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17 Awosika : Episode 6

Martins woke up from his short nap, walked to the balcony of the terraced suite , he could see the streets of V.I from high up , it was not so busy tonight, cars were speeding back and forth, some were walking, it was just 10:30 pm.

He was nude, he looked back and Tinuke was still asleep, naked with the duvet covering just her belly area leaving her boobs and perfectly shaped long legs visible for Martins.

He just had the time of his life, closing earlier than usual to make this appointment, they had planned to eat out and just talk, but she flipped the agreement and made him come to her hotel room at 4Points. Martins knew her coming back to re-unite will only mean they would be shagging recklessly, she had a thing for sex even before she left for the states, she was his best partner in sex, she never turned down anything he wanted in bed, they were adventurous in bed but now, she has acquired Masters of Arts in Bedmatics and PhD in Sex stunts.

He looked at her in bed from where he was standing and wondered if she went for a course on how to shag so beautifully awesome, note to self: Tell Kemi to hone her shagging skills more, He thought about it again; how should I tell her that, it will lead to further questions from her. Note to self : Kill the Tell-Kemi-to-hone-her-shagging-skill Idea.

She told him that she hadn’t shagged in a while now, she had been too busy with the new company they were setting up, he wanted to believe her but he just couldn’t, knowing her for who she was. He looked down at his dick and was proud of it for a quick minute, recalling the events from when he entered the room.

He could remember how it all started as he walked into the hotel room, She made him sit on the bed, talked for another few minutes and started undressing him, he didn’t like being treated like a gift but what the heck, she was slowly undressing him while he was seated, talking with him as she unbuttoned his shirt,

He tried to kiss her but she pulled her head back, continued to undress him talking to him about how her day went in sweet whispers, she took off his shirt and his singlet, the thought of a woman taking off his clothes alone was getting him hard down south, she unbuckled his belt, unhooked his trouser, and unzipped his zipper.

She could feel the hard-on in his crotch. She asked him to stand up, when he did, he trouser felt to the ground, living him with just boxer short and a developing hard-on, she knelt in front of him, with her face and his waist on the same level, she dragged down the his boxer short and it sprung out, a little smile came on her face.

She didn’t have much of undressing to do, she was wearing a short black gown, she asked him to unzip her from behind, she took her hands out of the armless gown, the top came down but her hips couldn’t let the gown fall to the ground, so she put her legs together more and pulled it down.

He couldn’t believe his sight, she was wearing a red flowery pattern bra, with a red G-string as well, her boobs were threatening to fall out of the bra, the sight was killing Martins but he didn’t have a choice, his dick was jerking involuntarily, it was her show to run, she unhooked her own bra from the back, took out the straps, waiting for the expression of his face, he was lost, she took off the bra, her boobs fell to her chest, the sight was lovely with her areola looking beautifully dark, her nipples still good-looking as ever, she pulled off the G-string, he couldn’t take it anymore, he went for her and threw into the bed, they both giggled, like when they were young, they went under the duvet and shagged their brains out.

The Vice President was getting impatient, he had re-activated S.O.D with limited privileges because of the nature of this kidnap, and within the first few days, all they were telling him was grammar, pure security jargons, his wife was freaking out and he also wanted to but he couldn’t, he needed to maintain composure as a retired military man.

The President had called him to console him but he was sick and tired of all the condolences, his son wasn’t dead yet, all he wanted was to be left alone, this was certainly the work of his detractors, why would anyone want to do this to him, the agony of losing a son.

If it was money they wanted, it wouldn’t be an issue, he couldn’t understand why they were holding his son and asking for a prisoner to be released, and they hadn’t even mentioned which prisoner they wanted him to release, he picked up his phone and dialed Morris

Morris picked up “Hello Mr. Vice President”

“Morris, you and your people don’t have anything for me yet”

“Sir, we need more time, we’ve been able to gather some Intel but it’s not concrete yet”

“Is that all you want to tell me?”

“Sir, we’re working on all the leads we have, but like I said earlier on, they’re an organized sect, they’re probably ex soldiers, but we have 2 new leads”

“I’m listening, please continue”

Morris replied “The 2 leads are; One is a female banker that we noticed a certain pattern in the financial transactions she handled for her customer, she moves below the EFCC radar, she transfers money to an offshore account in Singapore”

“So, what has that got to do with anything?”

