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Shoes for all

Formal shoes

A pair of classic oxford shoes could potentially win you a job interview. There is nothing as bad as wearing scruffy or casual shoes for a job interview or with a very fine crafted suit. You know they say, “First impressions count”

Casual shoes

Casual shoes come in all shapes and forms, Plimsolls, loafers, slippers etc. A good pair of loafers or slippers are good combinations with casual outfit be it chinos, jeans and even native. Please don’t wear plimsolls with native o, LOL 🙂

Shoe Care

Every man needs a shoe care kit and shoe trees. This pair is made out of cedar wood, unpolished so it soaks up the moisture from your shoes after a long days wear, the essence of this is to keep the leather for a long period of time. Shoe trees also keep shoes in good shape. Shoes need to be polished often, a good shoe care kit comes with a duster, applicator brushes, shoe shine brushes, different shades of shoe polishes / shoe cream and a shoe horn etc.

Tip – if you wear a brand new shoe 5 days a week, it won’t last for too long. shoes are meant to be worn not more than 3 times a week, rotate you shoes so it has a longer life span.

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