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August 4, 2021

Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine [Finale](18+)
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Edymaniac: The Dickmatized Temi’s Valentine [Finale](18+)

She smiled, rubbing her hands over his chest. “That’s more like it.” She turned her face up for more kisses.

She must have washed her makeup off the night before as well. She still had a smudge of black around her eyes, but otherwise, her skin was clean and clear. In the morning light, he could see all the tiny lines around her eyes when she smiled. She was still absolutely gorgeous.

And naked!

As she sat up to touch him, the sheet fell away. He caught his breath at the expanse of creamy skin, the two voluptuous breasts bouncing gently… nipples soft… inviting kisses.

“Oh, Temi!” He ran his hands down her body, pulling the sheet lower as his mouth sought her nipple. He suckled and she moaned out her pleasure, her body shuddering under his touch.

She marvelled at her body’s response to him. She had woken up feeling satiated… and calmer than she’d been in months. But as soon as he was near—his shoulder muscles rippling under her hands, his rough three-day beard scratching her breast, his warm masculine scent filling her nostrils—she was fully aroused. She was hungry for him!

The suckling on her nipple drove spikes of bliss through her. Her pussy clenched. She squirmed and moaned underneath him.

He slid one of his hands down to her pussy, fingertips rubbing lightly across the lips.

“Oh yes, yes!” she breathed.

He found her clit, already swollen. He traced around it, deepening his touch at each circle. Her eyelids fluttered closed. Her mouth opened in a silent “oh.” He began massaging with his thumb while he pushed his middle finger into her pussy.

She moaned and bucked into his hand, wanting more.

Without taking his finger out of her pussy, he moved down. She spread her legs wide for him and he took up a position between them. Her labia glistened and he watched his finger disappearing into her pussy and pulling back out, soaked with her juices. Her swollen clit was visible, peeking out of the folds of skin above her pussy, teasing him with its beauty.

He sucked on it, gently at first.

She cried out as wonderful sensations swirled through her groin at his touch.

He joined the middle finger with a second as he pleasured her. She humped her G-spot into his hand, making little desperate cries. His fingers became soaked as her juices flowed freely. He switched hands, quickly substituting two fingers of one hand for the other.

He moved his newly freed hand, stroking her skin between her pussy and her anus, then circling the tight star. She was gasping for breath, her body tense. He guessed she was close. He pushed his pussy-soaked finger into her anus, gently but firmly, sliding it all the way in.

She screamed in ecstasy “Oh fuck! Chidi! What? Oh, fuck!”

He wiggled his finger.

He’d had her right on the edge with his sucking and his fingers in her pussy. When he slipped a finger into her anus as well, she went into sensory overload. Her world exploded in a blinding flash of light and heat. Her body thrashed uncontrollably.

He pumped both his hands, his fingers sliding in and out of her tight holes in unison. He fought to keep a suckle on her clit as her body convulsed. She let out a piercing shriek and yanked on his hair, finally pulling his mouth away from her clit. He continued to fuck her with his fingers as juice gushed out of her pussy.

She spasmed a few more times, spent. She moaned softly as the world came back into focus.

“Chidi! That was amazing!” she whispered.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure….”

“Why wouldn’t I like it?”

“Some girls don’t. It freaks them out to be touched there.”

“Nobody’s ever done that to me before, but the sensation was incredible. I had no idea!”

His dick was bursting to get out of his trousers, which he hadn’t taken off yet. A small dark spot stained the front of them. He had been so turned on by her reaction that he had leaked profusely.

He pulled away from her so he could remove his trousers. No point in getting them any wetter than they already were.

“Mmmm! Come here, young man!” Temi was still trembling with the aftermath of a huge orgasm, but as she saw him slip off his trousers and his magnificent tight ass came into view, she was struck with another wave of desire. Am I insatiable?

She reached for him, and he happily moved into her arms, showering her with little kisses on her face and neck. Her spicy perfume from the night before had faded, replaced with a feminine musk that drove him wild.

