February 24, 2020
Guest Post: Best Friend With Benefits (18+)

Guest Post: Best Friend With Benefits (18+)

Its the time of the semester when every student on campus will be very serious, exam starts in two weeks and every class on campus is usually flooded with students both the serious and the not so serious who stay in school overnight.

Since most students stay off campus this period can be used for revision and studying with friends and course mates. Fortunately, some dirty guys like me a 300 Level student of Mass Comm cherish this opportunity just not for the reason it was given.

Bola is a 400l student of Microbiology, a very beautiful girl in her early twenties, light skinned, oval shaped face and pointy nose, she’s one of the kinds of girls I like to call ”petite” what she lacks in body size she makes up for with a nice round sexy ass, a large boob I always feel is too big for her chest.
I met her during one of the days I went to the bank for a withdrawal and we’ve been best friends ever since.

Always calling and chatting her up, even chilling at the sports center a couple times.
The only problem I have with Bola is that she won’t come to my hostel, she’s a policy kinda girl and she said all her stay in school she has never gone to a guys hostel, so its a no go area when we talk.

“Hello, Big head where are you?” I asked while talking to Bola over the phone

“I just got into the school premises, small brain” replied Bola with her nice childlike voice

“Come and meet me at the science room, hope you brought food tho?” I asked with a playful voice

“Yeah I did, the only problem is you won’t be the one eating” she clapped back laughing

After about 5 minutes I saw at the entrance of the class, she was putting on tight-skinned dark trousers, a blue top a bit faded, with a scarf tied on her head. I signaled to her and she came to sit by me. We talked a little, ate the food she brought and started reading for about 2 hours.

“Do you want to walk a bit ?” I asked bola looking at her tired pretty face.

“Yeah sure” she replied

So we held hands and walked around the school premises which was quite empty since most of the students are either asleep or reading in the classroom.
After walking for about 30 minutes we sat at a bench in one of the dark areas and talked about lots of things. Guess she was feeling cold and moved in a bit closer, cuddling with me with her head resting on my shoulders.

There was a brief moment of silence as a sharp guy I say make I shoot my shot went in for the kiss and she brought her head closer to mine, I was in luck. This is Bola, a girl one year my senior, one of my major fantasies for nights I’m lying down in bed jerking off here, kissing me.

Slowly her hands were moving through my hair and neck region and I was moving my hands right down to her a waist area, kissing her lower lip while she worked her magic on my upper lip. Now she was throwing her tongue at me while we kissed and I did the same, soon we were French kissing.

Now I felt I bit bolder moved my hand very slowly off her waist to her boobs while the one held her face closer to mine, she must have been feeling pretty turned on too cause her hands were on my jeans now, rubbing my dick off my jeans. I was squeezing her boobs hard and a bit rough because she had her bra on, slipped my hand into her top and started squeezing her boobs, then I unstrapped her bra after we stopped kissing for a very brief moment.

Under her blue top now she’s completely braless and the idea of having a make out session with her was turning me on real bad. Its quite obvious that she’s horny too as she told me to take off my jean,  like a servant to his master I  obeyed, behold my dick sprung to life finally free from the bondage of the jean and boxers.

She went on her knees while I was still seated on the bench.

Slow strokes at first, while I was still trying to reach for her lips to kiss, then after increasing the pace of each strokes at my demand she kissed the tip of my cock, I could feel a sensation run through my body and she started sucking me off, one hand stroking me gently while her lips move up and down my cock, the other on my chest flicking my nipples i was in pleasure.

I asked her to take off her top and she did and the large boobs was in sight now, topless, with her jean still on , kneeling and sucking me off in the school premises.

I asked to return the favour, at this point I was completely naked and I helped her get off her tight jeans bringing down her panties at the same time, completely naked, i asked her to lay on her back, I started kissing her lips and slowly I was going down, sucking her nipples while my finger was circling her crotch area stimulating her clitoris.

After sucking the nipples and bola letting out moaning sounds I proceeded to her navel area kissing round her belly button at this time  the tip of my finger was going in and out of her clean tight pussy slowly. The I started kissing her thighs slowly going from her  left thigh to the right thigh with my finger still going in and out of her pussy.

After the kiss on her thighs I brought my face to her pussy, exhaled on her pussy which caused her a tingle and started eating it out, I was sucking on the clitoris and inserting my tongue into her pussy after enough sucking, I could tell she was in Heaven.

After enough eating out, I told her to bend over on the bench and she did, her round ass facing me, with dick wet from her saliva, I still salivated my dick and her pussy, held her waist and guided my dick into her wet pussy and started pumping from the back, sometimes real fast sometimes real slow. She was letting out loud moans I was scared We’d be caught but I didn’t mind anyway. I was fucking her real hard and she was enjoying every bit still begging me to go harder

After about 10 min I sat on the bench told her to climb me, she did and started fucking me going up and down on my rock hard dick, while her lips was in mine kissing each other guess she felt the taste of her juice in my mouth and she liked it cause she wouldn’t let our lips part. My hands wouldn’t stop one place squeezing her nipples, grabbing her waist, holding her neck.

At one point she was close and started going up and down real fast let go of my lips making moaning sounds i moved my hips to match the rhythm and we came together. After about 3 minutes of holding each other tired, exhausted and satisfied she let go of me.

We got dressed, went back to the class and slept till the next morning.

Written by KB W

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