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Grace gets busy with Oga’s brother (18+)

“No pinch am again” Grace scolded the youngest child

Sitting cooked up on a bus with the children is one thing Grace never looked forward to. They were all traveling to Suleja for the naming ceremony of her oga’s brother’s new baby.

The children kept fighting and pinching each other making her imagine throwing them out of the window. She rearranged the children’s sitting arrangements which seemed to calm their fighting. After another hour of grace getting pinched or getting bitten, they arrived Suleja. They dropped and her madam stopped a tricycle, they stuffed themselves into the tricycle and soon they arrived at their destination. Her oga and his brother share a lot in common with her oga only difference is her oga’s brother had more money and lived in a house with a gate and owned a small car.

“Ah my Abuja people don show” Oga’s brother said walking towards them

The children ran to hug him and he took turns lifting them up, complaining about how big they had become. The compound looked ready for the celebration, they were plastic chairs put out for those that would come in to greet the new mother and also drink beer before the naming day.

“Ah ah even Grace don grow finish” He said giving her a look she had seen so many times before. She looked away feigning shyness and carried their bags inside. The house was filled with relatives that came early, some to help out with the preparations.

After she dropped their bags, she went to the outside kitchen around back to see if they were anything she could help with. There wasn’t much work to be done so her help wasn’t needed, she left the kitchen and went to sit by the verandah. The compound smelt like food with children running around while on one corner men sat and drank and gisted loudly. It was already dark but people still trouped in

“Eh Grace eh you come” He said standing up

“Go open gate” He said to her

She headed to the gate and opened it, he drove out and stopped

“Close the gate come enter” He called out

She closed the gate and joined him in the car feeling awkward

“I forget to send person to buy more drinks” he said

His breath smelled like alcohol, they drove in almost complete silence for a while, he drove through an empty untarred road making her feel a bit nervous. Soon they arrived one joint and he stepped out to go talk to someone, crates of drinks were brought out and she went out to help load it into the car.

She caught him staring at her breast whenever she bent down to carry a crate. Soon all the drinks were in the boot, he paid for the drinks and they headed out

“You strong o” He said laughing

She smiled back at him and saw him staring at her boobs, she felt her nipples harden and looked out the window.

“Not like all these our youth that is just lazy” He said placing his hand on her thigh

“Just keep being hardworking eh” He said his hand riding up her thigh

“You know you are now a full woman,” he said pushing his hand further up her thighs

She stiffened when she felt his hand stop at her crotch

“Just relax eh, small small eh” he said

He poked her pussy through her pant which made her suck a breath in, he took a turn and parked under a tree. When he turned off the car they got plunged into darkness, he shifted her pant to the side and poked her pussy making a moaning sound, he pushed his fingers into her moaning louder.

A gasp escaped her when her seat started to lean backward

“No worry, small small” He whispered in the darkness

He struggled to join her on the seat but after a while was straddling her, she had his zip unzip and he struggled to get his trousers down. He parted her legs slightly before pushing his dick into her, he sighed heavily when he was fully inside her.

Grace liked how he rubbed against her clit with every movement but swallowed her moan

“Ah ah ah” He moaned as he thrust in and out of her

He panted as his movement got faster and faster, she wanted to grab him and thrust to match his movement but didn’t, he growled and mumbled incoherently before he pushed in deeper and shot warm cum up her pussy. He pulled out and struggled back to his seat.

They drove in silence and while they waited for the gate to open he counted some money and gave her. Grace felt a smile growing but looked away instead tucking the money away.

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