May 22, 2022

The Show for Debo (18+)

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The Show for Debo (18+)

Written by Kae

My pussy creams as I walk-no, strut– in tune with the music playing in the background towards where Debo sat, tied to our dining chair. I know how very visual he is, so I work the walk, and enjoy his squirms. In response, my pussy grows wetter and wetter still till it becomes a mini-flood down there. The feel of this power I hold over him right now is amazing, and it rushes through my entire body, a powerful aphrodisiac.

I get in front of him and sit on the table. It’s my plan to thoroughly drive him over the edge, so when I see his gaze fall to my thighs for a split second, I part them ever so slightly, just enough for him to catch the scent of my arousal. His nostrils flare, his dick throbs, and I smile in triumph.

Very slowly, I run my hands over my body while he watches. I cup my full breasts through my black lace teddy, and lightly circle my nipples with my fingers. I tug and pull and squeeze them, panting more heavily with the treatment I give them. I can feel my juices oozing out more steadily now, so much I need to ease the pressure I feel.

I dip a finger into my folds, run it between my pussy lips until it is slick and coated with my juices, and bring it to my mouth. With my eyes on Debo’s, I close my lips around the digit and suck it into my mouth. I make sure to moan around the fingers like it’s a delicious cock, and smack my lips like nothing could taste better than what I’ve just had.

Debo strains in his chair. Poor man. He’s a sucker for pussy, loves to get his tongue into one. ‘You want some?’ I tease.

He rolls his eyes at me in response and says in his usual domineering way, “Babe, untie me”.

Imagine the cheek of the man. All trussed up and helpless but still alpha to the core. Normally, that alpha male act of his is enough to make me off pant and bend over for Daddy, but I have a goal today. So I smile and respond “Not quite yet, love. First, I have a little something for you.”

I start, very slowly, to dance for him. It is the hardest thing I have had to do in a while. My first couple moves are awkward and unsure, but I grit my teeth and go on. Soon, I forget my self-consciousness, and enjoy dancing for my man. It’s obvious I have an appreciative audience by the bulge in his briefs, and I gain more confidence. I close in and sit cowgirl on him, placing my crotch right above his dick bulge. I begin a slow whine right there, making sure to rub my clit against the head every single time. I lean in to nip his earlobe, and glory in the increased tempo of his breaths.

I forget that it’s a dance. I quickly get off him, and take his underwear with me. I kneel in front of him, and look up into his eyes. The expectation I see there makes me feel a little wicked, and I can’t resist a little tease. I kiss his navel, trail a finger up his thigh, and follow with my mouth. I take the tip of his cock into my mouth for a second, just long enough to get it moist with my tongue, then let it pop back out. Then I blow on it. How I wish I had a little ice. Oh well. I take the head back into my mouth, and slowly try to work the entire length in bit by bit. I get as much of it in as I can, and let saliva flow down to the part my mouth can’t reach.

Wet as you can, I think to myself. I start to move my mouth up and down the length, sucking and licking my way up. Debo starts to thrust and pump his hips as far as his bonds will let him, and I almost choke from the force of the thrusts. I want to stop, but my mother didn’t raise no quitter, so I suck it up and keep on.

I’m rubbing my clit fast now, as I suck him harder. My doggedness finally pays off, because soon I feel his balls tighten just as my own orgasm hits, and reward me with hot spurts of cum down my throat. Champ (wink wink) that I am, I take it all, and swallow. A few drops have fallen to his thigh. I lick those off too.

“Untie me”, he says. I hasten to obey, and notice too late the glint in his eye.


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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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