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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Sharing is Caring (Episode 6)[18+]


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Welcome to Big Brother Oniranu: Sharing is Caring (Episode 6)[18+]

“Mmm,” said one of the girls in the dark. I suspected Rita, but couldn’t be sure.

The boyfriend didn’t care that Lilian was fucking me, but she started getting awkward, watching her boyfriend taking someone right in front of her. So she asked me to change room. We walked from the living room into the kitchen, my condom leading my way.

In the kitchen, another couple was already there. I recognized both as being from my girl’s class. She was up on the counter, facing forward, her ass half in the sink, as he pushed into her rhythmically. I put Lilian up on the other side of the counter and took her in the same way.

After a couple of minutes, the other girl suggested a swap. I and this other guy moved places. He didn’t have a condom on, but by that point, Lilian seemed to be beyond caring. Her pussy wasn’t very tight, but it didn’t stop me from cuming inside her, or at least into my condom.”

I paused, remembering how good that felt, and the terrible moment that would come soon after. I tried to stop telling my story there, but Mirabel urged me to say what happened next, asking about the girl, Lilian and my own girlfriend of the time.

“As soon as I’d finished inside the other girl, she got off the counter and walked to the living room, without a word spoken to me. Two minutes later I’d find her already with another man’s cock in her pussy, bent over the living-room sofa. Lilian and her new guy just kept going, oblivious to anything else happening in the kitchen. I walked around, trying to find my girl. I found her upstairs.”

I paused, trying to find the right words.

“She was in the bedroom, riding on top of another guy. Her hair was full of the cum of two other guys she had already given blowjobs to.” My voice had become sad by this point.

“What’s wrong with that?” asked Mirabel. “You both were having fun.”

“Yes,” I agreed.
“But this was her ex she was riding. The one she had previously told me had raped her. Turns out that had been a lie. One of many lies. They had always known this party would become an orgy. Lilian had helped her plan it.

My girl wanted to get back with her ex, and had organized the whole thing, just to get back with him. And Lilian had never fancied me, she had just agreed to fuck me, so I couldn’t take the high ground when we broke up. I left the party and gave my girl her stuff back the next day. Hence why I never had another orgy, until tonight. Tainted memories.”

There was an awkward silence.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Said, Mirabel, finally.

“What about your Igbo friend. Surely she wasn’t in on it too?”

“No” I agreed. “She hadn’t been involved in planning it. The orgy was as much of a surprise to her, as to me. In fact, she was a huge help to me, in recovering from it, and eventually being able to date again.”

“That’s good,” said Sandra. I hadn’t realized she was still awake. “I guess we all have some bad stories in our past. But we make new stories now.”

We settled to sleep at that point. I curled up on the laminate floor, lying inside a half-folded bed sheet, trying not to think of the face of the girl who broke my heart.

Day 7 – 7.45 am

I woke sleepily, feeling a wonderful, joyful feeling. I opened my eyes to discover why. Rita, the beautiful new housemate, was kneeling by my legs, giving me a blowjob. It was a wonderful way to wake up. I didn’t say anything, I just smiled and looked around the room. Most were still sleeping, but Ahmed and Sandra were awake. I knew this because Sandra was crouched on top of Ahmed, riding his cock rhythmically.

They were only a few feet away from me, and I could hear their flesh smacking together, and the smell of sex was wafting around the room.

Rita’s lips kept rolling up and down my smooth cock. She was completely naked. When she saw my eyes were open, she stopped sucking, and instead moved my cock between her breasts, using them to squeeze and massage my manhood. All the while making eye contact with me, and licking her lips.

After a minute or so, she snaked up my body, until she found my lips, and kissed them passionately. I didn’t care she had just been sucking me. You don’t refuse the kiss of a goddess. I could feel her boobs against my chest, her deep black nipples hard and raking across me. And I felt my cock rubbing against her body as we kissed, instinct filling my consciousness, desiring to enter her immediately.

She released our kiss and whispered into my ear.

