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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin IV (18+)

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Crazy Lenny: The Final Year Virgin IV (18+)

I did my best, thrusting into her faster and faster, squeezing her nipples, as we both went into oxygen debt, panting like crazy. Just as I felt myself start to cum, I pulled both of her nipples away from her chest, and squeezed them, probably too hard, as she screamed, but she also came once more, as I shot stream after stream of cum into her.

Gasping for breath, we held each other, as she lay atop me, her thick, curly hair all around us. I ran my hands around her back, as she continued having little shudders from the contact, then my cock slipped out of her.

Confession time. “So, about Tolani?” I began.

“Yeah? About why you turned her down?”

“Not exactly,” I admitted. “It’s about how I didn’t turn her down, but asked her to say I did. And why I’m going to ask you to do the same, for a little while longer. I can even offer 20,000 Naira as incentive.” I’d taken 40,000 Naira out at the ATM, thinking I’d need 10,000 Naira for each of the first three girls to buy their silence until I got to the fourth, but since Tolani had passed on it, I could split it up two ways instead of three.

“You mean, I wasn’t your first after all?” she asked, a little anger to her voice.

“Don’t be mad at me, Fatimi. I only asked Tolani to be quiet so I would have a chance to be with you, too, instead of Lekan’s stupid bet being over. I know that if I had to go back to being the one to make the first move, I never would. I really wanted this with you before we graduated and I might never get another chance. Can you forgive me?”

“And now you want me to be quiet so you get a shot at Chiamaka and Bimpe, too?” she asked.

“Yes. Is that so wrong? More wrong than accepting a bet or bribe to take my virginity, something I was always willing, but dumb-fucked unable to do on my own? If I had just been a normal guy, I bet I would have dated all four of you by now. I’m just trying to get caught up a little.”

She said, “A normal guy wouldn’t have made such a great study partner, Jide. So, I’m glad you’re not a normal guy, and could be such a good friend to me, instead. I can accept being your second lover, and yes, I’ll keep quiet. On one condition.”

“And what would that be?”

“You can keep the money, but I want a couple more nights with you, after Chiamaka and Bimpe are done with you, one before last papers,”

I could only chuckle, which made her glower at me. “What’s so funny?”

“Tolani asked for the exact same thing. Guess I’m going to be busy between now and then.”

“Oh, she did, did she?” Fatimi asked, before pulling her blanket over us and snuggling in tight against me. We soon fell asleep.


I awoke in the morning when Tolani snuck into the room she shared with Fatimi to get some clothes before an 8 AM class. Fatimi didn’t wake and I blew Tolani a kiss, which got me a smile. I hoped Bimpe or Chiamaka didn’t know I was in Fatimi’s bed. I knew they also had 8 AM classes, so I waited until 8:05 to shake Fatimi awake so I could give her a proper goodbye, then snuck back to my own apartment.

I ran right into Hassan and Ikenna, who were having cornflakes for breakfast.

“Where did you spend the night, Jide?” Hassan asked, grinning, clearly expecting any answer but the one I gave him.

“Fell asleep studying with Fatimi. She let me sleep in her bed,” Well, it was partly true.

Hassan and Ikenna exchanged the most transparent looks and I had to force myself not to laugh or smile. As much as I appreciated their concern for me, it served them right for plotting behind my back.

I said, “Got to get ready for my 10:30 class,” and headed for the bathroom to grab a shower.


Bimpe and Chiamaka, both asked me to study with them Wednesday night. I wondered how they were going to peel one of them off so the other could seduce me.

They could nearly have been twins, two beautiful ladies with similarly short hairstyles, petite figures both at 5’2″, the distinguishing difference being Bimpe’s pointy nose.

They had started out in the first year with Bimpe as Tolani’s roommate, and Chiamaka as Fatimi’s, but they bonded quick. The girls swapped roommates the following year, and the four were in the same apartments now.

They were also the girls most likely to be caught sneaking out of all three of my roommates’ rooms in the mornings, over the past four years. Why they never seemed to date one of them, I didn’t know.

I shouldn’t have bothered wondering which of them would pursue me next because the two decided to double-team me from the beginning.

I almost froze when Bimpe kissed me on the mouth while Chiamaka began licking my ear, then I let go and allowed them to take charge, as they both pulled me into their bedroom.

It would have been a tight fit on the bed if we had tried to lie side by side, but I was soon on my back, with Chiamaka riding my cock, while Bimpe rode my mouth. I was a little surprised that Chiamaka’s pussy was not quite as tight as Fatimi’s, even though she was an inch shorter, but I was sure not going to complain about it.

I let them give me direction here and there, still trying to look like I had no experience, instead of just being less experienced than my roommates.

Bimpe’s flavour was a bit tangier than Fatimi’s was, her clit a little bit harder to find, but her reactions once I did were explosive, coating my face with her cream, squeezing me between tight thighs.

“Oh, Gawd, Jide, I think I love your tongue,” Bimpe said. “You get a bit more experience and you could have any woman on campus.” I just continued licking, adding a finger into her when she asked, as I felt my orgasm getting closer. I focused on thrusting up into Chiamaka as she began moaning louder and louder.

I grabbed onto her hips, upped my pace as I lost control and came into her, just as her own orgasm started. I kept thrusting as long as I could, as she screamed and jerked over me.

Chiamaka fell to my side and Bimpe hopped off of me, to get into a 69 with her, while I watched, my erection returning in record time. Bimpe looked up, licking some of my cum off of her lips, saying, “Would you like to learn doggy style, Jide? Get behind me, and put that cock to good use.”

I knelt behind her, tempted to just watch Chiamaka’s tongue dance across Bimpe’s pussy, wanting to learn more when Bimpe wiggled her hips at me. When I fumbled a bit trying to line myself up with Bimpe’s opening, Chiamaka helped me, then licked at my underside as I slid into my last pussy of the four.

The sensation of having a tongue and pussy caressing my cock at the same time was yet another new one. I really didn’t last as long as I had hoped to. The girls didn’t seem to mind, as Chiamaka burrowed her tongue into Bimpe as soon as I withdrew, seeking her share of my cum. I just continued to watch, in awe at the erotic display in front of me.

They orgasmed simultaneously, then came after me one more time, kissing me, giving me plenty of compliments, before we lay down together on the bed, pretty much covering every inch.

“Time for us all to come clean, ladies,” I said, as Bimpe cuddled behind me, and Chiamaka in front of me.

“About what?” Chiamaka asked.

I answered, “I’ve known about the bet since the beginning. I overheard the whole thing through Tolani’s window the day it began.”

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