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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Finale] (18+)


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Average Joe: Adventures of Ahmed, My Roomie [Finale] (18+)

Ahmed slowly eased the head of his cock into Oluchi’s pussy. He went slow, letting her get used to him again. Finally, he was all the way in. “Oh baby, I love your cock so deep in my pussy. Fuck me like a little slut. Make me cum all over your cock. I want it so bad.”

Oluchi was sitting up on the table, watching Ahmed’s cock slide in and out of her pussy. “Do you like fucking my cock, Oluchi?” She gave a little moan.

Ahmed pulled out until only the head of his cock was in Oluchi’s pussy and held it there. “Answer me, Oluchi.”

“Yes,” she said in a long hiss. Ahmed slid his cock back in and stroked in and out a few more times.

“Will you fuck me whenever and wherever I want?” Oluchi answered him again, and Ahmed kept fucking her. “Who do you belong to, Oluchi?”

She paused for a moment. Ahmed immediately pulled almost all the way out and stopped fucking her. Oluchi groaned in frustration and looked over at me. “I’m sorry, Baby.” She looked back to Ahmed. “You. I belong to you and your big black cock. Fuck me, Ahmed.”

With that, Ahmed unleashed all of his energy on her. They were fucking so hard that our heavy dining room table was inching across the floor. Oluchi seemed to cum continuously, but it was nothing like the final one. Ahmed gave one last grunt and then began to shoot a huge load of cum very deep in Oluchi’s pussy. Her body seemed to explode, and her body actually came up off the table. I’ve never seen anything like that to this day. I don’t know why she came so hard; maybe it was her finally giving herself so completely over to Ahmed.

They lay there for a long time catching their breath. Ahmed never lost all of his erection, and he was soon ready to go again. He picked up Oluchi and carried her into his room, shutting the door. I didn’t really see them again for the rest of the evening, but I definitely heard them. All weekend, they were completely insatiable. I don’t know what Ahmed’s record for endurance was, but he was surely testing his limits. I know Oluchi had never had this much sex at one time.

When Monday morning finally rolled around, I was hoping that things would start to go back to normal. But I should have known better. Oluchi didn’t show up to any of her classes for a week. Ahmed was taking carry-over courses. He was pretty much done with school, with the exception of a few failed courses.

I would leave in the morning to the sounds of them fucking, and return home to find them doing the same thing. Eventually, Oluchi went back to class. But she and Ahmed would still rush back to the apartment whenever they got a chance.

Once, Oluchi had been particularly horny at home while waiting for Ahmed when I walked in unexpectedly. I never even saw her coming, there was just a flash of her presence, and suddenly, I was on my back. The next thing I knew, Oluchi was walking away angrily. She had been ready to jump at Ahmed when he walked in but instead got me.

Some days it felt like they were really rubbing it in my face. We would all be sitting and watching TV when all of a sudden, I would look over to see Oluchi blowing Ahmed or Ahmed getting ready to slide his cock into her. They just wouldn’t stop. Ahmed had always just worn boxers around the house, but now Oluchi was doing him one better. Most of the time, she wore only a thin cotton robe that was left open. There was never any relief.

Ahmed graduated at the end of the semester. Oluchi had only a couple of classes left to take, and she would be done by the end of summer. Ahmed was all set up to work in the family business as an up-and-coming business executive. He would inherit a portion of the business simply by joining and working his way up the ladder.

Oluchi took her classes online, and for the entire summer, they barely left the bedroom. They more than made their presence known, though.

At the end of the year, Ahmed finally moved out, and Oluchi went with him. I had no idea they were even leaving. I simply came home to find all of their stuff gone. No goodbye note or money for the rent. The landlord was gracious enough to let me slide a little bit until I could get another roommate in.

With the university resuming in October, I didn’t have much trouble filling the vacant room. And this time, I made sure to fill it with a guy who was more on my level.

I finished school but never really dated much. I was too scarred by what had happened with Oluchi, and I had never really had any closure on it. Eventually, I would begin to date again and even manage to get married. Years later, I ran into Ahmed and Oluchi while on a business trip.

They were on a vacation and just passing through. Ahmed had risen to president of the family business, and he looked good. He dressed well and still appeared to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Oluchi was still turning heads. She had her own small business that she ran out of the home.

They had married about a year after they left me and now had four kids. You would never have known it, though, to look at her. Age and kids had merely added curves in all the right places for her.

It was good to see them again, and it solved the nagging question in my mind about what had happened to them after all these years. Secretly, I had kind of hoped that they had not worked out and that things had ended in one of the worst ways possible.

But time had cured me of that, and while I was forever hurt by the sight of Oluchi fucking a guy right in front of me, I was genuinely happy for her. After dinner that evening, we would all go our separate ways. I went back home to my wife and family and never saw or spoke with Ahmed and Oluchi again.

The End

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