June 9, 2023

Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife IV (18+)
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Average Joe: Helping the Neighbour’s Wife IV (18+)

She opened her eyes and looked at me through narrowed eyes. “Me too,” she said in what was little more than a whisper. “I think I should stay on my back…you go on top?”

“OK,” I replied, and we both moved closer prior to me turning and then swinging my body over her, careful to keep the duvet over us and also to hold myself up so that our bodies were not at this point touching. I felt her spread her legs under the duvet, while I placed my hands on either side of her neck, above her shoulders.

I was therefore above her in the bed, holding myself up with my arms, my legs between hers so that my cock must have been only 2 or 3 inches from her core, our chests and faces about 12 inches apart.

I was very glad at this moment for my physique, and I knew that the muscles on my arms, shoulders and chest would be clearly apparent to her. Again, I felt satisfied that my body was so much better toned than Nnamdi’s, and I was sure she could not have failed to notice that.

I was also amazed at the physical difference between her and Bisola, at how petite, slim and delicate her neck, shoulders and chest were when compared to my wife, and how enticing I found that.

My cock was incredibly hard and I savoured the anticipation that I was going to enter her in a few moments, while I looked down at her body. I could see the swell of her slim hip in the dark under the duvet, and the nearness of our bodies…

I realised that I had been devouring her body with my eyes and lustful thoughts, and quickly snapped my eyes up to look at her face. She met my eyes in return, her eyes wide as if with half-realisation of what I had been thinking.

“Ready?” I whispered softly, edging my cock closer to her entrance, without touching.

“Yes…” she replied, still holding the look with me, her eyes full of apparent trepidation, her mouth slightly open.

I moved my cock gently forwards and then it was touching her, the tip resting at the entrance to her vagina. Immediately I could feel her heat, and I knew that her brief masturbation had succeeded in arousing her.

She shifted her body slightly and then I slowly entered her with the tip of my hard thick cock, pushing the first two inches of my member into her. My eyes had remained on hers, and I could clearly see the moment when she first felt herself stretching around my girth and abruptly realised that my cock was much bigger than her husband’s, because her eye-brows lifted, her eyes widened and her mouth involuntarily formed an ‘Oh’ shape.

Her cunt stretched around me, deliciously hot and wet, as I proceeded to insert more of my dick into her. I could hear my breathing and see and hear hers, as three…four…five inches filled her, filled her with a cock which I instinctively knew from her reaction was bigger and thicker than anything she had experienced in her life before.

I saw her hands subtly grasp the bed-sheet to hold herself steady as I pushed into her, and she continued to hold my direct stare as her cunt received me, her nose scrunching up slightly.

And God, her cunt felt incredible. She was fantastically tight around me but stretching wonderfully as I filled her, and she was deliciously hot and wet. As the remaining inches of my cock slid into her, until I finally paused as my full 9 inches were consumed by her, I could not help but compare the tight gripping sensation on my cock with Bisola’s cunt.

And in this comparison, I knew immediately that my wife’s significantly looser cunt was a distant second, whereas Chioma’s cunt fitted my member like a glove. I had never in my life experienced such an exquisite feeling vagina.

As I finally stopped pushing my dick into her, I also saw Chioma’s face make almost a gasp, and a small involuntary shiver ran through her whole body, resulting in a lovely quivering sensation in her cunt as it gripped me. She lifted her head from the pillow and appeared to look down our bodies towards our joined genitalia, as if in confusion, before again fixing her eyes on mine with almost a plaintive look on her face.

I knew then and there that she had not expected this, had not expected my cock to be so much longer and thicker than her husband’s. I also knew then that she had been approaching this scientifically, not focusing on the act of sex but only on the result, thinking that she would lie there and without passion would receive my seed, and then the act would be over.

But that was before my dick had filled her as it had now, stretching her exquisitely, the tip pressed into her cervix. Before the reality of knowing that she was not going to have…passionless intercourse with me… but that we were about to have sex. She was about to fuck her best friend’s husband and feel a cock inside her that was much larger than her husband’s or indeed had significantly more girth than any cock she had ever been fucked by.

