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Toun’s Circle: Episode 2

Written by @Miss_Ajomale

I said, “Babes, calm down! what’s wrong?” She went quiet, exhaled and said,

“Answer now Olumide! Is it not you I’m talking to?”

Meyn! Now this case was familiar, and this is how some babes start their madness.

Fola starts to laugh and am like is this one mad?

Abi he met her and lied about his name ni? But he’s got no curly hair and his mum isn’t half cast. He pauses to talk, Deola holds his hand to hold on and he says,

“It’s me she’s talking to, my name is Adeola Olumide Smith.”

GHEUN!! My ass got stuck on the chair

“And she was talking to me, but what I don’t get is what she’s doing here, why she followed me all the way, did you call my driver to know where I was? Have you being stalking me?” Deola said calm as ever.

In my mind am like what kind of proud fool is this one, didn’t you hear she’s my friend , I then cut in and said, “She honestly got here before you , she wanted to talk about the boy issues she was having, looks like you’re the boy issue.” I said

I faced him and continued, “Now that we are all here it’s even good sef. My friend likes you and she’s sorry she lied about an American beau. There is nothing like that o, I’m not even sure why she said that.” He smiled at both of us and said

“I figured so”, I looked at him and said,

“So you were just punishing her or you’re not just attracted to her?” He smiled again and said, “No, she’s a wonderful person and could pass for my best friend.” Ini started to sob again.

I passed her a serviette and told her to better wipe those tears because I was starting to get irritated. I faced Olumide/Deola and continued.

“So what’s the matter? Is it not safer to be with your best friend ni, or you have AIDS?”  He laughed and said “No way! I’m safe abeg o.” I asked,

“So, what’s the problem then?” He sighed and said, “She’s my sister.”

Ahre! (As the egba people would say) I exclaimed, Fola’s jaw dropped and his chicken fell off his mouth; Yes, the silly boy had been eating this whole time.

At this point, we were all lost.

He said, “She’s my stepsister” he continued “…we share the same dad but different moms my dad met her mom when he was on one of his long vacation from London….

“He and my mum had been fighting a lot that year and they had decided it was best for them to get separated for a while, I remember that fight because I was about 7 then. My mum wanted a divorce but he felt they could work it out.

He told me he was coming to Nigeria for a month but was gone a year and that was when he met your mom. When your mom was about 8 months  pregnant with you, he told her he had to travel for work but my mum had threatened that she would sell the house and go with me, my brother and sister  so he came back to make sure his family was still together.

My mum asked if he met anyone else and he didn’t deny. He said he met your mum liked her and started an affair because at that moment settling in Nigeria was making sense.  She made him promise to send your mom child support twice a year; break off whatever he had with your mum. He agreed as long as my mum would let you be a part of our family once you were 10, let him go back to name you and say good bye.”  He explained.

We were all still lost, as this seemed like “sharing life’s issues ” episode on radio.

He continued, “He came back to say good bye and to tell her what had happened, but your mum was so furious and upset. She said he was dead to her and she wanted nothing from him, she was able to take care of her child all by herself and she was going to give you her last name.

Funny she kept the name he gave you, he named you Inioluwa. My dad’s name is Adebayo Smith and that’s why your name is Inioluwa Adebayo Banjo. Your mum gave you her maiden name as your last name. I know all this because my dad, well our dad told me.

I have also been doing your transfers to an account dad opened for you. Your mom has the documents and all the access to it and, dad has your real birth certificate because your mom had thrown it at him when he told her he had to leave.”

Ini cleared her throat and said, “My dad is dead, my mum said he died in a plane crash and showed me where his remains were buried. We go there every year and she cries a lot when we are at his grave.”

“Well your dad isn’t, you’re a spitting image of him and he’s still alive.” Adeola continued.

“You see the day we met at the Radisson, I got home really excited that I met the girl I was going to spend the rest of my life with. So excited I told my dad about it and showed him a picture I took of you when you were not looking. He asked for you name and I said Ini. He said to ask for your full name and that was why I called that night and asked a lot of questions.  When you said your full name I didn’t need anyone to say we have the same blood in our veins, just with a different last name. I’m sorry if I led you on wrongly.”

He turned to me and said, “So, the girl I met at the fashion show  and saw at the hotel restaurant having dinner with some other guy isn’t you Toun.”.

With a smile I said to him, “except the psychiatric wards now looks like  Eko Hotel where they have fashion shows.”

I had to say that boldly before Folarin thinks I have been lying to him. I continued, “But I have an elder sis who is finer, lighter and with double Ds but she’s not back till next week. She went to France to study fashion merchandizing so you can get to meet her then, she’s just a year and half older than me.  But then again she could have been back for two months and not say anything to anyone; she can go a year without calling home. Is this who you saw?”

I showed him a picture from my phone; he smiled and said, “yeah. I guess.” I then said, “I guess you’re in luck then and even if it’s not her, I would hook you guys up, I’m sure you’re a lot better than the douche she’s with.”

