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Toun’s Circle : Episode 6

Written by @Miss-Ajomale

The silence during dinner was so loud, I could hear my heart beat.

He won’t look at me or even make a full sentence; his hands didn’t even slightly brush mine. I kept doing a full scan of the last six months since we decided to start dating officially. I didn’t find any wrong I might have done. I tried to ask what the matter was, but for some reason I was tongue tied.

Finally, when I found the courage to ask if we could leave, I realized we were at his place, so it was for me to leave when I was ready.

I wanted to get up to leave, but my leg won’t let me. I was starting to brew with anger when my heart said, what if it’s a work issue. But then , he would have told me , we talk about everything, even to how much he makes, how much he loses if he does, the deals he’s having issues closing, the ones has closed. So, it definitely can’t be work.

I thought to clear my throat to get him out of his trance.

“I think you should look for someone you could get married to”, he said. “You are not getting any younger.”

I wasn’t sure I heard him right, like he had been lisping and I had just been gazing at his eye movement.

“TOUN!” He tapped me and said

“Sorry, what did you say?”, I asked drawing imaginary circles with my finger over my ear.

“Please don’t make me repeat myself that took me a whole month to say.“ He whispered

I had felt as if we had been on a cliff and he had just touched me with the tip of his finger and I had fallen off.

I felt a sharp pain from the depth of my stomach, to my heart and straight to my head. I wanted to scream and ask if he had gone mad, why he didn’t just let us stay sex buddies. No one forced him to assume boyfriend position. He wanted it and took it with honour, even took all of me with it.

My feet felt hot and my head like it was contrasting. I knew it was best to plead the fifth amendment, because anything I say or pick up must surely be used against me in a court of law, considering the fact that we just came out of one very confusing case.

I found a way to breath and finally spoke.

“Please, why so?” I asked with pain and sadness in my eyes.

“I have decided to go back to London, I need to be with my son, I don’t feel his mum takes good care of him.“ He said

Sorry I forgot to say, he has a baby mama. A lousy one with so much drama at that, the drama in this narration made me skip that tiny little detail which is now apparently whale size detail.

What he just bloated was the lamest thing I have heard in a long while, Its like a busty girl cutting off her boobs to spite her chest, it just doesn’t make any sense at all.  The child custody can be transferred, it doesn’t mean the end of a good relationship, there must be something else up.

“Emmm…. Please why do you think, that’s a better solution? Is your mum not in London, she can’t take care of her grandchild or will she make hell out of it. And even, can’t the boy be here in Nigeria?” I asked him a thousand and one questions in a single breath.

“I have thought about all that.” He said, almost sounding like an imbecile to me.

“But also, I don’t think I’m good enough for you.” He continued, I was stunned for a moment, not this speech, I said to myself.

“Ah! You can’t be okay, is this some form of insecurity, because I honestly can’t make sense of anything you have just said, and to crown it all who says to a girl he’s meant to be dating to go married even if she not in any inch important to him. If you are bored, just say and stop chatting BS abeg” I ranted losing my patience.

I was more irritated than pissed. Picked my things and left. I scrolled through my phone as I tried not to break down and cry in a cab. There was no one to call, my sister never gets me, and so there was no use.  Ini and I had not spoken since the burial.

She had be trotting the globe and finding her peace and she said in the last and only text she sent me in six months, “off to find my peace” no call or updates on any social media.

The only way I knew to channel this pain was to have sex. It was the only way to get back at him for now, for the few hours I’m going to be feeling this pain. The funny part was I was the one who was meant to leave, I was due to off to London for my masters but I wasn’t going to end it with him in the bid to purse my new goal.

I told the cab man to turn and take me back to his house.

He was still at the dining table, fiddling with his phone. I was just about to call you he said. I understand you mu………..

I started taking off my clothes as I walked towards him, he tried to stop me, but I didn’t let him. I had him where I needed him to be.  Yanking off his clothes off him after I  stripped myself. I looked for his meat pack, it was always happy to see me, it ignored his boss’s unsettled nature, I sucked and gobbled him up, and we had the best sex till date.

It lasted for 25mins and I’m sure that was the best and worst 25mins of his entire life. I got up like nothing had happened, he faintly asked, with a smack on his face, “Where did that girl come from, where has she been this whole time.”

I smiled, wore my shoes and left.

It’s been the longest two weeks of the break up, found myself another like interest (the sub rebound guy), this one is just to converse with and kill the worries.

I had just picked up my visa from the embassy, was on my way home when I got a text. “I’m back, not back at that house though. Where do you reckon would be nice and tranquil to have lunch and talk”

Jisox! Finally, gist is here

I remembered Folarin and I had gone to a restaurant just at the street before 1004 estates.

She got there before me, which means she must have been staying on the island. She had already pierced her nose and got something tattooed at the side of one of her fingers. It looked really nice on her, wished I had the mind for any of those.

She looked finer and glowed better than the last time I saw her. I looked a mess.

“Babe, what’s wrong with you,” she asked. “You look tired.”

