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Weed, Ice Cream, Lagos Rain & Orgasm

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Weed, Ice Cream, Lagos Rain & Orgasm

I sat at the balcony of my boyfriend’s four-bedroom tastefully furnished duplex in Ikoyi. We were chilling, smoking a laze blunt, he’s quite the hunk, my 6’5 tall, well-chiselled abs, oozing ‘alpha male’ masculinity boyfriend called Dayo.

It had rained earlier that evening, the atmosphere was relaxed and cold breeze blew all around; I inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet earthy scent left by the rain mixed with the heady scent of good Arizona weed.

I love the feel of the chilly wind on my skin, I was getting high and really horny, my best combo in the whole wide world. I tried not to concentrate on my naughty little nipples, which are beginning to stand proudly on my “not-so-big” round firm boobs.

“Hmmm, seems like my twins are awake,” Dayo said while puffing out smoke from his mouth. Damn! I wish he could come put that sexy mouth of his to good use;

“Bighead, I’m just cold, get your filthy mind out of the gutter,” I replied, he smiled seductively,

“Aunty you can’t even lie sef, oya, let’s go get you warm.” He said half dragging me up.

“Hmmm, I like the sound of that,” I said standing up,
“You see yourself, whose mind is in the gutter now?” He laughed and carried me inside the bedroom while I carried my half-finished cup of ice cream in my hands.

“Let’s try something new. Trust me?!“ He said while dropping me down.

My pussy tingled at the sound of that. I nodded excitedly.
“My naughty little slut.” He bent down to take my mouth in a deep kiss, I tiptoed to meet him halfway.

“My short smallie with big bum bum” he laughed, smacking my massive butt.
“Abegi! You’re just a few inches taller than me now, bros.” I replied also laughing.

Dayo, although 8 years older than me, he’s soo cool and playful, always teasing me about my big butt.

“Come here.” He said in that deep seductive voice of his.

I slowly walked towards him, with my hands sitting so seductively on my hips, cat-walking towards him. He smiled and pulled me for a kiss, this time longer and deeper.

He drove his tongue deep down my throat, kissing me with much urgency but at the same time, extremely gentle. I threw my arms around his neck, drawing closer to him, for him to feel my curves better.

He grabbed my ass and squeezed, producing a moan from my throat.

Shit! I loved that!!!!, I moaned into his mouth

In no time, I was stark naked, spread out on his king-size bed. Hands tied to the bedpost with both my hands wide part, my eyes blindfolded and a headphone over my ears (with a really sexy and slow song playing).

My legs spread apart and my very wet pussy in display for my baby.

“Babe, which one is this one again o” I laughed. He reduced the music,
“Relax and anticipate” he replied.
“I read a post online, how pleasure is heightened when one’s sense of touch, sound and sight is been controlled and resisted.”

My pussy tingled,
“Ooouu kama sutra, I love that!”. He laughed and increased the volume of the song.

He flicked his tongue on my nipples and watched how taunt and erect they got, twitching and rolling my hard nipples with his fingers while watching my face flush with pleasure, I moaned quietly.

He took my left nipple in his mouth, teasing and sucking it, as my moans got louder.

Gently, he rubs his wide palm over my belly, still sucking on my nipple, enjoying the sounds of my seductive semi loud moans.

Slowly finding his way down my legs, spreading them wide, discovering the oceanic pool I made down there, smirking and licking his lips, he said a little grace before devouring my tantalizing pussy.

He scoops a spoon from my ice cream, twirls it around his tongue and savouring the taste before swallowing. He gently flicks his cold wet tongue on my big protruding clits. Not expecting that, I moaned loudly, as waves of pleasure sweep across my entire body.

Taking my labia into his mouth half sucking and half pulling on it, sucking my clit so vigorously, yet ever so gentle.

“Oohhh, ahhhhh” I moaned loudly as he dipped two of his meaty long fingers in my tight little wet cunt. I couldn’t see or hear what he was doing to me, but I could feel every bit of it.

He slowly drove his fingers in and out of my pussy, without taking his mouth off my clits. He was driving me wild, soon I started to push my hips towards his fingers as he increased the tempo as he finger fucked my pussy.

My moans got louder, as I could hear them over the sound of the music ripping my eardrums apart. The feel of the weed mixed with the pleasure Dayo was giving made me think I would pass out.

“Fuuuucccckkkkk!!!” I screamed as I was hit by a massive orgasm. He hungrily licked my juice up, as if he didn’t want any to go to waste.

He came over and took the blindfold and headphones off me.
I opened my eyes to his handsome face grinning widely at me,
“Well?” He shrugged
“How was that?” I smiled
“Awesome!! Untie me, I have a craving for sausage right now.” He reached out to kiss me while untying me.