Morris replied “The Singaporean company has been shut down by their government a couple of years back due to connection with organized crime detected by their government”

VP replied “I still don’t get”

Morris replied “Sir, the company is partly owned by a Nigerian; he has been on INTERPOL’s watch list for over a decade now, he’s into every kind of illegal business, he’s into drugs, kidnap, oil bunkering, arms trade”

“Okay, but where is he now?”

“From our Intel, we believe he is in Nigeria and currently spearheading this kidnap”

VP got impatient and asked “So, why haven’t you arrested him, do we have a name for him yet?”

Morris replied “His name is Steven Irokin sir, but we’re not sure if that’s his real name because we have cross referenced his name with all central bank data, banking transaction, flight manifest, SIM registers, Police data, LASTMA data, FRSC information, everything, we still can’t get anything on him yet, we believe he’s using another alias here, Sir, we have put out an APB on him. ”

“Okay, let me know how that goes, what’s the second lead”

“Yes sir, the second lead we have is Malik”

“Wasn’t he one of your squad members?”

“Yes, he was, he was the one who shot the man at the border during the raid”

“Oh yes, and the President decided to shut down the S.O.D”

“Yes sir”

“So, what do we have from that now?”

Morris replied “He’s been working under-cover as a tout in Bariga area but he was able to give us some info about a south south crew trying to recruit for a Lagos job”

“I’m listening”

Morris continued “He was contacted for a job on the island the same night as the night your son was taken; we believe that the job was to kidnap your son. He has gone back undercover to see if he can learn about anything new”

VP replied “Ok, I think we’re making progress now, let me know how it goes..”

Morris replied “Yes sir”

The line went dead.

Lanre was sitting in the interrogation room, it was a well illuminated room, full white fluorescent light, with a table firmly rooted into the ground, the room was plain without any furniture asides the table and 2 chairs, and a huge tinted glass at one end with a camera monitoring the activities of the room.

Kemi was sitting directly opposite Lanre, she was sweating despite the 3HP A.C’s, he was staring blankly at her for over 30 minutes, all sorts of thoughts running through her mind, how she was going to spend time in jail or probably be held for treason, she would be a scape goat, but she couldn’t tell them anything else her mother will be killed, the embarrassment she would go through with family and friends.

He was a beginner to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), he was trying to read the situation, he could tell that she was scared shitless, she wanted to talk but just couldn’t scale through the fence of trusting this people, she didn’t really have information but no one will believe her.

He broke off the silence and said “Kemi, before I continue let me say this, we don’t want to torture you, so please just answer my question truthfully, I like you, you’re very beautiful, if we weren’t in this situation, I would probably ask you out, you’re stunning, I would totally hate to damage you , physically or emotionally”

The words were hurting her more than any needle could, she was sweating and crying at the same time, Kemi was one of those people who the thought of torture alone can make them shit their pants.

Lanre continued “How long have you been working at that Bank”

Kemi stammered “3 yeeearrs”

He knew his technique was working, she was already fidgeting, and she would give him whatever information he needed.

Lanre asked “How long ago did you meet the man you’ve been transferring money for”

“alllllllll most 2 yeaaaaaars” Kemi stammered again

“Have you always laundered money for him or when did this start?”

“No, he he opened an account with me and put some money into it, he also helped me meet my target a couple of times, the money laundering started about 8 months ago” Kemi replied stammering

Lanre beckoned “Go on”

“He called me a couple of months ago and asked that I open another account in another name, I obliged what he asked and then he gave me further instructions, I questioned them”

Lanre stopped her and asked ” Be specific, say everything, we need to know everything that transpired”

“He wanted the account to have false names and addresses, and transferred secretly abroad”

“and you did all this without reporting it? You think we wouldn’t find out?”

“I wanted to but he threatened to kill my mother, he has people everywhere” Kemi cried

Lanre continued “Ok, I get all what you’re saying, but you could have found another way”

“I couldn’t, I was too scared to do anything other than what he told me to”

“Do you have any address for him?”

“When he started blackmailing me, I tried to visit him using the address he used to open the first account but that was fake, the address was a bare piece of land”

“So, you don’t have any known associates or any idea where we can find him”

“No, we only met a few times, the other times; he tells me where to pick the money from or sends someone to give it to me.”

“Where did you pick it when he instructed you?”

“Somewhere in Bariga, almost close to Ilaje area, I usually see third Mainland Bridge from there.”

“Do you know the place?”