“Your story got me so excited last night, Tobi. I wanted to feel you inside me right then.”

She nibbled my earlobe, before continuing.

“I used to fantasize about you, Tobi. Watching you, waiting to be in the house with you. I played with myself when you fucked Mirabel in the shower room. Every time you fucked one of the girls, I got so wet, imagining it was me with you. I’ve wanted to know what your cock is like inside me, Tobi, for so long. Make love to me.”

Without waiting for reply, she moved herself up, squatted over me, and used her right hand to guide my cock into her. Her pussy was wet, dripping onto my crotch and stomach as she slid up and down my manhood. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been with a woman this wet. But she was tight too. She controlled the muscles deep inside her pussy, squeezing and releasing me.

She grabbed my hands, and held them, our fingers intertwined. We said not a word, just let our bodies do the talking. As we fucked, we watched together as Ahmed and Sandra finished, Ahmed’s cum leaking out of her tight pussy, and onto his crotch.

We heard muffled noises of annoyance from Chris, as he turned himself away, trying to get a few more minutes of sleep. I couldn’t tell about the others if they were awake or asleep. My focus was on the gorgeous woman above me, her big tits bouncing up and down. Her skin was very dark, but somehow, her shaven pussy was even darker, until the opening, where it became a bright red, the blood of excitement flowing through it.

She had closed her eyes, her head pointing skyward. Her eyelids fluttered with the ecstasy of sex. Her breathing started changing, becoming shorter, quicker breaths. She quickened her pace, pushing up and down on my cock, squeezing it hard all the while. Suddenly she stopped her moving, as her body was filled with an orgasm, radiating outwards along her entire body. It was beautiful to watch, seeing a wave of pleasure overtake her. Her mouth was wide open, mouthing silent words of joy and desire.

As her orgasm left her, she climbed off me and returned to giving me a blowjob. She took my cock deep inside her mouth, going so far down she could have tickled my balls with her tongue. Within a couple of minutes, I felt my moment coming. She could sense I was close too.

She took me out of her mouth, and finished me with her hands, guiding my sperm onto my own stomach. I wondered why she hadn’t let me finish in her mouth, and if she didn’t like the taste of cum. But then, when I had finished shooting, she stuck out her tongue, and made a single, long lick across my stomach, collecting my cum and her own sex juices before licking her lips, showing she had enjoyed the taste.

She laid down beside me, head against mine, and arm across me. I just smiled as I held her, realizing that I had yet to utter a single word this morning.


“I love you guys, but I need some space!” Chris said loudly.

It was 8:55 ish, and we were all waiting for Big Brother to start the daily announcements, and to hopefully free us of the ‘sleepover’ task, which kept us all in the same room all day and night. We’d already eaten breakfast together, joking about who snores, or which guy has the biggest boner in the night.

Though we had enjoyed each other’s company, in more ways than one, we were also feeling a bit of cabin fever, and wanted to get some time alone. The morning had been sex-free since Rita and I had finished. We spent a while, just sitting in our makeshift beds, talking about the dreams we had had, or how we would normally spend a Sunday. Hadiza was sure it was Sunday today. I had lost track days ago. It didn’t seem to matter in the house.

Finally, Big Brother’s voice boomed through the house, in the normal, robotic way.

“All housemates should assemble in the main living room.”

We were puzzled why the voice hadn’t said more, but we obeyed. Once we were all inside, we watched in surprise as the main door – the only door in and out of the complex – opened. Three women stepped out before the thick door closed again behind them.

They all looked in their late thirties or early forties. They had about the same build – shapely, but not unfit. Sexual, but in a mature way. ‘MILF’ was the word that came to mind.

They were all dressed in the same clothing – Black dresses and high boots. Each of them held a whip. The only main difference between these three was their wig. One was bright blonde, another had a black wig, and the last one was a bright red wig.

The red-haired woman was the first to speak. Just from her body language, she was used to being in charge.

“My name is Mistress Apple. These are my associates, Mistress Gold and Mistress Shadow. You will address us by these titles.”

