidated most guys. For instance, Lekan considered Nneka way out of his league, and he probably never would have talked to her if not for Bunmi.

Aishat was much easier to hear. She tended to speak with assertive confidence, and it was unnatural and difficult for her to whisper. After another minute of whispers, Lekan heard her quietly exclaim, “Three minutes! Oh my god! I wish!”

This was followed by more giggles. Then Aishat said,

“Hold on,” and got up to approach Bunmi. Casting a devilish look toward Lekan, Aishat squatted beside the table and cupped her hand to whisper a question into Bunmi’s ear. Aishat’s confident, unwavering eye contact challenged and confused Lekan.

It was as if she was silently speaking to him with her eyes while whispering in his girlfriend’s ear. It almost felt naughty to return Aishat’s stare, but it cast an exciting spell. He noticed that her eyes were dilated and her breathing was heavy — signs of arousal. Something mischievous was definitely happening.

Bunmi’s eyebrows jumped, and she recoiled suddenly, “No way!”

Aishat took her eyes off Lekan to plead with Bunmi, “Bunmi! Come on! Just ask him!”

Bunmi sighed and paused to look at Lekan. Nneka peeked up from behind the chair. Lekan suddenly felt uncomfortable, like he was being judged without knowing what the criteria were. Worst of all was Aishat’s discomforting stare, which had resumed. He couldn’t handle much more of this, “Ask me what?”

Aishat instantly grinned, and Nneka leaned forward to hear. Bunmi frowned, and her eyes darted nervously across the table. Unconsciously, she toyed with a wisp of her short hair as she answered, “Aishat wants to know if you masturbate.”

As soon as Bunmi finished the question, her eyes shifted up and focused on Lekan. Her eyebrows lifted, and her lips hung slightly open in expectation. Lekan recognized this expression of nervous curiosity in Bunmi.

He had seen it a week earlier when she asked him if he would be disgusted by giving head to a girl.

Lekan’s answer to that question had opened the door to hours of fun — about an hour a day, in fact, ever since. And now Lekan could tell that Bunmi wanted to know the answer to Aishat’s question, too!

Lekan would have answered if he was alone with his girlfriend, but not with Nneka and Aishat in the room. He put his foot down, “I’m not answering that! No way!”

Bunmi’s shoulders visibly sagged, but Aishat persisted, “Come on, don’t be a coward. We won’t tell anybody!”

When Lekan still refused to answer, Aishat rose to her feet and turned to face him squarely. With surprising strength, she reached over his shoulder and forced his chair to turn on the carpet, removing his legs from under the table and making him sit facing the room.

Then, without the slightest hesitation, she straddled the chair and sat in his lap, her leggings sliding easily over his jeans. With the confidence of a bull, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rested her hands on the back of his chair.

The heat of her breath on his lips, she assumed a naughty tone and threatened, “If you don’t tell us, I’ll tell everyone about how quickly you ejaculated the first time Bunmi touched it…”

Lekan knew exactly what she was referring to, and it was supremely embarrassing. He knew that girls talked, but he never realized they would talk about something like that! He glared angrily at his girlfriend, but she was already on her feet, glaring angrily down at Aishat,

“Hey!! That was private!”

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