Ini sighed with relief, “Guess, I would be fine.” she said, “and that woman has a lot of explaining to do.” Ini looked up at Folarin with a forced smile and said, “You! Is it not time you got serious with Toun?”

Ini turned to Olumide/Deola and said, “I guess its brother/sister ish from now on, sorry I was mad at you earlier, she said with tears in her eyes, my heart was broken for her, I walked towards her to hug her as tight as I could but she stepped back and ran out.

I wasn’t going to let her drive in that condition so I ran after her and Folarin tried to stop me but this wasn’t his call so I gave him the look to step aside, my friend was upset and he wanted me to stay and cuddle…. Mechew like he dint need to ponder on what Ini had just said to him.

I stepped out the gate and she was gone, gosh! It was 10:30pm already; I can’t even dare trek to the estate main gate to look for a cab. Luckily for me a cab drove by to drop some one off.

I called out to him TAXI! He reversed and asked, “Where ma?” he asked

“Town planning Anthony.” I replied.

“Pay 2000 ma.” He said.

I replied, “Huh? Because you are picking me from an estate? 1000 abeg and you are bringing me back here.”

Well, I don’t even have my wallet or bag with me so he’s got to wait and bring me back. I got into the cab then he turns and says, “Your money is 3500 o”….. “Oga you are wasting time, please am in a hurry.” I said.

He tried to engage me in a conversation but I was really not in the mood, I just wanted to be sure she was home safe. He asked if he could give me his number so I could use his service some other time. Well why not, I thought to myself, his cab was neat and with a/c plus he drove well, so I gave him mine too.

We got to Ini’s house and I was relieved when I saw the car she drove parked in the compound also her mum’s second car and thank God there was no shouting. The doors were opened and that was strange. The maid came in with a bag but I couldn’t care what it was.

I asked her where her madams where and she said they should be in their rooms that she just got back from her uncle’s place in Iyana Iba.

“At past 11?” I asked.

“Na wa o, you dey enjoy and your madam no go vex.” I said.

She replied, “No o! She go kill me this night.”

“WO! You would be fine.” I said to her.

Well, the cars were packed so I figured she was safe, my conscience was sorted. There was no use going up so I got into the cab and left.

Back at Folarin’s, the conversations were in bits, but there were butterflies in my belly. He had told me he called my mum with my phone after some missed calls from her to say something came up and I had to go to work but I forgot my phone at his, so that was sorted.

I called Ini to be sure she was okay, she sounded fine and said Olumide had also called to cheer her up.

“Your mum, did you speak with her?” I asked.

“I’m not in her mood” she said, “Besides, I think she’s sleeping, you know once its 9pm. She’s off to dream land.” She continued.

“Alright love, I would speak to you in the morning, I’m sleeping over at Folarin’s, I think what you said got to him, he’s been all quiet and he called my mum to say I won’t be coming home, but he didn’t say I was at his. I’m sure it’s so she won’t call all through the night to be sure I wasn’t trying to get pregnant. “ I said.

She laughed a bit, sha call her this night so she won’t be suspicious or what do you think? she asked.

I called my mum immediately. “Mummy it’s me, sorry, I rushed to work and forgot my phone; one of our staff wasn’t around so I had to cover for her”.

“Ok o, just be more careful and don’t get me worried next time”, she said and went further to ask. “Who was that young man that called?”

“Oh my friend Folarin, I forgot my phone with him”, I replied.

“Okay, good night, see you tomorrow morning, and don’t get to this house late, she said. Yes ma, I replied and the line was off.

Folarin and I talked all night about everything and anything, the only thing that won’t leave my head were things he said that got my attention.

He was afraid of how much he would love me and that was why he dint want to be committed and how much he hated my job because it was too risky and takes the most of me, he can’t see me during the week cause I might be on a shift when he’s free.

Well, I was just promoted from side chic to girl-friend. I picked my phone to see how my friend was doing and to give her the juicy gist. This girl sha, I said to myself, she can worry for the world, she already sent a text at 4:30am.

“I think someone tried to kill my mum, she was stabbed in the stomach, been in the hospital since 1am, didn’t want to bother you so I called Olumide. She’s in a coma, the hospital made us call the police and the police took our statements. My house girl said she saw you leaving the house before I came into the house, did you see any one leave?” Her text message read.

I was about to shout Folarin’s name when he ran up and said “What’s going on, the police are here asking to see you”

I went down in Fola’s tee and boxers to see what they wanted.

“Are you Toun Cole”, they asked?  “Yes”, I replied.

“Please you have to come with us, you have the right to call a lawyer and whatever you say or do can be used against you in the court of law.” One man in no uniform said to me.

The fuck! Am I actually getting arrested? This only happens in the movies. “Please can I see your badge or I.D?” I asked.

He reached for his pocket. “I am detective Shola Omotosho and you have to come with me now.” He said.

Folarin wanted to come with me, but I thought it wise he goes to get a lawyer.

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