Mirabel seemed to attempt to speak, but Mistress Apple spoke sharply before she could utter more than a syllable.

“Big Brother feels the discipline in this house has not been good enough. Therefore, Big Brother has sent us here, for the next twenty-four hours, to command and teach you all respect and obedience. Do you understand? Say ‘yes Mistress Apple’ ”

“…yes, Mistress Apple” we spoke dutifully. It was like we were back at school, already obeying our fierce headmistress.

“Good” she continued. “If you disobey us, we have been authorized to punish you however we feel necessary. That can include expulsion from the house, if necessary. And of course, you are always welcome to simply walk out of the door.” She smiled at that, knowing most of us would rather die than leave now. We had all come too far.

It was Mistress Gold who spoke next. “Your first task is to clear away all this.” She gestured to the bedding still sitting in the living room. “Then you go to the gym, where Mistress Shadow will and I will conduct your morning workout. From now on, you do exactly what we say, when we say it. You do not even go to the bathroom without our permission. Do you understand?”

We all looked down, like naughty little children. “Yes, Mistress Gold.”

“Good. Start work.” The three ladies moved to one side and made a hand gesture telling us to get on with the first task.

We started moving the bedding back in silence, trying to put it back into the correct room, when Mistress Apple informed us to “Just put it all in the first room. The bedding area will be changed soon, anyway.” So we threw all the bedding into the first room and moved into the gym.

The mistresses put us through a gruelling workout. We all had to run for five kilometres, before being given squats and jumping jacks to do. Finally, we had to row half a kilometre on the rowing machines. If we seemed to be going too slowly, they used their short whips on us. Never enough to cause real harm, but hard enough to be painful. By the end, we were all exhausted.

“Good.” Instructed Mistress Apple. “You will all now shower. You will be observed to ensure no sexual behaviour happens.”

Mirabel spoke up, in a condescending tone. “I thought Big Brother wanted us to have sex?”

The whip of Miss Shadow slapped her straight across the neck and face.

“You do not speak unless asked a question!” roared Mistress Gold. Calming down, she continued. “Yes, Big Brother does want you to have sexual contact. And you will. But at our implicit instructions.”

Then walked straight up to Mirabel, putting her face inches away from the housemate. “Why?” she said, staring straight at her. “If you want sex, I can arrange for you to have sex right now. Is that what you want?”

Mirabel stared into her eyes…then slowly dropped them to the floor. “No, Mistress Gold.”

“Disappointing” replied the blonde-wig dominatrix. “Fine. Get to the showers THIS second.”

We all washed quietly, and without sexuality. Mistress Shadow went in the shower with us, still wearing her dress. If it bothered her, she didn’t show it. She just walked all around us, threatening the whip if we seemed to be trying to communicate with each other, or spent too long cleaning our genitals.

But, the water was a good temperature, and after our workout (not to mention some of our early morning activities) we all had needed it.

After our shower, we found our underwear had been removed, and simple, white underwear had been provided for each of us. The men had Y fronts, while the ladies had simple white panties and bras.

We were lead out of the shower room in one long line, with Mistress Gold at the front, and Mistress Shadow at the back. As we walked towards the kitchen, we saw the bedrooms were once again being altered and heard the sound of workmen behind the closed doors. We also heard that the furthest room (that had held the one-way mirror) was also being changed.

In the kitchen, we found our food was already served and waiting for us. There were eight plates full of plain cooked spaghetti. Eight identical glasses of water were sitting with them. On a separate table, slightly away from the spaghetti, were three plates full of stew and egg sauce, with a bottle of red wine opened in the middle.

Mistress Apple was waiting for us. “You will now have half an hour to eat and relax. We will not be monitoring you during this time.”

At that, the three women walked over to their egg sauce and began eating. We sat down with our plain pasta and began eating hungrily, though all furious at the meagre meal, compared to the ladies.

“What bitches” Mirabel whispered under her breath. “I can’t believe this!”

