May 27, 2022

The Inn Laws (Episode 7) [18+]

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The Inn Laws (Episode 7) [18+]


“What are you doing?” I asked Chika, thinking she was just messing about as usual, until few minutes later two guys showed up (Benji & Olans), I was starting to believe it was her plan all along, to gift me this rough sex fetish. The two men looked fierce and not smiling, my pussy tingled.

Then Benji hands rose up and he grabbed my breast,
“Who tf are you!” I said, his other hand went down and he pushed it between my legs, touching my pussy over the fabric of my panties,

“Chika please make them stop!” I pleaded outward, but the adventure was riling me up inside, feeling giddy about what would happen after she left.

She left the room and locked the door behind her.

He tossed me around and forced a kiss on me, I tried to push him away but his arms were gripped around me, he was grabbing my ass,

“Stop.” I said.

Olans just sat at watched with his clothes still on.

We struggled and somehow tripped and fell onto the ground, he had his upper-body weight on top of mine, I couldn’t move,

“Please let me go,” I said as I was pinned down,

“Don’t do this!” I protested, I knew what he was doing, I knew what was going to happen, I knew I was about to be banged and I was to blame but I couldn’t wait to see how it would play out.

He rubbed his fingers all over my pussy and then I screamed out in pain as he penetrated me with his finger, he sat up and placed his other hand on my neck, pinning me down and choking me, then he pulled his finger out of my pussy and stuck his finger into his mouth and licked it.

“You taste good.” He said.

“Please – “I said, struggling to breathe,

“ – Stop! – Please.” I begged, somehow my pussy was excited, I was already wet.

With his hand still around my neck, he gave me a huge hot spank on my boobs with his other hand, then he pushed himself between my legs, pulled his pants down just enough to get his dick out, and he pressed it to my crack,

“This is going to be great.” He said to Olans.

I felt his hard cock push into my ass crack, my flaps spread open, my hole stretched and then I felt the size and length of his dick slide into my hole and he was inside me.

He took his hand off my neck, my entire body went numb as soon as he penetrated me, I fell silent and my mind drifted away, I felt nothing as he lay on top of me, fucking my ass like a wild animal.

I couldn’t believe it was real, he was a stranger I had never met before, and the one person in the world I thought I could trust left me with a stranger, I never for a minute thought she’d ever do anything like this to me.

My mind came back in sync with my body and I began to feel the animal in me arise as he rammed his dick in my ass, again and again, I was even more confused why I felt the occasional feeling of pleasure, one second I was heartbroken and in agonising pain, the next, I felt nothing but pleasure.

“Oh- – Uh – please stop – please.” I moaned.

My body was beginning to love it even more and more, so I quit struggling.

His dick was stretching out my ass, he was squeezing my breast very hard and his heavy breathing was warming my neck as he breathed out and moaned.

“Oh I’m cumming .” He moaned.

I was even more turned on at that moment,

He fucked me harder, I had an orgasm, I tried to hold it back, I didn’t, just to feel pleasure from what he was doing to me, but I couldn’t help it, I howled with orgasm.

Seconds later, Olans took his clothes off and I could see his dick swelling up inside of his boxers.
There was something about Olans I didn’t understand although I was eager to feel him inside me

“Get up, let’s have real fun,” he said.

Was he serious? A bit of fun?! His friend just had fun with me? He thinks it was just a bit of fun.

Could you excuse us, I have a few ethics to teach her!!!!” I heard him tell Benji.

I couldn’t imagine what he’d do to me, for some reason I never told anyone what happened after Benji left the room, what he’d done, I still felt love for him, he was my best friend from that day.

After a few weeks of endless crying, trying to come to terms with it in my head and ignoring hundreds of Chika’s calls and messages, I finally decide to call Olans.

Once I’d spoken to him and found out why he did what he did, I realised he wasn’t who I thought he was.

He was genuinely sorry for what his friend Benji did.
Turns out I wasn’t touched by Olans which I didn’t realise why but instead I was cleaned up, bathed and checked up on for weeks since I left Chika.

I was infected now! I guess I now figured out why Olans never tried touching me..
I was coming after Benji next!!


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