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May 8, 2021

Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property V [18+]
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Crazy Lenny: Chioma, The Office Property V [18+]

Below it, her asshole pouted lewdly, shiny and red… I shuffled up on the bed, pushed her up against the bed head, and lifted her hips as I lined up my dick again. I could feel her wrist rocking back and forth as I thrust. My dick sank into her heavenly ass in three hot swoops. I felt the back of her hand against my shaft. It felt wicked, bizarre, intense… and Chioma and I had truly embarked on our great sexual odyssey.

I fucked her for a couple of minutes while she rubbed and caressed me from within. We kept on smiling at each other, chuckling at the rudeness of our position. She was shiny with lube from her waist to halfway down her inner thighs. My dick moved slickly, shafting deep, but we became uncomfortable, and instead of the usual awkwardness about saying it wasn’t working, and could we move, Chioma spoke up first.

“Why don’t I just kneel on the floor, and you can fuck my ass properly?”

“What makes you such a great slut?” I asked, shaking my head.

“Experience I suppose… I know the difference between good sex and bad sex, and I won’t accept second best.”

I couldn’t add anything to that.

Chioma drew out her hand, crawled onto the floor, and knelt so that she could brace herself on the edge of the bed. Her breasts were hanging down temptingly, nipples swollen, the heavy swing of them as she spread her legs and settled made me want to feel them around my dick.

“And I know that what I want is to feel your fist in my pussy while you fuck my ass…” She added as if it was a harmless afterthought.

“Working your way up to that feeling a size at a time…” I commented, seeing through her little game.

She gave dirty giggle and waggled her buttocks at me enticingly.

“I have to remember that I don’t need to play those games with you, do I?” Chioma asked, with a new note of tenderness in her voice.

“Only if you want to carry on giving me pleasant surprises,” I replied.

I took the bottle of lube and squirted it liberally on and in her pussy, added some more to her ass, and with a sigh of happy satisfaction, I gave her four fingers, straight in. She felt so soft and easy… her hips swaying back and forth onto my thrusts. I twisted and turned my hand, spreading the lube, so that her sex was making lovely sticky sloppy little sounds, and widening her for the bigger stretch to come.

Chioma was cooing and ooing with pleasure. I tucked in my thumb.

“Oh yesssss… oh yessss…” Chioma hissed, and I felt that now familiar gulping motion on my fingers… I let her open for me until we got the widest stretch, and then I gave a firm twisting thrust and moaned along with her as my hand sank smoothly in. Now I could really learn her cunt… I remembered my own words; there was no hurry.

She was so comfortable with my fist. I wouldn’t have to move quickly, like I was often forced to do, keeping one step ahead of my partner’s pain threshold.

“I think God made you for fisting, Chioma,” I said and began pulling my fist right back to the rim, and sinking it deep, again and again. The sheer elasticity of the woman was awesome! I loved the way her pussy lips expanded.

When I drew back so that my fist was almost out, my knuckles were clearly outlined as they slid from side to side beneath the stretched skin. I had the luxury of gazing on this completely nasty sight for as long as I wanted, until I thrust in once more, a glistening line creeping further and further down my wrist as I dug under Chioma’s cervix, pushing it, reaching into the softness, making her groan and arch, breasts as rigid as her nipples.

It was time to fuck my beautiful Chioma. I turned my hand palm up and pushed my dick into the slippery eye of her anus. Resting her breasts on the bed, she reached back, and guided me, pulling my dick into herself. It was nice to be wanted like that!

I felt the heat of her like a jungle steam, smelling her sex, her sweat; the perfume she wore that always gave me what I knew now were intuitive tremors. I groaned as I felt my dick rubbing over my hand, inside her, stretching the membranes until it was as if I was fucking my palm! I could actually fondle my own dick through her inner walls! It was the most shocking sensation I had ever encountered!

With a hoarse cry of abandon, I began to fuck her ass and fist her pussy simultaneously. The enema and the lube made her bowels a slippery, clinging, stretching sheath for my pumping dick. Chioma began to shudder every few seconds, I realized that she seemed to go into a kind of trance when we reached the extremes. Her breathing was harsh, almost rattling, her face when she turned it me was a mask of concentrated desire.

“Beautiful… yes… oh god Lenny… I… I dreamed and hoped… I wished… oh God… and… mmmmm… my wish came true…” She gasped, as I rode her mercilessly.

I felt nature wanting to speed me up, and let the pace quicken, pushing Chioma before the rising tide of my lust. My hand was almost wanking my plunging dick, fingers clutching at it through her rectum… and that made Chioma wail like a cat and cum.

Her orgasm was a wonderful thing, construction of the dazzling concept. She tore at her clit yammering with ecstasy, her cunt and ass muscles milking me until I felt the beginnings of bruises on dick and wrist. I had the promise of her luscious mouth before me, and it was beyond my strength to ignore that whim! I rode her through her spasms, clenching and unclenching my fist, trying to grip my dick through her.

She squealed, froze, and then jolted, hard, three times, throaty cries of rapture torn from her lungs. I eased her down gently, my dick aching with denial. I withdrew my shaft slowly, hearing her sigh, and then loving the last, helpless cry as my fist then passed through her vulva. She clutched herself, moaning loudly, rocking. I was in torment. I HAD to cum!

As soon as she had recovered a semblance of sanity, I threw her on her back on the bed and straddled her. Her luscious breasts swayed and invited me. She saw my eyes on them, and held them up, then pressed them temptingly together. My dick was slick with lube from her ass…

With a groan of delight, I felt her soft warm globes enclose me. Chioma’s wonderful breasts held me in a floating sea of pleasure. She pressed me tight and I fucked, hard… jamming my dick between the softly bulging globes. In seconds I felt my scrotum tightening. Bliss flooded my senses, and with a rapturous roar, I let go.

Chioma tilted her head forwards, and her mouth opened as I unleashed the first jet. It flew straight up her neck and splattered hard under her chin. She grabbed my dick like lightning, and jerked the next spurt out, all over her face.

Then she found her aim, and as I thrashed and wailed in the glory of orgasm, she stroked and sucked a stupendous load from my balls. Our eyes met, and I saw into the soul of a woman who loved what she was doing, what I was giving her… My croaky cries quietened as my streams of cum diminished.

She rubbed my still dribbling dick all over her sperm-wet face, and then drain off out a few final drops, sucking so hard it made me moan and shudder convulsively, then swallowing with a moan of satisfaction.

For the second time in three hours, Chioma was painted with my cum. Just to see my essence spilling from the corners of her mouth… the trickle-down her strong chin… was pure heaven. I rubbed my dick over her breasts and drank in her beauty to the full.

We needed to eat, we needed to take a few moments where we weren’t having sex or preparing for sex.

“I’ve said it before, but this is scary… I’ve never had sex… quite like this,” said Chioma, a warm throb in her voice. “I mean, I’ve done all that stuff before… though not necessarily in the same order… but it’s… it’s never felt so… well… good… I mean inside… oh… in my… my soul is what I mean.”

I took Chioma’s hand as she spoke, and rubbed her fingers gently.

“It all fits, doesn’t it? Like a jigsaw, you’ve had all the pieces to for ages, but one, the one that completes the picture.”

“Mmmmmm… the way you fit into me…” Droned Chioma, bringing it back to sex, but for all the right reasons. “Strictly speaking, there are a couple more bits of the jigsaw still missing, though I think I can see the whole picture now…”

“Missing? What’s that?” I asked, slightly alarmed. I was in such a delicious haze of happiness that any hint of displeasure concerned me.

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