He kissed her deeply. She sucked his bottom lip and his cock responded with a jerk.

“Temi, can I fuck you again? I want to fuck you!” he whispered in her ear. He ground his hips against her, his cock caught between their bodies in delicious friction.

She groaned. He forced his tongue into her mouth, thrusting with it. She sucked it.

His cock was leaking pre-cum. He fumbled for a condom. Once he had gotten it out of the package, she took it from him, her fingers cool on his hot cock as she sheathed him.

“Are you ready?” he murmured, the head of his cock pressing lightly against the folds of her labia.

For an answer, she pulled her knees up tight to her chest and spread her legs out on his shoulders. Her pussy opened and his cock slipped in—a snake disappearing into its hole.

He was totally turned on by her, but this time he had control. He began to fuck her long and slow, enjoying watching his well-veined cock penetrate and withdraw.

Her head fell back on the pillow and she watched his masculine face through lust-heavy eyes. Her hips rose to meet his as he slid into her, seeming to take him deeper with every stroke. Her clit swelled and throbbed. She purred.

At length, she disengaged her legs from his shoulders, wrapping them instead around his thighs. The coupling was tighter and he responded by picking up the pace. Still not too fast.

She moaned and her pussy tightened around his cock.

Good God, she feels good! He wasn’t sure he would be able to cum again, but his cock was plenty hard.

He fucked her, usually slow and deep, but sometimes picking up the pace. She orgasmed again, multiple times, he thought. Little ones. When he drove into her hard and fast her pussy would clamp down on his cock and she would cry out softly and dig her nails into his shoulders. After her release, he would slow down again. In and out, in and out, pleasure reverberating through his loins.

And each time he quickened the pace, the sensations became more intense. Sharp, stabbing thrills pierced him, agonizing in their sweetness. After a while, he knew he would cum again—but not yet.

Finally, she stopped him.

“Wait, Chidi. I need to pee.”

“Of course,” He withdrew reluctantly, keeping the condom in place.

While she was in the bathroom he went to the window and looked out at the wet road. He absentmindedly pulled on his shaft a bit, not hard, keeping the condom on.

His mind was drifting in sensual thoughts. He did not hear her pad up behind him. Hands slid around his waist and a warm naked body rubbed up against his. He turned and enveloped her in his arms, going in for a deep kiss on her pleasure-reddened lips.

One hand cupped her firm butt, the other found a warm breast.

A sigh escaped from her lips. Softly.

He stuck his tongue down her throat. His hand moved from her butt around to the front, sliding easily into her wet pussy.

She moaned and pushed against him. Still aroused!

He took her hand and led her to the large armchair, pushing it up against the dresser to stabilize it.

“Kneel,” he commanded, using his hands to guide her into a kneeling position on the chair, facing away from him, her elbows resting easily on the back of the chair.

He stood close behind her and ran a fingertip along her spine from the nape of her neck to the crack of her butt.

Her body shivered in delight.

His cock jerked up against his belly. He kissed her on the back of her neck and began to suck at the base of her neck, just above her collarbone.

She pushed her ass toward him, wiggling.

A low rumble came out of his chest. He took his ready cock and plunged deeply but slowly into her dripping pussy, gasping when the warmth and tightness enveloped him.

As he began to thrust with a slow, deliberate rhythm, she pushed back into him, moaning softly. The new position felt fantastic. Quivers of pleasure pulsed through her still swollen clit. She cried out softly as she orgasmed again, a tiny little thrill spreading through her. She was amazed she was still orgasming.

She shuddered under him and her pussy clenched, sending hot bursts of bliss resonating through him. He drove into her faster, pummeling her from behind. Leaning forward, he wrapped his arms around her chest, catching a breast in each hand. He rolled the nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

She clutched the back of the chair and began to cry out in short high-pitched squeals.

He had been close to orgasm many times already, and this time he let it take him, revelling in the feel of the release.

“Oh Temi!” he groaned as the deepest orgasm he had ever felt erupted from his cock. He clasped her tightly to him to as his knees weakened and his world went dark. He felt as if he were swirling into an abyss of delicious delirium.