“I only went there once and it was last year, should be able to remember”

“You will take us there now”

Lanre went to Bernard’s office “Sir, we may have a new lead, she said she picked up money sometime last year, in someplace in Ilaje, Bariga”

Bernard asked Lanre “Why is all this tying to Bariga, Malik was approached in Bariga, Kemi picks up the money in Bariga”

“Sir, the only reason I can think of right now is that there are heavy activities of thug factions and its safe haven for criminals, it’s a shelter for ruthless people. They are used as political thugs during the election period”

Bernard replied “Okay, take 6 men, in teams of 3, lead Team A into the place, let Uche lead Team B, let the teams put on full tactical gear, we may experience some hostilities there based on your point of why Bariga is a safe haven, also co-ordinate with the Police, I will alert them, let the Police mount road blocks along all the possible exit around the area, lock down the perimeter ”

“Yes sir”

Bernard continued, “Take the SUVs”

Lanre turned to leave, Bernard called him back “Lanre, while you were interrogating Kemi, I delegated our resources in Ogun state to track Kemi’s mother, they found her dead in her apartment, she choked to death, she was murdered, our team sensed that there was struggle when she was being murdered, we can assume she was strangled, she fought for her life but she lost”

Lanre replied “Should I give her the news?”

“No, don’t give her yet, it may cloud her judgment, let her come back from where you are going to now”

“Ok sir”

“Use of deadly forces on the hostiles are allowed but we want Steven alive, its top priority, don’t kill the target”

“Ok sir”

Bernard asked as Lanre was going out “Have you heard from Malik recently?”

“No, I haven’t, am sure he’s trying to keep his cover”


The communications had been set-up, the 2 way radios were installed in the cars and walkie-talkies were distributed to all the agents with earpieces, Kemi directed them to pass through Unilag, then through Pako and proceed down to American Muller hostel, they drove all the way down and turned left they could see the bridge far off, Kemi instructed them to take another right and then another left.

He advised they stop a block before the main place, she got down from the car, the house looked deserted, Lanre and kemi got down, he was dressed in tactical attire just bulletproof vest underneath his shirt, he looked around, it was cool but dirty neighborhood, barbing saloon blaring songs from their speakers, people going about their businesses.

They approached the house to the room where she usually picked up the money, the door was locked, the house was almost deserted then a guy came from down the hall screaming at Kemi that what does she want in Yoruba, she was stammering and he looked at him, he didn’t see any need to raise an alarm, so he moved past them and told them no one stays in the room.

As he walked past them he saw his shoes and noticed it was military grade boots he took to his heels, running as fast as he could, he ran and scaled over the short fence of the house, Lanre pulled out his walkie-talkie and pushed a button by the side, screaming into it, “A suspect just fled this building, engage in pursuit I repeat engage in pursuit”

2 agents got out of the first SUV and tried to stop him shouting at him to stop and lay flat on the ground, he brought out a gun and started shooting at them, the bullets were fended off by the shield they were holding while proceeding towards him slowly.

The agents were fully dressed with helmets on, fully tactically gear, with an automatic rifle, one of the agents shot the hostile in the leg, he fell to the ground, the streets became empty, everyone ran into their houses, a mob of touts came out of nowhere, carrying all sort of rifles, hand guns, shot-gun, they were like 15 advancing towards where they parked, shooting sporadically, residents of Ilaje closed their windows, locked their doors, laid flat below the window height to avoid stray bullets.

Lanre asked kemi to stay in the building, ran outside and took cover behind a car parked, he called out into the walkie-talkie, for the second team to come out, they opened the second SUV and 3 more heavily armed agents came out and started a cross fire.

5 agents now engaged the hostiles, the agents were able to overpower the touts when they saw the way the agents took out their friends and the armored outfit they had on wouldn’t let the bullets touch the agents, they withdrew and went for cover, 2 agents dragged the fleeing tout into the house while the rest stood outside the house with a staunch focus on what the touts were coming back with.

The whole environments had become a war zone, with gunfire and smoke everywhere.

The fleeing tout identified himself as Rasak, he was in pain screaming that he didn’t know why he was chased;

Lanre asked him some more questions and he denied, he took out his 9mm and pressed the tip of the gun into the gunshot wound, Rasak screamed like a dying horse.

He asked him again “Where did they go?”

Rasak still kept mute, he threatened angrily “If you don’t tell me what I want to know, I will break your second leg, you will never be able to walk again.”

Kemi was terrified, she asked him for a quick minute, she followed him a few steps forward, she pleaded with Lanre to leave him alone, that he doesn’t know anything.

He replied her angrily “You don’t have the right to come here and teach me my job, there is something here, they left him here to make sure their tracks are clean, this was their safe house I am sure of that”

He went back to him, removed the safety from his pistol, put it against his knee cap, looked him dead in the eye and asked him “Where are they?”

