September 28, 2023
Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus VI (18+)


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Crazy Lenny: Old Dirty Principal Badmus VI (18+)

“Ooohh… Uggghh… chisos…” the Principal groaned as he pushed his throbbing cock along her neck and below her ear until it suddenly erupted. The abundant, firm young breasts’ flesh bulged up above her bra, giving him an amazing view of Nonye’s big, perfect breasts. He squeezed her breasts hard as his cum fired inside his trousers.

“Ohhhh so lovely… so big and firm.. ohhh god let me see them… let me see your breasts,” he grunted as he reached for the bra cups in an attempt to pull them down off her breasts, as his cock continued to spew cum into his pants. Nonye immediately slapped his hands off of her before he could pull her bra down. She pulled the top back up and quickly got up, planning on getting the hell out of there. She bent over to reach for her purse.

“Mmmm… Nonye… your ass… so perfect…” the Principal said as he had now reached down and grabbed her hips, pulling her back towards him as she grabbed her purse.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!” Nonye shouted as she stumbled back into his fat stomach. His wet cock pushed into her rear, and he started rubbing it on her butt while holding on to her waist.

Finally, Nonye broke away from him in shock. She turned and slapped him hard across the face before running towards the door. He made one last attempt to grab her as she unlocked the door. He grabbed the strap of her top and yanked it off, causing her blouse to rip open before he pulled it completely off.

It was a sight to behold for the old Principal as the 23-year-old’s tits jiggled and flopped inside of her bra as she fought to get out of the door.

“You asshole!” She yelled, pushing him away before finally fleeing through the door and slamming it behind her, not caring that he still had her blouse. She covered her chest as she ran out of the school through the back door. Thankfully nobody saw her.


Nonye lay in bed crying at the horrible experience. To top it off, she couldn’t talk to her future husband about it because he was still at the factory and wouldn’t be home until late. Besides, he would probably be happy to get his wish of having a stay-at-home wife.

Nonye couldn’t shake the feeling of the pig principal ejaculating in his trouser as he grabbed her boobs. The feeling of his fat cock throbbing on her neck and shoulder was so vivid. She finally got up and took a shower before changing into her pyjamas. She felt much better and decided not to feel sorry for herself. The Principal was an old pathetic creep who shouldn’t unnerve her.

All her life, she was able to brush off the creeps and asshole men she encountered, but Pelumi was no man… he was a pig.

Just as she was thinking about typing a letter of complaint to put the slob behind bars, she noticed her phone blinking with voicemail. She checked the message:

“Miss Nonye, this is Principal Pelumi. I want to apologize for my actions today sincerely. I don’t know what came over me… you are just such an amazingly gorgeous woman, and I had trouble controlling myself. But I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again. Further, not only am I going to reimburse you for your blouse, but I’m going to give you that 200,000 Naira bonus I mentioned if you come back to work tomorrow and forgive me.”

Nonye stared off into space for several minutes. His apology seemed sincere. And that bonus sure sounded nice. Maybe this was a wake-up call for him. After more rumination, she decided maybe she shouldn’t quit after all.

Tobi still hadn’t gotten home, so Nonye decided to turn off the bedroom light and crawl under the covers to sleep.

In the meantime, Principal Pelumi was at home stroking his cock, thinking of the lovely tits on Nonye. He had cum three times since the incident, which was entrenched in his mind. His voicemail to her was a bunch of bullshit, but he knew he had to apologize if he ever wanted to see the woman again. He had enough government grant money left to float a bonus.

Surely that would win her over. But if not, he would manage because nothing could take away the feel of her luscious breasts in his hands or the memory of her hot legs sketched into his mind. He knew it was too good to be true anyways and was subconsciously waiting for something to pinch him and wake him up.


Nonye suddenly woke up in her bed. She was disoriented before looking at the clock and realizing it was 3:13 AM, and she was in her bedroom. She was shaking, and her nipples were shooting arrows into her t-shirt.

“Ohhh god,” she moaned as she reached down and felt her swollen pussy. Her bed was flooded with her juices. She lay back down and fingered herself to the most amazing orgasm she had had in quite some time. All the while moaning and panting. Tobi was sleeping on the couch again, and she was afraid she woke him up.

As she lay basking in the orgasm, she felt a bolt of shock hit her, and she immediately sat up again. She realized what had prompted her masturbation session. It all came back to her… a vivid dream with none other than Principal Pelumi. But she was in control, not him. She was torturing him by tying him up and rubbing her breasts in his face.

And that fat cock… pulsating in her hands as she stroked it up and down, watching the expression of pure euphoria in his beady eyes. Then she leaned down and took the fat head of his cock into her lips and gave him the most mind-blowing blowjob he could ever imagine. But the look on his face… the fact that she had the upper hand… she was seducing him and had all the power.

He was putty in her hands. For once, instead of feeling inadequate, scared, disgusted by her boss… she felt amazingly powerful and confident and sexy as she sucked his cock for all she was worth.

“Oooohhhh… ooohhhh yesss,” Nonye moaned as she suddenly realized she had started fingering herself again while remembering the dream. It was as if she lost all willpower, and her hormones were in control. Before she knew it, she was cumming all over her hand again. Never had she masturbated herself to two orgasms and such little time.

“OOOHhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhh!!” she yelled as she lifted her legs into the air, still pounding her pussy with her fingers. Her whole body shook, and the headboard of the bed knocked on the wall. It was an amazing feeling that had become a rarity lately.

After she finished, she fell right back to sleep with her hand still in her panties.


Nonye woke up feeling a lot better than she had figured. She smiled as she thought about her crazy dream and the ensuing mind-blowing masturbation sessions. To her surprise, she was still very horny as she showered and soaped off her vagina and nipples.

“I need to have sex with Tobi tonight,” she thought to herself, figuring that’s why her hormones were raging last night, being that they hadn’t had sex since their argument. “Makeup sex,” she thought with a grin. She contemplated masturbating again, but she had to go to work.

“Work,” Nonye thought while getting dressed. Why wasn’t she sick to her stomach like she had been lately? Her pig of a boss touched her breasts and pressed his penis up against her as he ejaculated. Why wasn’t she fuming mad like yesterday? “His penis.” A shiver ran down her spine as she thought of the hard, fat cock… the same cock that she had taken between her lips in her dream, as she looked him in the eyes.

“Oh gosh, what’s happening to me?” she thought as she felt her panties getting very wet. She ran into the bathroom and splashed water on her face. She looked into the mirror and noticed her nipples were rock hard. Then the vision flashed across her mind of the look on the Principal’s face when he was exposed to her big, succulent breasts in her sexy half-cup bra yesterday.

The old, disgusting pig actually got to see her breasts! This thought sent more chills down her spine, and her pussy began to drip. In her dream… she teased the fat fool with her breasts, rubbing them in his face… it was so hot…

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