The first thing he became aware of was moans—they were coming from him. He had collapsed against her onto the chair and was kneeling. His cock slipped slowly out of her pussy, and he grabbed it around the base to keep the condom from coming off. He was breathing heavily, collecting himself. His cock spasmed again eliciting yet another moan from him.

He slipped the condom off and tossed it into the dustbin. Sinking into a sitting position on the chair, he pulled her onto his lap and buried his face in her hair.

“Oh Temi! Oh, Temi!” was all he could manage for some minutes.

Finally, he pulled his face out of her hair and looked into her eyes.

Temi could tell his last orgasm had been long and intense. When he finally looked at her, his face was filled with both awe and something else—adoration?

They kissed tenderly for a few minutes. Finally, he pulled away abruptly.

“What time is it?” He looked around her at the clock on the nightstand. “Oh my God, it’s 11 already! I’m sorry, Temi, I need to go. I’ve got a job interview in an hour!” They both stood up and he gave her a brief but tight hug.

He quickly found his clothes, scattered here and there around the room. She sat on the bed and watched him get dressed, a sadness pulling at her heart.

As he finished tying his shoes, she said, “Will you give me your phone number Chidi? Do you want to stay in touch?”

His heart skipped a beat. She likes me! She’ll call me! “Of course!” He rattled off his number and she punched it into her phone. He felt his phone vibrating in his pocket, and he reached for it.

“It’s me. I just called you so you’ve got my number too.” She smiled at him and his chest tightened with emotion. What’s going on? I just met this woman. Have I fallen for her so hard already? Get a hold of yourself, Chidi. It had, however, been the best damn sex of his life!

“I’m sorry I need to leave so quickly. It’s probably just as well though. I can’t seem to keep my dick out of you, and it’s sore!”

She laughed. “I’m sore too.” She caught his hand and looked into his beautiful eyes. “Thank you, Chidi. I can’t possibly describe how much fun I had with you. It was… incredible.”

“Me too!” he grinned at her and pulled her close for one more long kiss.

“Goodbye, Temi!” he said as he made his way to the door. See you soon, I hope!

“Goodbye, Chidi!” She watched him walk down the short entry hall and out the door. God, he has a sexy walk! He looked back at her, smiled, and winked before closing the door.

She let out a big sigh and collapsed into the large chair. She leaned back, closing her eyes, and smiled. That was so wonderful! Will I call him? She didn’t know. She sat on the chair for quite some time, lost in remembrances of him, smiling the whole while. She felt more relaxed than she had in a long time—years perhaps. That’s what a night of fucking outrageous sex will do for you Temi!

Finally, she got up, poured herself a cup of tea, and went into the bathroom for a shower.

Twenty minutes later she was dressed and ready to walk out the door. When she picked up the room key, she found a large pink envelope underneath it.

“Temi” was scrawled on the outside in a large, swirly script.

She sat down on the bed and opened it, her hands shaking slightly.

The card was pretty, with hearts in various shades of pink. On the front, it read, “happy ‘valentine’ day,” where ‘valentine’ was a cutout heart. Inside it simply read, “from me to you.” And Chidi had signed it, “Temi, thanks for the best night ever! Chidi.”

Oh, that is so sweet! I’m not sure it was my best night ever, but close! I could get used to being with you, Chidi.

A sadness stabbed at her. She realized the odds were against them. There’s just too much difference in our ages, our lifestyles. And what would the kids think? Still, I hardly thought about Segun the whole time I was with him. Maybe I should see him again… just a few times. Maybe it is time for me to move on.

She looked down at her left hand, admiring her wedding ring. Slowly, she pulled off both the large diamond ring and the gold band. She slipped the diamond onto her right-hand ring finger and carefully placed the gold band in the pocket of her wallet for safekeeping until she got home.

She put the card back into its pink envelope and stuffed it into the side pocket of her purse.

She smiled. It’s a wonderful Valentine’s Day after all.

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