“Why not?” ask Hadiza. “This is exactly what Big Brother likes to do. Humiliate and degrade us.”

My memory flashed back to the torture I had been forced to put Hadiza through, only a couple of days before. She was right. This was exactly what Big Brother enjoyed. And, it seemed, so did the viewing public.

“But it’s only for twenty-four hours” encouraged Ahmed quietly.

“We can cope. And then they leave. And we are one day closer to the prize money.” He squeezed Sandra’s hand as he said this.

After our brief lunch break of freedom, we were back under the control of the three. They took us into the karaoke room and forced us to watch an animated film about a talking baby, who was also a mafia boss. It was a cruel and unusual punishment.

The ladies seemed to be waiting for some outside information, and I saw Mistress Apple leave the room, then return a few minutes later, whispering to the others. A smile crept over their faces at whatever she had said.

She pressed the remote’s pause button and waited for us all to look at her.

“We will now begin taking some of you away for some…private time. The remaining housemates will stay here.” She stared straight at me.

“I will take Tobi and…” Her eyes danced around the room


Mistress Gold spoke up next, saying she would be taking Ahmed and Rita. Since Mistress Shadow didn’t speak, I assumed she was staying with the rest.

Mirabel and I followed Mistress Apple out of the room, along through the living room area and finally into the furthest room. The one that had held the mirror and table days earlier.

Now, It was a sex dungeon. It was like something out of fifty shades of grey. There were shelves filled with all sorts of sex toys, and a couple of racks on the walls, for holding ‘victims’ in place. The walls were black and the carpet was a dark blue.

“Lock the door,” instructed the dominatrix. We did so in silence, unsure of what would happen next. Her whip was still in her hand if we disobeyed.

“Good” she continued. “Now, Mirabel. Sit on that bench over there. I’ll deal with you in a minute. Tobi…take off your underwear.”

I slowly pulled down my Y fronts, as Mirabel sat down quietly. I was not turned on, and my cock hung shrivelled between my legs.

“Disappointing.” Replied the mistress. “One of the smallest I’ve ever seen in my life. Change places with Mirabel. I don’t want to deal with something so tiny until it’s grown.”

I obeyed, and now sat as I watched Mirabel disrobe in the middle of the room, removing her bra, then her panties. The lights in the room were bright and unforgiving. Her large breasts were hanging low and her plumpness could be seen clearly.

“How hideous you are. You’re fat and ugly. It’s a wonder nobody vomits when they see you naked. Those tits are…”

“THAT’S ENOUGH,” I said loudly, standing up.


Her whip cracked me across the chest. She had aimed for my face, but been out of reach.

“I speak to anyone, exactly how I want” she replied calmly. “But you want me to stop? OK. Let’s do something else instead. First, I’ll show you what a real woman looks like. Mirabel, unzip my dress. Tobi, unlace these boots.”

Mirabel moved uncomfortably behind the dominatrix and unzipped the black dress. As the dress was removed, I saw the woman in all her naked glory. She had a six-pack stomach and small but firm breasts. She must have been over forty, but she still looked good. I knelt down by her feet and began to untie the boots.

She sent Mirabel down to help me, as it was taking me too long.

We finally removed both boots and looked up from our place kneeling below her. She was still standing, and we could see straight up to her shaven pussy, and on to her firm breasts.

“Good,” she said when she saw us kneeling below her. “Exactly where you deserve to be. Now, I’m going to explain the rules of our game today. You can refuse any activity, at any time. But if you do, I’ll evict your partner from the house. Not you, your partner. Do you each understand?”

We looked at each other and nodded.

“Oh, and before you think about being tactical; I’ll also explain to all the other housemates how you fucked one of your own team over. Understand? Good. Now you can start, exactly where you are now. Lick my feet.”

With hesitation, I slowly began to lick at her feet and toes. There really was an unpleasant taste. I could see that Mirabel wasn’t enjoying it any more than I was. Of all her sexual kinks, clearly, feet wasn’t one of them.

