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May 9, 2021

Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XV (18+)
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Crazy Lenny: My adventures with the Landlord’s Daughters XV (18+)

“How’s this?” she asked her voice turning husky.

“I think my cock loves your pussy!” I cried out, the waves of pleasure making my voice hoarse with passion.

“This feels so good!” she cried. “Let’s not stop!”

Our hot wet bodies splashed around in the tub. A couple of times when my dick popped out of her, it slipped back inside as if it had a mind of its own. I grabbed her by the hips and began to pound her harder.

“Oh, yeah!” she cried out in reply to my thrusting. “Fuck me harder! Oh, yeah! Just like that!”

As we frantically moved together in this passionate moonlit dance, I reached around with my fingers and rubbed her clit lightly. I thought she was going to leap out of her skin as she came quickly. She stood up and reached back to grab me by the ass. I waited for her orgasm to subside for a moment and then began some long slow smooth strokes in and out. Very long, very slow, and very smooth, I pushed my cock into her and then out. But as good as that felt, we were soon picking up the pace and fucking like wild dogs. Her tight little pussy brought wild sensation after sensation to me. I could feel my desire for her growing and didn’t want this to stop.

Finally, she stood up again and grabbed onto me. “Let’s go inside!” she insisted.

We quickly climbed out of the tub and hurried through the door into the house. As she held up to turn on a light, I stepped right up behind her and my stiff prick found its way between the cheeks of her ass and nosed toward her pussy.

“My god, do you ever stop?” she said with a little laugh.

“Don’t you want me to keep it up?” I replied.

I didn’t give her a chance to answer and held her as my hips thrust forward, rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy, nearly slipping up inside her. She tried pulling away, but I held onto her and continued to rub myself on her wet pussy. In the soft lamplight, I could see the large lavish sofa next to us and it beckoned to me. Bringing my hands around to her shoulders, I pushed her forward and she fell onto the cushions, turning her head back around looking somewhat surprised. She turned around onto her back and looked wide-eyed up at me as I approached, my cock glistening in the light just inches from her body. I knew she could see the look of passion in my eyes as I pulled her legs apart and knelt between them. She tried to push away, a look of fright crossing her face.

“Lenny, are you okay?” she asked in a soft little girl kind of voice.

“I’m doing great,” I replied as I reached down to take hold of her by the hips.

Pressing my cock up into her pussy, I grabbed her hands and held them above her head. She began to struggle a bit as if to try and break free from my grasp, but I held her fast and began to work my cock in and out of her. My kisses began to fall hard and rough on her neck and shoulders. My teeth nibbled on her ear lobe.

“Lenny, I think you should stop, now,” she said in a pleading little voice. “You’re kind of scaring me.”

I chuckled devilishly and began to move against her harder and harder. I pinned her down against the sofa, holding her hands tightly by the wrists above her head with one hand as I moved my other hand down over her body, cupping her lovely little breasts and gently pinching the nipples. I began to thrust my cock harder and deeper up inside her. She was struggling more noticeably against me now, a vague look of fright in her eyes, yet the response of her body told me something quite different.

“I think you should stop, Lenny,” she called out louder.

I couldn’t believe the urgent feeling growing inside me, as if every little protest of hers made me desire her more. Did she really want me to stop or did she really want me to take her more forcibly? I knew that she felt my resolve as I pressed down upon her, but she struggled to free her wrists from my grasp. She tried to push me away, but I grabbed her wrists again and brought them down, pinning them underneath her. She tried moving against me with her legs, but only ended up forcing me more deeply into her body. As I moved in and out of her, she began to moan and writhe wildly.

“Mmm, Lenny,” she moaned loudly, beginning to yield to the urgency in the way I held her. “Oh, Lenny.”

“You are mine tonight, Ginika,” I said firmly. My body was hard and tense; my hand moved over her, making each part of her it touched my own.

“Oh, Lenny,” she cried, as her struggling began to turn to movements of passion. “Oh, god. I’m so turned on!”