Her top teeth moved to rest on her bottom lip, her eyes held mine, and I started to fuck her.

I moved my hips to slowly withdraw from her, and then I pushed forward again, filling her gently but firmly, savouring the feel of her incredible cunt as my flesh once again slid into and through it.

I repeated this, then again, and again, slowly and steadily moving my hips to fuck my wife’s sexy best friend. My arms were still positioned above her shoulder, and I saw her fingers now clench the sheet to try to hold herself in place, but I deliberately pressured my midriff against hers with every soft thrust, pushing her up the bed, my balls resting against her each time she was completely filled.

Her mouth was now open and appeared to make the ‘Oh’ shape with every push. At first, it appeared that she was trying to remain passive and just receive the thrust, with her legs spread and her hips steady, with no reciprocal clenching of her cunt as I was inside her.

However, I knew instinctively and triumphantly that this was becoming more difficult for her with every withdrawal and insertion, and gradually I began to feel her cunt move to grip me on every inwards movement and release me as I withdrew. Christ, her cunt muscles were incredible.

This was all the encouragement I needed to increase the tempo, very slightly, fucking her firmly but with a gradually faster pace. This in turn resulted in more pronounced gripping motions from her cunt.

The sensations the little clenching movements produced for me were undoubtedly beyond anything I had ever experienced with Bisola, and I think she at this point recognised the same surprise in my face that I had seen in her moments before…this was sex that felt right, better than anything we had felt before in our lives.

“God, this feels good,” I uttered breathlessly, almost before I could stop myself, breaking Rule 5, as I continued to thrust my penis into her.

“Uh-huh,” was all she responded, her voice now as husky sounding as mine had been moments earlier.

I could not help but lower my body slightly as I fucked her, putting weight on my elbows rather than my hands. My face dropped to within inches of hers, our eyes fixed on each other as we fucked.

My dick continued to move…IN…OUT…IN….OUT…stretching her around my shaft, impaling her on my rigid cock. I was deliberately now rubbing my pelvic area on her clitoris as I thrust into her, and after a couple of thrusts adopting this motion I felt her respond by grinding her own pelvis against me.

“Nnnnnn…” She suddenly made this sound, half word and half grunt, and I knew that she was deeply feeling me, feeling this act of sex.

I continued to fuck her while grinding my pelvic area against her, and at this point, I moved first my right hand and then my left hand to seek out hers where they gripped the sheet.

My hands were much larger than hers, but as I thrust into her with increasing pace and force, I pressed my fingers into hers until our fingers on each hand were intertwined, the back of her hands pressed into the bed, and we were connected at the hands as well as the cunt.

Incredibly, this felt as intimate as anything we had done to this point, and we both recognised immediately that in locking our fingers together we had crossed a threshold of intimacy that our partners had not been expecting us to cross.

Our hands though continued to grip each other’s as I now started to pound into her, fucking her for all my worth, spreading her delicious cunt around my hard hot meat.

I lowered my body such that our chests touched, continuing to fuck her with increasing abandon, feeling her now hard nipples rub against me through the fabric of her shirt. As I now started to hammer into her welcoming tight vagina, grinding our pelvises together, our chests also now pressed into each other.

I was fucking her with complete abandon, withdrawing my 9-inch length and then powerfully thrusting it back into her exquisite cunt, feeling her body start to writhe beneath me with each thrust.

HARD…DEEP….my dick penetrated her, stretching her around me while my body pinned her petite frame in place. She had started to grunt with each inward thrust, a low guttural sound which was matched by my own panting as I pounded her pussy.

I lowered my head to her ear and could not help but lick her ear before whispering, “This is the most incredible sex I have ever had.”

This appeared to be too much for her, and the next thing I felt was her legs, which had to this point been spread, bending inwards to pull me tightly into her.

Then she was gripping me with her legs, holding my cock inside her while her cunt muscles clenched around me. Then her head came forward to nestle in the angle between my head and shoulder, and she abruptly said, “Fuck….”

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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