Rasak was already weeping like a baby from the pain, as he was about to pull the trigger he screamed, “Dem don go!!!!”

Lanre asked calmly “Where did they go?”

“I no know, dem no dey tell me anything”

Lanre asked fiercely again “When did they go?”

“Some minutes before you come, na back road dem take”

“Where are they heading?”

Rasak became hesitant, Lanre pushed the tip of the gun into Rasak’s wound deeper, he screamed out “I no no, but I hia when the driver talk say dem go pass Ikorodu road”

“What car are they driving?”

Rasak replied “One red Oddssey and one black tinted Honda Pilot, dem put the one man like that for one car and ijaya for another one”

“Who the heck is Ijaya”

“Na one tout wey dey too poke-nose like dat”

Lanre guessed it was Malik, he left Rasak, moved out of the house to call Bernard

Bernard picked “Lanre, what’s our position”

“It was a safe house here sir, but they’ve moved, someone must have alerted them”

“What!!!!!! So any new leads?”

“Their watch guard gave them up, they’re currently en route Ikorodu road, he doesn’t know where they’re heading”

“Okay, I will speak with the Police HQ, they will deploy a chopper to Ikorodu road, you should move now, there is a Police base in Ikeja, lets hope they have the chopper ready”

Lanre replied “They are moving with a red Oddssey and a black tinted Honda Pilot, they will be in close proximity to each other, we need to track them via any means we can have, hope we can catch them in Maryland traffic”

Bernard replied “Okay, move now, move”

Lanre replied “One more thing sir, the hostage told me there were 2 captives, I believe the second captive is Malik sir”

“Ok, move now, let me alert the Police and hopefully, they’ll comply”

Lanre got off the phone, asked one agent to move Rasak and Kemi back to S.O.D as he and 4 other agents’ head to Ikorodu road.

It didn’t take them long before they were on Ikorodu road, the traffic had built up to Elizade from Maryland traffic light, Lanre was imagining their options to be either Ojota or Ikeja.

Lanre’s phone rang; he picked and said “Hello”

Caller replied speaking loudly due to the noise of the chopper blades “Hi, Morris Chukwu asked me to call you, the chopper is in the air, we’re flying over Maryland now, we cannot descend any further not to cause panic, people are already wondering what’s happening here still searching for the 2 cars”

Lanre replied looking outside, he found the chopper “Yes, I can see you, can you see the cars from up there”

“No sir, I can’t see anything yet, we need to descend closer to the ground to have a better view, the traffic light should turn green any minute now, we’ve got about 56 seconds more,”

“Keep looking”

Caller replied “Sir! Sir!! I think I found something, I can see 2 cars that bear the same identity but what we’re looking for but they’re in a motorcade of the Governor, please advice on how to proceed”

Lanre replied “They’re not part of them, they’re using them as a cover, we will be proceeding on foot, I can see them already”

Lanre pulled out his walkie-talkie and screamed instructions “All teams target is on sight I repeat the target is on sight, carefully disguised in the governor’s motorcade, approximately 14 cars away, proceed on foot”

Lanre called Benard to inform him, shouting due to the noise of the chopper “Ben, we have found the cars, they’re in the governor’s convoy, how soon can you get to the Governor’s security?”

“Give me a few minutes”

Lanre screamed back “We don’t have a few minutes, the traffic light is about to hit green, we need it now, we’re proceeding towards the cars now”

Bernard replied, “Ok, will call you back”

Lanre and the other 4 agents proceeded towards the target, jogging towards them with Lanre making hand gesture for the agents to split into 2 teams, one should approach from the east with him and another from the west with Uche.

People in traffic were staring at what seem to be a Police and Thief session in progress.

The light turns green, the motorcade is still yet to move, another 5 cars in front of it, Lanre with the 2 sub teams approach delicately, the driver of Pilot notices and honks in a particular motion.

The targets split up, the Odyssey swerves away from that line hitting another car in the process, he swerves into the service lane, proceeds down while the Pilot speeds up climbs over the covet and drives underneath the Maryland bridge into the BRT lane speeding up, the traffic eases off and Lanre instructs 3 agents to go after the Odyssey, they stop bikes and ride them to go after the Odyssey, the Odyssey swerves back to Ikeja route while the Pilot speeds off under the bridge towards Ojota.

The chopper monitors them along Maryland, the Policemen and LASTMA seem confused about the situation.