Securing her hands behind her back, I pressed myself down against her body, my mouth kissing her neck and shoulders, my teeth grazing along her neck. Her eyes closed as her head swung gently from side to side, reeling in the feelings I was working so hard to create inside her. I continued to thrust my cock up inside her, a new wave of sensation sweeping over her as I moved up inside, deeper and deeper.

“Mmm! Oh, Lenny,” she cried louder.

My arms wrapped around her body, and I was sure that she could feel the strength of my body moving against hers, the raw desire as I thrust deeper and deeper. I nibbled on her ear, on her neck. Without letting my cock slip out of her, I got up on my knees, grabbing her hips and pulling her body up with me. I grabbed her long legs and held them up as I continued to plunge my cock madly into her pussy. I wanted every thrust to tell her of my passion, of the deep, strong desire I felt for her. Her eyes opened up wide and I was sure that she could see the passion in my eyes, feel it in the sweat that dripped down onto her writhing body.

Harder and faster and stronger I moved, her hot wet pussy squeezing my hard cock. I grabbed her long legs, raised them up and bent them up and back toward her shoulders as I continued to thrust my cock deep inside her. Every time she protested seemed to urge me farther onward, and I sensed in a very primitive way that she was enjoying it.

“Stop, Lenny!” she called out, her soft voice heavy with passion. “No, Lenny. Please don’t.”

But every time she said “Stop or ” “No” my thrusting grew stronger and harder and more urgent. I thought of the other times I had seen her around her parent’s house with her sisters, usually when she was visiting around holidays, in a lovely sweater set at Christmas, in a short little sundress, and I now remembered how I had wanted her then but hadn’t considered it because of her age. I could feel this strong desire as I pressed forward into her limber young body. I realized that I had wanted to be with her and now that it had happened, I would not be denied. I wanted her so badly tonight. As I pressed forward, her knees nearly bumping up against her shoulders, my cock burying itself deep inside her, I saw the fearful expression in her eyes begin to melt, stroke by stroke. She no longer was trying to push me away but was moving toward a climax of her own.

“Oh, Lenny,” she moaned. “I’m so close!”

I could feel the tension building in her body now as she wiggled beneath me, each movement heightening her impending pleasure. “Do you want to come, Ginika?” I asked wickedly, slowing down slightly.

“Please, Lenny!” she pleaded.

“Do feel me inside you, Ginika, do you feel my hard cock thrusting up inside you tonight? Can you feel me ready to explode?”

“Oh, yes, Lenny!”

“Oh, god, Ginika! Feel me, Baby!” I shouted out as I began to move as hard and fast as I could.

“Lenny!” she cried, her body writhing under mine now as I pressed my body down upon hers.

My arms wrapped around her tightly and I held her body hard and fast to me. My last urgent thrusts of passion brought me closer and closer. “Do you want to feel me explode inside you, Ginika?”

“Oh, god, I need to,” she cried out urgently. “Tell me I can!”

“I need to feel you come, Ginika,” I grunted loudly. “I desire you so much, I want you to feel me release inside you, feel it Baby! Feel my love and passion, Baby! I never want to stop!”

“Mmm,” she moaned, her body writhing with passion, her pussy gripping me tightly as rocked her hips as much as she could.

“Oh, god, Baby. I want so much to feel your body as you come,” I groaned.

“Please tell me I can right now! Please!”

“Come for me, Baby,” I cried out.

“Ooh, Lenny!” she shouted, her body shaking crazily.

“Are you ready for me to come in you, Baby?”

“Lenny!” she cried out.

We both must have felt my cock bury itself deep inside her as my cum shot up inside her trembling, shaking body. My arms pulled her tightly to me as I thrust. She quivered and moaned and called out my name again and again and again. With a final thrust, I collapsed on top of her and she moved her legs back down to the sofa. She wrapped her arms around me and she grazed her nails lightly up and down my back.

“Mmm, Lenny! That was so intense!”

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