After a couple of minutes, Mistress Apple stopped us and instructed us to thank her, for the privilege of cleaning her feet.

“..thank you Mistress Apple” we replied dutifully.

“Very good.” She smiled an evil grin at us. “Mirabel, strap Tobi into the rack over there.” She pointed with her whip hand to a wall.

I walked over willingly with Mirabel, and she held my legs in place with straps, then did the same with my arms. I was now standing up, in a DeVinci X, unable to move. I was exposed to the world, my still shrunken cock sitting in the middle.

“Well done Mirabel. Step away from him now. We won’t need him until later.” Mistress Apple pointed at one of two boxes placed on of the shelves. “Open the red box and show us all what is inside.”

Mirabel walked to the box and pulled out the content. It was a large, vibrating dildo. A gasp of surprise left her mouth.

“Oh good, you recognize it.” Said the dominatrix. “We took it from your house. It’s a very nice dildo, and so much larger than Tobi’s poor, floppy dick. I want you to sit on this bench, and show me how you use this big plastic cock.”

Hesitating, Mirabel moved to the bench, taking a small bottle of lube with her from one of the shelves. She sat down, and slowly spread her legs, exposing herself to us. She put a tiny drop of lube onto the tip of the toy and then turned it on.

The sound of it vibrating reverberated around the room. Carefully, she moved the tip down to between her legs and began massaging her lips and her hairy mound. She moved it up to her clit, and I saw her eyes move as the pleasure hit her.

Then she moved the vibrating cock back down lower, and slowly pushed it into herself, inch by inch. I could tell by her face she was in so much pleasure, despite the surroundings and the fierce gaze of the naked dominatrix. As her right hand moved the dildo in and out, her left hand began playing with her own breast, squeezing and massaging.

I couldn’t help my cock rising at the erotic sight. I wanted to bring my hand down and stroke it, but they were tied.

Mistress Apple had noticed my predicament and walked sexually over to me. She put her head by mine and whispered softly into my ear.

“Are you enjoying seeing this?”

I nodded, but she playfully whipped my leg. She wanted a verbal answer. “Yes, mistress.”

“Do you think she is enjoying being fucked by the plastic cock?”

I looked over at Mirabel. She was staring at the conversation between the dominatrix and I, but still slowly moving the vibrating cock in and out of her moist cunt.

“Yes, Mistress”

There was a sadistic joy in her voice. I’d clearly just said the right answer. “Then it’s your turn to play.”

She turned. “Mirabel, stop now. Put that toy back, and go to the blue box this time. It’s also from your home. I’m sure you know how to fit it. You’ve probably used it with your girlfriend many times. Put it on, and wait for my instructions.”

There was a zipping noise, as the dominatrix released me from the straps. She took my arm forcefully and moved me to a bench. She moved my body until I was kneeling on all fours, my ass sticking up in the air, exposed.

“Very good. Now, if you are a good boy for this next part, I’ll let you fuck me after. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to give me pleasure?”

“Yes, Mistress Apple.” I really did. It was strange, but the power she was holding over both of us was extremely arousing.

“Then you’ll be a good boy. Mirabel? Come round here and show Tobi your toy.”

Mirabel slowly walked in front of me, a glow in the dark strap-on dildo sticking out from between her legs. It was about the size of my own cock, but it was still frightening to me. I’d never had a gay experience or experimented with a partner. In fact, I had never had anything in my ass before.

As Mirabel walked behind me, and I felt her hands moving onto my hips, I considered leaving the room. But it wouldn’t be me who was evicted, it would be Mirabel. No, I will stay.

‘Hundred million naira’ I thought to myself, as I visually nodded, to show I was ready.

I felt cold lube squirt onto my asshole, then a pressure pushing against me. I made a point to relax, and I felt the head of the dildo push inside. It was painful, and it hurt as she inched it further and further in. After a large amount was inside, she began to slowly pull it in and out, before increasing the speed. She was fucking me.

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