“Bad girl,” he said, while I helped him out of his short, reviling his big black dick, rocking hard with tiny veins around it.

I wrapped both my hands around it, stroking it gently, it jerked and I smiled, licking my sexy little lips. I stuck my tongue out and began licking the head, slowly at first, then more rapidly as I continued stroking up and down the shaft.

“Hmmmmm” he moaned as I took him fully into my mouth, deep throating him down to the base of his huge cock. He guided my head up and down as I bobbled my head up and down his massive dick, my eyes widened as I almost choked on his dick.

I grasped up for air and immediately took him all out again, this time massaging his balls with one of my hands and stroking him with the other with his dick still buried down my throat.

“Ooooohhhh” he groaned. I looked up at his face without taking my mouth off him. Seeing the pleasure on his face, my pussy began to flood again as I could feel it drip down my legs.

I began to moan with his dick in my mouth as I increased my tempo, and soon I could feel his dick swell down my throat as he threw his head back, eyes closed, he grabbed my head, fucking my face with an urgency I could not describe.

“Gooooooddddd!!” He groaned as he shot loads of cum down my throat, I licked him all up, twirling the sticky white substance in my mouth with my tongue, I looked up, our eyes connected, I swallowed his cum.

“Damn!” He exclaimed,

“You are gold!” He helped me up and kissed me soo passionately, my legs wobbled, thank God he was holding me.

“I want you to fuck me like a whore.” I whispered into his ears.
“Oh, shit” he replied, lifting me up from the floor with his big strong hands holding my big ass.

He headed towards the bed, laid me down, climbed on top of me with his left hand holding all the weight, he raised both my hands above my head, pinning them there with his right hand.

Kissed me like he was insane, driving his tongue deep into my throat, I stiffened a moan, his mouth left my mouth and took my left nipple, I shivered, sucking it like he was a starved baby.

My right nipple was already begging to be touched,

“Kehinde is getting jealous,” I said, he chuckled,

“You know Taiwo is my favourite” he replied, reluctantly turning to my right boobs, flicked his tongue on my nipple, wetting it, and blew air on it,

“Oooohhh” I moaned, he took my now hard nipple and sucked it vigorously, lightly grazing his teeth over them, I moaned enjoying the sharp pain mixed with pleasure, he kept worshipping my boobs, going back and forth between both nipples.

“Fuck me please” I moaned,
“I can’t hear you” he replied with a nipple in his mouth.

“Please fuck me!” I moaned loudly, he used his left leg to spread my legs wider, he took his right hand off my hands.

“Keep them there.” He commanded, guiding his dick into my now drenched pussy with his right hand,

“Okay daddy” I obediently replied. He shoved his dick into me without warning,

“huuurrrggghhhh” I moaned loudly, he entered me slowly, stretching my tight little cunt out, he drove his dick deeper, until he was completely buried inside me, my pussy engulfing his dick, secreting more juice

“Daaammnn” he cried out at the base of my neck, he lowered himself on me shielding his weight from crushing me with his arms on both my sides, I adjusted myself to accommodate him better.

He started going in and out of my pussy, slowly, two long gentle strokes and a short hard stroke, my pussy secreted more juice engulfing his dick,

“Where is all the juice coming from “ he moaned, taking my lips into his, so possessively, he braced himself up, and started pounding my pussy, gradually increasing his tempo,
“Yes, daddy” I screamed “faster daddy”. He lifted my left leg up, placing it on his broad shoulder, He fucked me to craze.

“Oh yes daddy, fuck me harder daddy!!” He kept pounding my pussy, occasionally reaching out to roll my nipples between his fingers, soon another orgasm was building up in me.

He threw his head back with his eyes closed as he filled my pussy with his cum moaning loudly, pounding me with much intensity, I screamed out his name as I had another mind-blowing orgasm.

He reduced his attack on my pussy slowly until he gradually came to a halt.
He dropped my leg from my shoulder, and laid by my side, he probed his head on his arm, one leg draped lazily on my torso, he kissed me lightly on my lips,

“Oshey, madam tigress.” He said jokingly.
“Go joor,” I laughed
“I’m thirsty!”.

“Ok baby, I gatchu.” He said, playfully shoved his elbow into my side gently while standing up to go get me something to drink, I laughed and threw a pillow at him, narrowly missing him.

He laughed and headed out the door. I sprawled lazily on the bed, spreading my arms and legs wide.

“Thank you Jesus for Dayo,” I whispered, half dozing off.

Story by Gbemi Onidinla (https://gbemisolaonidinla.wordpress.com)

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