“Yea, tell me about it, well I decided to go for my masters, so I have been stressed a lot at work trying to do the handover and all.” I narrated with little or no interest in that subject matter.

“Thought you were going to quit that,” she said.

“Yea, I was, but you know how these things are.“

“And your lover?” She poked the gist’s nest.

I laughed. “Biko, story for another day.  So what happened, why did you leave and where have you been?” I asked.

“I didn’t choose this fate you know. I had suspected for a while that something was off about my family, my other mum especially, she never talked about her childhood or family, no man ever came looking for her. In short no one came looking for her. Except people from work and the people she’s in politics with and her doctor who is also in her political party. “ She began.

“Each time, I asked her she would say she was an only child and her parents died in a crash, just as my dad.” She continued

“Before the whole drama, she would have long conversations on the phone arguing with someone. So one day, I decided to call the person back with her phone and it was a lady’s voice. She had not let me talk before she said; “are you ready to give me my child” then I hung up.” I listened with rapt attention as Ini narrated.

“I became more confused because you know we looked so alike and she never for once gave me a reason to doubt my maternity.”

“The day we found out I had a dad, I went back home and found her drunk with a knife in her hand so I tried to take it from her then she fell and hit her head. I ran out of the house to look for help, I couldn’t carry her on my own. I called my weed guy to come help me when I found no one. On our way back, I saw a taxi driving away from the front of our house, but didn’t pay any attention as it could be anyone. “ Ini continued

“When we got up, we found her in a pool of blood, she had been stabbed with the same knife, and I got scared so I cleaned my finger prints off the handle of the knife. It was my weed guy who even called the police with my phone because I couldn’t even hold still and my alibi was a dealer who was also having police issues. He had to leave as soon as he was done with the call. I’m still surprised they never asked who the male voice that called them was.”

“On my way down, I saw the maid walk in, I asked her if she had seen anyone come in to the house and she said it was just you. I asked where she had been when I was looking for help and she said she went to buy something down the road. Hence why the police came to get you, and I’m so sorry about that.” She finally revealed why I was arrested.

“My real mum’s part?  Well that’s another hell, lets order and I would gist you as we eat, hopefully you don’t choke.” Ini trying to download to me all the gist I have missed.

“Well, she said she had noticed everything that had happened to her, was more of intentional then mere coincidence. But she wasn’t sure why. While she was in jail, one of the warders told her that if she ever left prison, she should never go home or stay close to her family.

Sometime again, her sister brought fruits for her and somehow she forgot to take them till the evening of the next day, she went to one of the warders she had made friends with to please help her cut it with knife as she wanted to have the oranges the normal way and not peel the skin with her hand and do the tangerine style. But when the oranges came back, the insides were dark purple. Then she knew she had a battle to fight.“

“She wanted to tell her mum, but she didn’t know how to without breaking her heart any further. So she made a plan with the warder, who had a brother who was a doctor to fake her death. She said it wasn’t her that was buried; it was a banana tree stem, two actually so the casket would feel a bit heavy.” I listened with all my heart to what seemed like Super Story.

“She stayed with the doctor for a year, till she could feel better and get herself back.  She sent the doctor to go check on her mum, but she had died from a stroke. Well who would lose that much and not be dead already.“ Ini continued her heart wrenching story, now I see why she wanted to disappear.

“She tried to kidnap me away but she dint want to raise any alarms and besides she saw I wasn’t suffering so she left.“

“She found my dad two years ago, tried to tell him, but telling him would spoil her revenge plans as he would try to talk her out of it and she didn’t want that. Besides she was married and didn’t want him coming around so she told him she left me with her sister because she didn’t want any future issues with her husband.“

“She was the one who sent the maid and the biggest joke of this is Olumide’s mum, my dad’s wife also met with the maid and paid her.  She suspected he and my dead mum where having an affair. He had come to look for me, but she won’t let him, instead, she threw herself at him and well he rejected her and stopped coming to the house, till that day he came.“ I almost screamed at the quiet restaurant.

“Wait.” I cut in, “how did you know this part? I asked.

“Well, the maid told me who the other woman paying her was, but I told her not to tell the police as there was no need. But I made sure I let the woman know I know what she did.” She said

“It was the maid’s boyfriend that stabbed her. He saw met her on the floor almost life less and still stabber her because he wanted to get paid.” She explained

“I told the police to drop the case because we don’t even know who paid them this time. My mum said this wasn’t her and olumide’s mum says her boys found her dead already.

Well, just I, she and the maid know she’s a part of the plot. But I still don’t believe her. I only told the police to drop the case as that was the only way they could shut up and no one goes to jail. There’s enough heart break in the world already, no need to add more.” I was speechless at all the details, I forgot my own heartbreak gist I wanted to give her.

I sat there hopping to be in shock but instead, there was a big breeze of relief following through me. I had for some reason thought it was her, humans can be that twisted.

“So what are your plans now that all this is over?” I asked.

“Well, settle in nicely. Sell that house sharply,” she said laughing. “And then spend all these cash wisely.

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