Lanre went after the Pilot himself, with another agent, the other agents that followed the Odyssey and got into a gun fire fight with the kidnappers and they were killed on the road when hand grenade was thrown underneath agents’ car, the kidnappers fled into the Ikeja environment towards Isaac John, the chopper followed the Odyssey, but the kidnappers fired shots at it, almost hit the fuel tank, the Police chopper diverted from them before the bullets could damage the chopper.

Lanre’s bike also jumped over the covet separating the bridge from the road up, following through with the Pilot, one hostile opened the door and started shooting at Lanre on the bike and his agents, he nearly got hit, one of the agents got shot in the neck while the other continued the fire fight with Lanre

The hostile’s bullet hit the driver beside his bike, which made him run into another car, causing multiple accidents on the road.

Lanre mustered courage and shot at the tire of the car, the hostile who opened the door fell out and got hit by another coming truck, the driver of the car couldn’t control the car at such speed with the damage with one of the tyres.

He lost control and ran into the concrete slab barricade of the Ojota link bridge, he abandoned his bike and proceeded to the crash site with his hand on the trigger of the 9mm he was holding with firm attention on who would come out of the crashed car, the driver was unconscious but one hostile was an inch away from death when Lanre grabbed the gun he was trying to get and threw it elsewhere, the last hostile was badly injured, his leg was stuck, he was bleeding from ribs, something metallic must have torn into his body, he was losing blood, Lanre tried all the first aid, he wanted to stop bleeding, tearing out this clothes to tie the wound to reduce the bleeding.

Help came through an ambulance, he was rushed to the hospital, Lanre found Malik unconscious in the car, had minor bruises here and there but lay unconscious.

He pulled out his walkie-talkie to find a bullet in it, it was destroyed, but the bullet didn’t go through it, a walkie-talkie he put in his breast pocket has saved his life.

The second agent with him used his phone to call for ambulance

An ambulance soon came and took them all to the nearest hospital, the third agent died before he could be get into the ambulance, the neck injury was too severe, Lanre borrowed a phone and dialled the agency code, he was directed to Bernard

“Ben, we have Malik but we lost the VP’s son, he was in the second car, they are being pursued by team beta, have you heard from them?”

“Damn!!!!!, how did that happen, You should have gone after the VP’s son. I haven’t heard from your second team but we must assume it didn’t go as planned as they didn’t respond on radio”

He tried several times to get through to them through the radio but no reply from the other end. He kept pacing back and forth as the doctor was trying to save the hostile’s life and bringing Malik back to life.

He sank into the reception chair at the hospital “Benard, whats’ the next step?”

“I will get an ambulance there, bring them back in, we need to question the survivor, Rasak, Kemi and the other agents are back here” Benard replied

“Come back, we need to regroup and get every possible information from the hostile you were able to capture”

VP’s phone rings, it’s the scrambled line again “Hello Mr. Vice President”

“Steven, I am trying to release the prisoner but you haven’t given me his name yet”

“Oh! S.O.D gave you my name! I know I haven’t given you his name, S.O.D will need more agents, have they told you, my men took some of their agents.

VP responded “I am just trying to save my son”

Caller replied “Well, let me be the first to send you condolences about your second son Chibuzor, he’s travelling to Port Harcourt from Abuja right, there is bomb on that flight as we speak, it’s going to detonate in 20 seconds. Stop the S.O.D operations now. Chibuzor is paying for your S.O.D involvement mistake”

VP stammers “Please don’t do this, I’m trying my best”

Caller replied “Release Isiaka Ogbomo or things will only get worse, I’m sorry about your son but he’s part of the victims of war, for every revolution, there are people who will sacrifice their lives, Chibuzor’s life is one of such”

“What did my family do? Deal with me and leave my family out of this”

Caller replied “At least, one son is left now, he’s your last legacy, guide his life, have you forgotten your life in the Army before you started wearing Agbada”

Caller continued “Release Isiaka and await our further instruction, you might want to switch on the TV and wait for breaking news, accept my condolences, General. I have a son too, I can only imagine the pain”

The Vice President was sure Isiaka cannot be released; releasing him will cause another civil war in Nigeria.

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  • am not sure wht u are trying to achieve here. wt the sex scenes and den the action.. but u seem to be writing some kul movie stuff… hwever, the writing still needs to improve… a lot. doesnt seem to be too original.. lyk some copied scenes from a foreign movie or a novel only translated to nigerian environment. keep up the gud work tho, but improve on ur story and ur pattern of suspense…… enjoy reading ur blogs tho…..

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